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Weight not moving

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I started losing weight last year up until Xmas and lost 2 stone between august to December . I put 6 pounds back on and then started cutting back and working out a month ago. I went from 12 stone 5 down to 11 stone 12 just by changing my dirt for two weeks. Over the last few weeks I’ve really stepped up my game. I’m eating around 2100 cal a day comprised of a shake in the morning that I make with berries, yogurt, good nuts, oats etc.. lunch I have salad, lots of chicken, mid afternoon I have a protein shake or something similar and dinner I eat a good balance with focus on fish or chicken where possible. Banana or protein shake before bed. I’ve been walking for at least an hour a day, plus doing p90x abs 4 times a week and doing some yoga, hitt and weights. According to my Apple Watch I’m burning 2500 cal on a bad day and 3200 on a good day yet according to my fitness scale my weight has stayed at around 12 stone 1 to 12 stone 2 for 3 weeks and my fat keeps going up slightly from time to time while my muscle stays around the same. Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

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Hi . Come and join the Saturday superstars weigh in group. You will get lots of support there. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. I would ditch the protein shakes and focus on proper food. Your meals sounds great and you are doing lots of exercise so keep going with what you are doing. We all have blips where we plateau for a while and then weight loss starts again.

Have a look at the NHS BMI calculator and make sure the calories range is right for you. You might be surprised. Hope to see you on the weigh in. Just pop over and post.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, Dave33uk :)

Sounds like you're really applying yourself to this so it's very frustrating when you don't see results. You'll find that forum members have a variety of different approaches: for myself, I'm not a fan of shakes of any sort as I prefer home cooked food with whole ingredients.

I'm wondering why you have so many meals (I'm not talking about overall calories but the frequency with which you're eating). If you had a good, filling salad at lunch time with some healthy fats like your nuts, olive oil dressing or mayo, an egg or avocado (just suggestions), that should see you through to your evening meal. Same for your dinner: eat more and you wouldn't be needing something else before bed. Each time we eat, we stimulate insulin production and that is involved in storing fat: fewer meals = less insulin production, but those meals would probably need to have more healthy fats than you're having at present.

Maybe you'd find one of these a useful guide



Regarding exercise, it has many benefits so do something you enjoy and can sustain, rather than as a way of using up calories: what and how you eat will be far more significant in your weight loss.

You'll find all forum activities and information in Pinned Posts, here healthunlocked.com/weight-l... Have a good look at them all so you see what's on offer. Drop in to the Daily Diary and have a chat with people about their food choices - everyone is happy to answer questions. It's also worthwhile joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, for team support.

All the best


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GizmocatMaintainer in reply to BridgeGirl

That was my point re the shakes but put in a much better way.😃

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Gizmocat

I think you and I much prefer food :)

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GizmocatMaintainer in reply to BridgeGirl


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Thank you for your advice. I wouldn't say I'm having a lot of meals. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only addition to these is the protein shake, which is spaced quite nicely between lunch and dinner or on a night after my workout. You're more of an expert on this then I'll ever be but based on what I've read online it says there's no evidence to say eating little and often is any different to having larger meals, not that I feel like I'm doing that. The reason for the shakes is I'm exercising and working my muscles so I want the protein in my body after this to help repair the muscles and work on building that extra muscle. My overall intake of protein shake is 54g of protein per day which goes to hitting my overall protein goal of 1g protein per pound of body weight. I weigh 170lb and I'm taking in around 100lb - 120lb most days of protein, usually from Chicken.

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to Hidden

Forgive me; I greatly admire your endeavours.

The studies for this were related to diabetes, but basically each time we eat insulin levels are raised, so two meals per day were proven to be better than six for weight loss and more importantly health.

The RI for protein is 50g per day. Excess protein is detrimental because it stimulates the nutrient sensor mTOR, promoting growth including potential cancer/narrowing arteries, and premature aging.

The demands of the exercise are the most important factor in stimulating muscle growth. Protein plays a small role in facilitating that growth. Mike Mentzer established that a pound of muscle contains 600 kcal, and even if you gain 20lb of muscle in a year, that would be less than 33 additional kcal per day, of which only 72% would be protein.

God bless you.

Hey Dave fantastic effort on the exercise front! Serious respect! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ but I agree with BridgeGirl. I'm not sure why you need the afternoon shake or the one before bed? I would check your calorie allowance is right for you (I check mine with every stone lost), and try intermittent fasting. For myself it's really worthwhile going for 24-72 hrs periodically with nothing but water. I won't bore you but there's stax of good info online if you're interested. Best of luck finding what will get you seeing results again!

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Thank you for the advice. I don't think intermittent fasting is the right choice for me. The shakes are a protein boast to help repair my muscles after working out. I'm either doing a 5km walk, running on treadmill or doing weights / ab's on a night. I have my breakfast then usually do my 5km walk (at fast pace) a few hours later. Have lunch. Do some running then have the shake 3pm. Have dinner 6pm.. then do my last workout of the day around 8pm - 10pm and have my shake. I'm not eating any snacks in between. I've never had a problem before losing the weight. My only concern this time is because the scale isn't changing but I've never tried to gain muscle before. Certainly the photo's I'm taking show my body shrinking and changing just not the scale.

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Wrong implies some blame which isn't going to help your stress levels.

Areas for improvement seem the eating frequency; no more than 3 intakes per day, and proportions of food; less than 250 kcal protein, 500 kcal carbohydrate, with the balance from natural fats.

Every month or so, increase your fat intake further to maintain at your new weight for a week or so, discouraging metabolism from slowing. Then you can reduce intake again and resume weight-loss.

Are you happy with your training, or possibly not recovering fully/over-training?

I'm.curious, why the shake before bed? I know people say it doesn't matter what time u eat, even late at night once you're in your calorie allowance but I've not found this to be so if I eat late at night, though admittedly its usually over my allowance!! I'm just wondering is it catching u up? I've no expertise in this but you're sleeping after drinking a protein shake?🤔

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to Hopewhispers

We need to cut the guy some slack, but there are a couple of things against this action. First, the Body Clock Diet highlights that protein promotes consciousness, so night is not the time to eat it. Secondly, protein stimulates the nutrient sensor mTOR that promotes growth, and potentially hastens aging.

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I work from home and have quite an demanding job but I'm managing to fit my walking / running in in hour gaps here and there before lunch / afternoon etc.. but when it comes to doing things like weights or my ab's I only have time to do it on a night usually between 8pm - 9pm but maybe as late at 10pm some nights. I don't eat after dinner, however, the protein drink is highly recommended after a workout and I've looked up and based on what I read it said it's good to have protein after a workout and before going to bed. I know some people will disagree with that, however, based on what I read it says there's no evidence to say it's bad for you. Fair enough if I was eating something bad like a ham burger but the protein shake is designed to repair and recover the muscles.

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Hopewhispers1 stone in reply to Hidden

Thats good you've done your research and are happy with that, I wouldn't know enough about it, was just querying the timing. Hope you have a good week

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I started my weight loss journey aged 58 - Jan 2018 . I honestly have never done the amount of amazing exercise you do and my metabolism wouldn't be as great as someone younger . The way I did it was 3 decent meals per day with very limited snacks and nothing after max 7.30 pm except for the odd hot drink or tonic water . I go to bed about midnight and rarely sleep well but get up 5/7 days around 8am . With me it must be all about the food I still continue to eat and started on plus the breaks in between . My husband almost same age joined me and he maintains too . I lost and keep off 18kg .

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to focused1

Please forgive me because I'm curious. Did you arrive at going to bed at midnight through habit or culture? In nature we are active around the hours of daylight, which during BST would mean your 8 hours would be between 9pm and 5am. Now I'm not that naive; not many do that, including myself, but have you tried that to improve your sleep. Or are there other issues, for which I need to mind my own business?

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focused1Maintainer in reply to StillConcerned

Not at all I am not that sensitive . I feel my day has gone if I go to bed so early . My husband used to come to bed around 1am but I have coaxed him to have a deadline of 12 . I often go to bed around 11 but read . I am addicted to books . I don't need to be up before 8am now so I wouldn't get up at 5 as I would disturb my husband who would think I was having an affair if I slept alone ! We eat around 6.30/7 pm so the food needs to go down I feel before I sleep .

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StillConcernedMaintainer in reply to focused1

I'm sorry for being so nosey. Thank you for your reply.

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