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I have just joined to try and lose some weight. I am a bit concerned because I have many health issues which limit the amount of exercise I can do. I have neck and spinal disabilities and arthritis in my joints so am in extreme pain and immobile a lot of the time. I wonder if this diet will work for me without exercise and any suggestions on what exercise I could do please?

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1. Yes it will. Work without exercise

2. I would check what it safe to do

3. Try swimming


Great idea Aqua 😄

Lolavivian, how about speaking with your GP about hydrotherapy perhaps? The water might be warmer and it can sooth sore joints etc, but get a bit of exercise while your in the pool. Or aqua aerobics is great fun, I did it for ages, gets you moving gently whilst supported by the water. But remember to just listen to your body and accept your limits though xx


Thank you, I cannot swim


i have health issues as well that are gonna be a severe challenge to my weight loss journey. Exercise is going to be difficult, but i will try to do some exercise when my body is in a cooperative mood, and i hope that changing my relationship with food will help as well. one of my issues is that the disease I have will actually make me put on weight due to it enlarging my uterus over time, so im going to try to lose some weight elsewhere. I know this is especially important as at some point, i know I will need to have surgery. So I too will be interested in replies to your post.

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