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New Year - new goals!

I started the NHS weight loss plan last September and followed it reasonably strictly for the 12 weeks. I must admit I found December a tough month but I managed to stick with it to the week up to Christmas (with the occasional obvious blip!). I was delighted to lose 1 stone 3 lbs over the course of the 12 weeks, which was about 4 lbs short of my target in time for Christmas and 13 lbs short of my overall target weight loss of 2 stone 2 lbs. Over Christmas I allowed myself to enjoy the time and relax my goals completely. But I was determined to make a new start come the first week back at work in the new year. This week I have embarked on the same plan because I find this is a diet that works well for me (because you can eat pasta, bread and all the carbs I love!). I have also been eating up the xmas food but trying to ensure I stick within my calorie allowance. I only gained about 4 lbs over the Christmas fortnight so my new aim is to lose 1 stone 1lb in order to achieve a total overall weight loss of 2 stone. When I embarked on the plan 2 stone seemed like such a difficult goal but now I'm halfway there I feel like I can achieve this. Before I was doing 5 hours of exercise a week but I think this time I will reduce it slightly to 4 hours a week as I am likely to be able to keep this up whereas fitting in 5 hours is quite challenging. (2 of the hours are together on a saturday morning so just 2 other evenings in the week).

My aim is, if possible, to have lost a stone by the end of February. That's my goal anyway! I will try and post my progress more on here to keep me accountable.

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Keep at it determination will get you there well done you

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Good on you 🌺


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