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No time like the present!


I NEED to lose 2 stone/28 lbs to be in a healthy bmi range. I would ideally like to lose 4 stone and 2-3 dress sizes... I wanna start tomorrow when the gyms back open and get my cardio levels up but I dont feel like I stick to it well enough without support and I'm the only support I have!! I want to lose 4 stone in time for next Christmas! Anyone want to join?? My goal is 2-4lbs per week, 4.5hours of cardio per week and 2.5-3.5 hours if weights a week (3-4 days if cardio and 2-3 days of weights)

Anyone up fir being a buddy?

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Hi and welcome 12345 :)

The way this forum works, is that we'll all be your buddies :)

We work as a team and try to help every member as much as we can. If you read some of the posts, you'll see how supportive everyone is :)

Wishing you every success and if there's anything you need to know, or get off your chest, just shout, someone will come to your aid :)

12345_ in reply to moreless

That is a massive relief! Thank you so much! I used to be anorexic bulimic and since I got in a relationship I overcame that... And just didn't stop. I am now too comfortable. I go to the gym just not enough and I eat the right foods just not enough and get bored and eat! :( I wanna be healthy again not skinny 😊

morelessAdministrator in reply to 12345_

I really want you to be healthy, so you need to calm down a bit :)

To lose weight healthily you need to eat your recommended number of calories and your weight loss should ideally be no more than 1 - 2lbs/week.

I advise downloading the NHS 12 week plan and following it's guidelines

Then, join us for the Monday group weigh-in. This is last Monday's to have a look at

As you're all geared up to do some serious exercise, how about joining us on our trip Around the World

Should you ever feel yourself drifting back to unhealthy ways to lose weight, may I respectfully suggest you seek help from here

You're up and running now :)

12345_ in reply to moreless

I am aiming for 2-3lbs a week. I know I will lose a lot in the first week of water weight probably about 5lbs but after that I am aiming for 2-3lbs because I will up my sports and lower my kcal to 1200-1500 I currently eat about 1700 and then just have a massive soil up half way through so I have set myself a target of every 9lbs = date night food!!

morelessAdministrator in reply to 12345_

I'd like you to take a step back and really look at what you've written. I want to be able to support you, but knowing where you've come from, eating wise, I'm very concerned that your targets are bordering on obsessive and worryingly anorexic/bulimic.

You're going to reduce your calorie intake below what's recommended, in order to treat yourself with a binge, not for a one off occasion, but on a regular basis. I'd be a lot happier, if you were to factor in a small daily treat, using a few of your recommended calories for the day eg a 2 finger kitkat for 100 calories.

This shouldn't be a quick fix, but a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

What will you do if you don't lose 2-3lbs/week? Reduce your calories more? Up your exercise? Where does it stop?

Please rethink your goals, your health is so important.

Loved your post...realistic.! I am new to this and am not sure how the site works. I will do the Monday weigh in as I need support also. Where do I post my weigh in results? I have @ 2 stone to loose and am keen to reduce my bmi and fitness for health and 'me' reasons.....miamia

Hi. I have 2 stones to loose too. . . Just thought I would let you know I have the same ( or similar ) journey ahead !

I lost 20kgs and got down to a healthy BMI over a period of 2 years and have maintained it for two more. I haven't dropped a single dress size though! I am still around because what I haven't done is get to where I feel my frame suits (my waist to hip ratio may never quite fit DoH guidelines but I am pretty confident it needs to be and can be healthier) and so that times of celebration and feasting (a normal part of human participation in society) or times when the exercise doesn't happen for some reason don't see me wandering in the wrong direction.

I was born in the early sixties so educated in metric. I don't know where all these pounds and stones come from in younger people other than celebrity mags and newspapers, and maybe junky diet books not noted for their expertise in healthy sustainable weight loss. Or perhaps families with a legacy of hobby dieting.

I can understand other people's concern about your intentions - there's that fear that the only person who is going to be able to stick to your intended regime is someone who is unwell. I would also be wondering about that comfortable relationship if you are spending all that time away at the gym on the more intense sorts of exercise, rather than outdoors, and together. You also say you don't have any support, which again raises questions in my mind about addressing that issue in your relationship. (Not that it is essential, I have a lovely but obese husband who was not supportive because of his own issues.)

12345_ in reply to GoogleMe

I am at the gym with my partner.... He is a fitness freak and he goes 6 days a week. It's never effected us negatively before as time apart is always healthy so it can be quite demanding when we go together. When I do the 'weights' days they'll be with him! He only trains weights. I understand everyone's worries with my OLD eating disorders. I am no longer a sufferer but I am a winner. I beat them almost two years ago

GoogleMe in reply to 12345_

So I am wondering why you feel you have no support?

12345_ in reply to GoogleMe

Because the people I live with do not wish to embark on the same challenge as me. They will not change the way they eat. My partner, he eats like a machine but he goes to the gym 6 days a week, lifts weights like nobody's business and has arms and legs the size of a house. It doesnt matter what he eats, because he is constantly at the gym. He weighs 17 and a half stone and hardly any fat on him. So he doesn't understand. I go to the gym atm and only lift weights, I think that's half of my gain so I won't stop the weight lifting, just cut it down

Omg! I have been trying to start again for too long - last time I dieted was around April - I am not going to sign up to the gym cos I know I wont be able to keep up - but I am going to calorie count and try and get some exercise in everyday - Tomorrow is a goos start day for me too, here's hoping!!

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Foody

Walk !!!

If like me you find the gym neither attractive or sustainable then couple a sensible 1400 calorie diet with more walking/ dancing/ cycling .... I used to drive most places. I now walk into town most days 40 minutes ( I just need to leave home earlier !!) and twice a week I walk for pure pleasure 1-2-3 hours, as time allows. As your weight drops, re check your BMR / TDEE and you may need to drop to 1200 cals for the last ten pounds or so. I am 63 so thru age I have a lower metabolic rate but I lost my excess 2 stone this way. Took me most of 2014 to get there, but I have maintained a healthy BMI of 23 ever since. Slow and steady is good!

Hi 12345, welcome to the group. Given that you have a serious medical concern around weight, I would suggest you speak to your doctor before you embark on a new regime. I'm glad you're in a supportive relationship but that doesn't make the problem go away - speak to your GP about your feelings around weight - you'll be glad you did :)

2-4 lbs a week might be a bit challenging, particularly as you're not that overweight and it sounds like you are fairly active. I would suggest a goal of 1 lb a week, although you're right in that you may lose a little more to begin with.

I run at least 4 times a week and I find it hard to lose weight because of the extra calories I need to keep myself going! Don't restrict your calories so much that you end up weak from the additional exercise. Again, your GP should be able to help.

You need to lose 2 stone but want to lose 4 stone. Aim for 1 stone first. You might look and feel fantastic after toning up. Don't forget you will build muscle. You should aim to lose FAT but retain MUSCLE. This doesn't result in a smaller number on the scale. In fact you may stay the same or go up a little to start with as muscle weighs more than fat.

Why don't you forget about the scale and losing x lbs and aim for a dress size - that's what I'm doing! Not sure what I weigh nowadays but I'm much more athletic and lean and I fit in clothes 😀

I'd still be waiting if I aimed for a dress size, 20kgs down. I mean... I am good at long term goals but to have the only marker unachieved in 4 years... maybe not. Dress size is a weird and body-unfriendly concept anyway.

Well, i guess a mixture of metrics should be used. I think it's a bit of a misconception to use pounds as the only way to measure success. Most people don't appreciate that they are losing more than just fat. Monitoring weight lost is fine but weight is made up of fat, water and muscle and you want to keep the muscle to burn the calories.

I guess I am not a fan of the scales! Ultimately, I was trying to say get to a size that's comfortable and don't rely on a set of scales to tell you you're doing the right thing.



I am new to this site, signed up last night. I need to lose a stone, I am on my 4th day of healthy eating but am feeling deflated that losing an average of 1lb a week it will take forever!

Really hoping I can stick with it and finally get down to a healthy weight!

Good luck to you :)

12345_ in reply to Hidden

I know how you feel!! My aim is around 6-9lbs per month. I know people who lose a stone a month so it's pretty disheartening! Let's hope we can do it together x

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Hidden

With only a stone to lose you cant expect the same, big weekly losses like those with lots more to lose. My last stone took me six months to lose. ...slowly...but Ive kept it off for 9 months!! If you lose it too fast you'll probably regain it, so be patient.


Yes I am

I also have same goal 👍


I am not very good with exercise ,my plane is to walk daily 30 min and elliptical start from 15 min I have some health issues so I am taking it slowly

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