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So I'm 19 and I've struggled with my weight through my teens. However, since starting uni last year it's sky rocketted, and I'm currently 13 stone 12. I had brain surgery in August, and before that the symptoms for my condition that i had the surgery for left me exhausted and feeling it of control. Since the surgery I've been struggling a lot with eating, I have a crap relationship with food, but I've managed to go back to uni. I currently am undergoing new tests, and I find my self saying that as I'm ill/stressed/trying to cope with med school/ tired, it's okay for me to eat what I want.

Any tips for eating and exercising when you're stressed and tired?


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  • Hi ElRow1324 and welcome, I'm sorry to hear you're getting so stressed. The 12 week NHS Plan is well worth looking at and is followed by so many. The plan concentrates on both diet and exercise. Exercise is good for stress, but having had an operation, I would recommend consulting your doctor first.

    Good forms of gentle exercise, such as Pilates and Yoga are low impact but very good for getting stress under control. Cycling and swimming are a little more energetic but also good for stress.

    One of the best tools for stress though, is this forum. You can sound off, air your thoughts or simply have a chat with other like minded people. So stick around and see what sort of responses you get to your initial post.

    Best of luck and I hope to see more of your posts. :)

  • Thank you so much for your reply, I actually teared up a little (silly me!) - I've just been feeling really defeated!!

  • You've had a lot going on, just starting uni can be a great upheaval without anything else. I think you're a brave and strong individual who can get your weight under control.

    A good way to start getting things under control is to have a look at the 12 week nhs diet plan

    Whilst I don't follow the plan exactly, I use the plan as the basis for my own individual plan. When you visit the site, there's a link to the BMI calculator. Enter your details there and it will provide you with a guide to how many calories you need to consume to lose weight at a reasonable rate. There'll be two calorie figures and I think it best to aim for the lower of the two.

    The next step is to plan your meals for the coming days, not forgetting to allow a little for snacks.

    The key to weight loss is to stick to a plan and to enjoy as many food types as possible, but in smaller quantities. Importantly, you should not starve yourself or get over hungry.

    If the calorie allowance seems too small, then start a little higher and whittle away at it until you are at the lower calorie allowance.

    Whatever you do, don't start dieting until you have a proper plan in place.

    On Monday's you will see a post from Lowcal, inviting people to the Monday Weigh-in. To join the weigh in simply reply to Lowcal's post. It's worth reading some of the other replies to Lowcal's post, to see the type of information and banter that goes on.

    It's very quiet on here today. I guess a lot of us are just chilling after a very busy Christmas.

    I think you can expect this forum to get quite busy as the New Year's celebrations subside.

    I look forward to your future posts and wish you a relaxing evening. When you're comfortable, sit down and make a plan.

    Have a nice evening :)

    PS Don't forget to take all your measurements, not only with the weighing scales, but also with a tape measure. You will be surprised how quick your size can be reduced :)

  • Hi and welcome ELRow :)

    Sorry to hear that things have been a bit grim for you recently and that you've been left feeling tired and stressed. Once you hit that spot, it's really difficult to drag yourself out and to stop the downward spiral. You've made a brilliant first step by joining us here. We're all in the same boat, more or less, and committed to seeing everyone succeed on their journey.

    Why not pop over to the weigh-in thread and make yourself known to the rest of the community and make yourself accountable :)

    Then pop over to Lizzie's Around the World challenge and register yourself. It's a great exercise motivator :)

    Finally, sign up for the NHS 12 week plan and get started

    2016 is a new year ripe for fresh starts. All the best :)

  • Thank you so much for your suggestions, I'll definitely do that :)

  • That's fantastic, I'll see you on the other threads. Welcome aboard :)

  • Hi ans welcome. Do you have a mentor at uni?

  • The way my uni is structured, I have an academic mentor who I see twice a year and one personal mentor, who is for all 5 years of the course (I do medicine) - they recently replaced the person who I got along with well for someone who I have only seen once, at the beginning of term when I was on a diagnostic drug trial and struggling with the work load - she had so little sympathy and I left in a worst state to when I arrived!!

  • Have you applied for DSA? If you have you can apply for a personal mentor who is independent of the uni. They will be attached to the mental health team. I really think you should try to get one. It can help so much.

  • I will really look in to that, thanks!

  • I hope it works for you. Stick with us on this board and keep us updated on how you get on.

  • Hi Elrow - please join the Around the World in 80 Days challenge. See my post this morning.


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