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What to eat when you are craving sugar? What's your favourite "healthy/low fat sweet"?

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Apart from just raw fruit... I always liked to eat something sweet after any meal. even if is just a bite .

I think is like my "cigarette after food" I dont smoke but i can take a sweet and enjoy it soo much that i even seat on a sofa or make myself comfortable just to enjoy the maximum of it lol

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Bear7893st 7lbs

I am the same, since trying to loose weight I've avoided food with any added sugar or sweeteners so it's pretty much fruit or natural greek yoghurt after meals with a coffee. I'm not sure if this helps, but now it's been a good 6 weeks since avoiding sugar, fruit and veg is starting to taste a lot sweeter to me than it did. My favourites are ripe melon, the ripe and ready kiwis, apples, berries and organic dried apricot and figs which I soak overnight.

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I totally agree with you I never believed I would ever come of sweetener but I have since being on my eating plan. I had a right sweet tooth but now as you said even vegetables are sweet. I tend to have full fat Greek yoghurt and a few blueberrys. Even a apple is to sweet for me now. I eat 95% coco chocolate now and I love it only one square in the evening xx

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Even some of the raw nuts like cashews and almonds taste a bit sweet to me now, although I do weigh them into 30g portions as they are high in calories, but I really like them as a more satisfying snack.

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Yes I also enjoy almonds I love cashews but avoid them on my plan but do also enjoy pecans and they really do taste sweeter. Xx

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I am reading your profile right that you've lost 7 stones, well done that is absolutely amazing 👏. You must feel different!

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Well it's not 7 stone it's 7 stone 3lbs yes and that's since May its the best eating plan ever. Xx

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Do you mind me asking what eating plan you are doing?

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No its LCHF its an amazing way of eating I love it and it works xx

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Thanks. I hadn't heard of it but it's not dissimilar to what I am doing. One of the major pluses for me is that quite severe ibs symptoms have totally disappeared and I can now digest fibrous foods likes oats and lentils. All the times before I've tried to diet I've only ever considered total calories which hadn't worked because I'd be too hungry to stick to it.

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It's not the greatest for my IBS but I do have another bowel condition to so maybe it's cause of having both conditions. But it's like I'm eating things I should of not been eating if you know what I mean. Eat low fat this low fat that. Who would believe I could lose so much weight and eat such lovely foods. Xx

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There is something else called SIBO which is caused by too much sugar so I wondering this is what I had, either way I'm just glad it's better. It was awful planning around access to toilets.

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Yes it is having to plan and if there's no toilets I would rather not go. I'm so lucky I have an amazing husband who helps me so much in them very embarrassing moments xx

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I was on insulin before I started this plan and I'm off it already still on tablets for my diabetes xx

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What an achievement! Well done.

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Thank you very much. Xx

I often have a low-cal hot chocolate drink topped with a lil squirty cream as a dessert after dinner. It's less than 100 calories but feels really indulgent 😋😇

Healthy and sweet you want dates its very sweet and 20 Kcal in the one piece

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Hi and welcome, esma123 :)

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We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

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So much sugar in them though! 16gs in one date, around four teaspoons of sugar. If you're trying to cut down/avoid sugar, that's not a great option. But that's the problem with fruit generally

Hi celicandoit. I am like you and finishing a meal is done with a pudding. In my house we usually have one of the following:Sugar free jelly


Berries with greek yoghurt

Banana or almond pancakes

Mug of hot chocolate

Hope that helps

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When I fancy something sweet, I usually go for a piece of dark chocolate (85% cocoa) and a prune 😊

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smartoakRestart Feb 2022 in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Me too!

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Greendream123Restart January 2022

For me, a hot chocolate after dinner really helps, my belly feels warm and full afterwards!

I have dried apricots soaking in the fridge and just one is enough to satisfy the sweet tooth

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Hello and welcome to the forum, MeSuloo :)

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For a pudding, try raspberrie/blueberries topped with any of cream/marscapone/greek yoghurt (all unsweetened) and the topped with flaked almonds or dessicated coconut

When I find it too hard to resist the sugar craving I would mix a little of 0cal flavoured syrup with 0% fat Greek Youghurt. It felt like having a treat with not too many calories.

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