1.1/2 lbs off !

Just came back from slimming world weigh in and I've lost another pound and a half. That makes 6.1/2 lbs in 3 weeks. I'm very pleased with that. My daughter got her half stone award today, and I'm hoping for mine next week.

I hope you all achieve what you plan this week.

I'm so pleased to have got to and passed my "5 lb a month " goal, and I thank all of you for the support and kindness you've given me.

Hugs and good wishes to everybody 😊 xxxxx


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17 Replies

  • well done libbydaniels88 :-) I tell from your post how pleased you are and so you should be congratulations and let's hope that your award comes your way next week :-) and well done to your daughter too

  • Thank you Trafford - yes I am pleased. Its suprising what a difference a small amount makes too, a blouse which fit me fine in September was getting too tight for comfort. Today, its getting too loose to wear, though I am wearing it to weigh, I want to see the difference

    😊 xxx

  • You'll be out of that blouse before you know it by the sounds of it hun.

    Super cool :-)

  • 😊 x

  • Well done to you and your daughter Libby :)

    It looks as though you're both on a roll and I'm sure you'll get your half stone award next week :)

  • Hope so more less ! Will be a good boost for me 😊 x

  • Hooray. Well done

  • Congratulations :-)

  • Brilliant....well done!

  • Well done :)

  • Well done to you and your daughter xx and if l remember slimming world you will be eating nice grub too xx

  • That's really good :) Well done Libbydaniels88 :) and thank you for sharing. Good news posts are so uplifting.

  • Thank you for all your posts ! Its lovely to get encouragement and I feel like we are all battling the same thing here, so we can appreciate how others are feeling. So - onwards but NOT upwards, I hope - definately downwards ! And looking towards my first half stone award next week xxxxxxx❤

  • Thats so awesome. Well done! I hope there will be many more 5 lb months to come :)

  • Thanks Dave - hopefully so. I'm aiming at another 1 lb next week. I suppose this means I am a "glass half empty".type person, but id rather be pleased than disappointed. I don't want to put myself under pressure, or it will all go wrong. I know you understand this concept, so a slow but consistent loss with as few changes as possible is right for me.

    Hugs x

  • Really well done Libby :) you'll whittle those lbs off in no time! X

  • 🙌 thanks Chubby mummy xxx

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