Please Join Us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (7th December 2015)

Dear all - hope you have all had a good week

I awoke this morning wishing my one and only child a happy 26th birthday from afar NZ (not that he will be reading this mind he is far too lithe to belong to the forum) time flies, so let's make the most of it!

I have hard a mediocre week diabetes not in the best control so wasted carbs getting blood sugar up, on the plus side managed a comfortable 10 miles run on Sunday and the usual classes hošever weight still at 11.2 and realistically can kiss goodbye to any losses before xmas, still lots of lovely party wear to model so that's a good thing. My goal is damage limitation till the new year now...... 3 'dos'this week😁

I desperately wanted for someone to come forward with before and after photos for me to post on this mornings thread but it was not to be, although look up drwho1968 who shared some great photos - so I thought I would share a post from Moreless I am sure some of you may have seen - which I found inspirational where ever you are on your journey

Lowcal will be back next week so this is the final time for now, the office juniors are in charge 😊. So there wii be replies from

Ruth - our lovely statistical guru

Suzybenj - our long running stalwart

Moreless - newest and wittiest and most hard working recruit

and myself Prin

One of us will respond to all posts of course, feel free to add your own positive/ constructive thoughts and comments to anyone's post

Last weeks stats provided by the lovely Ruth thanks stato

Total people posting on last Monday's thread: 60

Total overall weight lost: 47.08 pounds (21.36 kilos)

Total people who lost weight: 32 (66.73 pounds lost) (30.27 kilos)

Total people who gained weight: 11 (19.65 pounds gained) (8.91 kilos)

Total people who maintained their weight: 10

Total people starting out on their weight loss journey/plan: 5

Total people who didn't disclose their weight gain/loss: 2

I hope you are all on the weight loss, bus hang on for dear life during the next couple of weeks and look forward to hearing your diet tales, goals, dreams, and what your scales have to say about it all, have a great week


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295 Replies

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  • I have stayed the same pretty much at 12.9 exactly last week I was 12.9.4 so lost a little after stressful week which seems at min that I have to channel my stress into a positive way

  • Hope you can reduce the stress, everything thing always seems hightened at this time if year I sh be spinning now but was on the waiting list, replies on this post doesn't burn the same amount of calories! Have a good week and kick those legs into touch 😜

  • Gonna try and de stress by using a way of exercise to relax and calm down

  • Stress and weight loss are not a good match Emma, so you've done extremely well to lose 0.4lb.

    Maybe something like boxercise would be a good stress buster for you and somewhere to channel that negative energy.

    I really hope this week is more zen for you :)

  • I like the idea of boxercise that might be 1 to try x

  • Good morning Prin and happy birthday to your far flung son. We were celebrating my grandson's 12th yesterday.

    Sorry to hear your diabetes has been a bit wobbly, but a maintain is better than a gain and if you can keep that up for the next few weeks, everything will be hunky dory :)

    I thank you for your extremely kind words of welcome and can now do nothing but hang my head in shame as I was the laziest person this side of the black stump last week. However, today heralds the start of a fresh new week and I shall endeavour to redeem myself :)

    I did manage to stick to my eating plan though and have managed a 2.5lb loss :)

    I'm chuffed to bits, because I've broken the 2st barrier, lost more than 10% of my body weight and am now no longer morbidly obese :) Everything comes to those who wait :)

    Good morning and good luck to all my fellow losers, have a very happy Monday :)

  • Two stones, deserves to be written in full - WELL DONE! just think where you were 12 short weeks ago, imagine if you had a two stone weight and you had to carry it everywhere with you, how much lighter you must feel you have made me happy and smiley this morning so thank-you, have a great week, and Happy Birthday grandson!

  • Thanks Prin :)

    It's true, the thought of carrying that amount of weight is absolutely horrifying! No wonder I sounded like a steam train :)

  • My bottles of water are filling up on work top I am finding them difficult to lift and that's only 1 stone 5.75 lb its no wonder my body was having problems. 2 stone is amazing well done x

  • What an incredible few weeks you have had Moreless you are clearly doing everything right and in a great place right now. So glad for you. Inspired as well .... you showing us all how it is done.

  • Thanks Gonti, it's fantastic to be thought of as inspirational :)

  • Congratulations Moreless that is absolutely fantasic you have done so well, definitely an inspiration to me and you always give lovely support ! xxx

  • Thanks MM, we all look out for each other :)

  • yes you are

  • Woo Hoo :-) 2st is an amazing total and you've got that magic 10% loss !! Well done moreless, you've worked really hard for it. Don't worry about your downtime this week (did I briefly see somewhere you said you were down on your exercise this week ?) - you've obviously not let it cause you a problem with your healthy eating :-)

  • Thanks Lucca :)

    I did lose my mojo after last week's high, but am determined to get back on the exercise wagon :)

    Fortunately I retained my grip on the healthy eating :)

  • Tipping my hat to you - well done

  • Thanks Suzy :)

  • moreless what an amazing achievement this week 2.5 lbs down, broken the 2 st barrier and losing more than 10 % of body weight. Chuffed to bits!! so you should be! Very WELL DONE :-) I'm so pleased and chuffed to bits for you :-) Woooohooooo........great job moreless just great :-) :-)

  • Thanks Trafford :)

    I haven't been as good as I could have been, or should have been this week, but the loss is fantastic and spurs me on to do even better this week :)

  • Well done, a great loss

  • Thanks Diana :)

  • Fantastic progress - a great loss this week and welcome to the merely obese range!

  • Thanks LtL, it shows that everything's relative doesn't it? My heaven is somebody else's hell :)

  • Absolutely fantastic moreless. Well done you!

  • Thanks Steve :)

  • There you go Moreless, it all comes goodπŸ˜ƒ

    Congrats on your 2 stone but more so working through your difficult week and coming out the other endπŸ’

    Here's to another fab week


  • Thanks Flossie, you're so kind :)

  • Well done - 2st is amazing!!

  • Thanks suzeeb, it is isn't it :)

    Only another 7st to go! :D

  • Congratulations moreless

    2.5lb loss in a week is a fantastic achievement and breaking your 2 stone barrier is brilliant progress. You say that you have been super lazy this week but I beg to differ, you quite simply crammed 2 weeks exercise into last week, your body needs some recovery time.

    Have a great week.

  • Thanks so much for your kindness mrsg, I really do appreciate it :)

  • Fantastic Moreless, it is always a great incentive when you break through a stone or half stone barrier and a 10% loss must make you feel so much healthier :-)

  • Thanks Doralin, I really do feel like a new woman :)

  • Well Done 2 stone is brilliant!

  • Thanks Tinkle, I'm really pleased :)

  • Happily maintained this week (actually a minor gain of 0.2 to 54.1 kg) but still well under my goal weight so it is a good gain. (For Ruth's statistics I record maintaining )

    I have relaxed a bit this week and had a few extra treats whilst sticking to my usual meals and no sugar (apart from wine during yummy meal out)

    Also bought a swimsuit and dresses in a smaller size. πŸ˜€

    Have a good week everyone.

  • Glad to see you are taking it all in your stride enjoy those new purchases!

  • I've duly recorded this as a maintain. Glad you feel this week was more relaxed. New clothes and even a swimsuit (!) will definitely help you feel better - hope your new dresses are for wearing now even if the swimsuit will be saved for your hols :)

  • One new dress worn for work Christmas party on Friday night. Lots of compliments! Others are mainly sundresses for Mauritius. My frugal nature is to never pay full price so tend to buy out of season when best bargains are available. Also aids in maintaining as I still need to fit them in April. Good positive psychology!

    Thanks for your continued encouragement. This group really helps!

  • Yay! Glad you had lots of compliments, very deserved. Yes the forum is amazing - so much encouragement on here, thanks for yours too :)

  • Good morning Prin & the Fab 5er's.

    It must be very difficult being so far away from your son. Hope you get to talk to him though. Big hugs. X

    I didn't post photos Prin cos I don't know how :(

    Sorry to hear about your diabetes playing up and was so going to tease you this week if needed but I have more compassion than that!!! (Today anyway!)

    Well there's no detention for me this week and every time I thought about food I thought of you Prin and scared the living daylights out of myself. Consequently folks, last week I was 12st 7.5lbs and this week 12st 1.4lbs so lost 6.1 pounds!!!! Now this is despite of going out for breakfast on Monday and lunch Wednesday so feel really pleased with myself as chose all the light & small options. Ooh and not forgetting a couple of glasses of mulled wine.

    Next week will be a test of endurance as have lunch out today, visitors at the weekend and meals out and then another Naval reunion lunch on Sunday. Please give me strength as only 1.2lb off being in the 11's and promised myself in October to achieve it by Xmas.


    Have a great week everyone X

  • HOLY MACKEREL!!! 6.1lbs!!! That's absolutely phenomenal Candystripe WTG you! :)

    Being in the 11's by Christmas will be easy peasy if you carry on like this!

    Woooooohooooooo!! :)

  • Thank you moreless. It was such a shameful week beforehand I definitely had to redeem myself and may I also add that it's the lowest now that I have been throughout my weight loss story.

    Have a great week. X

  • How fantastic for you, you are a true trail blazer and totally inspirational. I'm proud to be following in your wake :)

  • My thoughts exactly, what an amazing loss

  • OMG Candy way to go! If you put on weight quickly it is sometimes easier to lose it straight away otherwise it has this tendency to stick! I so wish I had your dicipline- next time low cal is away send me your photos and I will post them on the threadπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you Prin.

    Yes I so find that for myself if I eat more the previous week it comes off reasonably easily the following week if I put my mind to it. I always tell myself that I really want this and I guess that's how I've staggered down from almost 18 and a half stone. Me being the one who would say "I can't do it, no determination". Not going back there again!

    Still couldn't do it without everyone's support here though.

    Will send you the photos if I knew how!

    Have a great week. X

  • WOWZERS Candystripe you knocked it out of the ball park this week with your 6.1 pound loss. Many congratulations on such an impressive loss :-)

  • Thank you. I really did not let anything go into my mouth that wasn't calorie counted! X

  • Well Candystripe,

    Or should I call you cleverclogs!! Lol, what a fab result and well deservedπŸ˜ƒ

    Big week ahead for you but every faith you will be in the 11's ( that's my goal but not sure will get there for Santa!!).


    Enjoy your week


  • Thank you Flossie X

  • Definately no detention Candystripe, 6.1 lbs lost in a week is very much a gold star award. Well done you.

  • Thank you mrsg3 X

  • Wow terrific weight loss this week, hope you reach your pre xmas goal :-)

  • Thank you doralin. I hope so too. X

  • the photo can only be in the first post and it can only be asingle shot if you send them to me I can make them into single image for you

  • Good morning Prin and good morning all,

    I have managed to lose and re-gain 3lb this week... Not so very clever really. I think my plantar fasciitis flare up combined with frozen shoulder has got to me and then my dear old dog went into heart failure, been a difficult weekend and bad old habits (sofa snacks in front of the tv) have returned and good new habits (getting out for a run, doing some craftwork) have been suspended.

    I have to remind myself that I've lost over 2 stone since January and managed to not put it back on through a lot of ups as well as downs....

    Meaning I am still a few pounds (well half a stone actually) above the very top of the BMI healthy weight band for my height of 174cm. I so wanted to be there for Christmas!

    Happy healthy week to everyone


  • Hi Rainy,

    Oooh, I really feel for you - I've had both of those conditions and both are really painful :(

    How about trying swimming as an exercise alternative?

    It's always a good idea to remind yourself how far you've come and you've certainly come a long way and should be proud of yourself :)

    You've still got a couple of weeks til Christmas, so there's still time to lose a few more pounds towards your goal of healthy BMI.

    All the best to you :)

  • Thank you more less! I love swimming but the frozen shoulder does not! So taking up the C25K programme was great, plantar f didn't seem to mind it's got serious though. Awfully annoying... You're right I have to remember I was 14 st 8 and full of despair and self hate this time last year πŸ˜€ And use the time between now and Christmas to get back on track ... All the best to you too πŸ˜€

  • Use a body float and just kick your legs! Or maybe cycling is the way to go :)

    This year you're slimmer and even more gorgeous :)

  • Hi Rainy it's hard keeping it off and you have managed that hurdle, and you aren't in denial, coz you are here today, celebrate what you have achieved. And upwards and onwards to your goal you will get there if you want it badly enough, you are a bit taller than me, and when I was around 11.10 I thought I looked fine for my height and was a size 12 even though BMI said overweight........? Average dress size for UK size 16 Was I really overweight?

  • Hi Prin

    thank you for your encouragement... I'm definitely not a size 12! I would really really like to be slimmer, I was about two stone less than now when I felt at my best and would like to get there but in the meantime the next half a stone- and being healthy!- is all I'm thinking about :)

    Well done to you for your return to gorgeousness :)

  • Thinking about you, and well done for not putting the weight on

  • Good morning Prin - happy birthday to the Kiwi son. I am really sorry the foul diabetes kicked up and hope you can stamp it down. I was even more impressed at the 10 mile run and as always at the energy of your post. Thanks for stepping in for Lowcal. The thread has been absolutely brilliant the last few weeks - I have been really busy with work and xmas things and this was almost the only thing I have read and I read all of it!!.

    Me - no change from 90.00 kg and my weight has flat lined in the last few weeks. I think that motivation is part of the issue, I feel so well from all the exercise I am doing that I forget how dangerously overweight I am and the eating has crept up. To paraphrase you (talking about yourself) from last week I am really "not trying hard enough". I need to do a reality check so I am going to go and get all my blood tests redone and do enough reading to remind myself what is at stake and how much I have to gain.

    My waist measurement is now exactly half my height at 31.5 inches, hips down to 44.

    Sorry am not ready for before and after photos. I did put up a (beautiful) picture of me swimming in September!

  • Well done for maintaining Gonti and for giving your headspace a bit of a shake up. It's quite easy to get complacent when we feel great, even though we may have a little further to go.

    Good luck with the blood tests and the new found determination - I'm sure next week you'll be recording a loss.

    PS I'm with you on the photo call. Cameras and I aren't on speaking terms yet ;)

  • It's like running sometimes you need a bit of recovery, and then you are able to pick up speed again.

    My motivation is keeping my weight down and I feel I need to try harder, but most importantly to me I have a lovely wardrobe of size 10 and 12 clothes that fit without a lump bump or ripple in sight and my aim is to keep it that way!

  • Hi end of week 16 and have lost 2.25lbs now weigh 11st 9lbs, down from 14st 0.5lbs. Good luck everyone and thank you Prin and the others for your hard work.

  • Wow Summer, you're going great guns! WTG you! :)

  • Hey all congratulations to all you people who are living a new healthier life and welcome to any newbies! An extra special well done to you candystripe that kinda loss is exactly the kinda numbers you want - especially the first week of Christmas!!!!

    So that's week 6 of the weightloss complete for me now this weeks target was 1.3kg after only losing 0.7kg last week so here goes

    Starting weight = 123.2kg

    Week 1 = 117.8kg

    Week 2 = 116.0kg

    Week 3 = 114.6kg

    Week 4 = 113.1kg

    Week 5 = 112.4kg

    Week 6 = 110.7kg

    Which means it's a 1.7Kg loss for me this week

    I started my half marathon training this week - eventually although that only consisted of 4 30 minute walks! This week that changes to run/walks but only 20/25 minutes 4 times this week so it's a slow build up!

    Aim is still to be running the half marathon in Edinburgh in May (and offer is open to anyone who wants to join me to give me a shout)

    This weeks target is 1kg again

    And still aiming for that target weight of 100kg

    Congratulations to moreless too achieving 10% loss much be a great feeling for you

    Remember everyone, stop making excuses, if you fall off the wagon get up, dust yourself off and get back on it - feeling sorry for yourself just doesn't work


  • Oh my gosh NB, you are incredible! Your weight loss for 6 weeks is amazing. You tell your body what to do and it does it! Could you please have a word with mine? ;)

    Thanks for the congrats and yes, it does feel great :)

    I have no doubt you'll achieve, or exceed your week's target :)

  • Haha the first 10kg are the easy ones it's the next 10 that I've got to fight a bit harder to shift

  • I'm sure you'll polish them off with the same aplomb :)

  • NB you are so right feeling sorry does not burn calories, but 1/2 marathon training does, slow and steady does it, and by May there will be less of you to carry round 13.1 that's for sure, it's great to have a long term goal keep us posted with progress for both, your weight loss is doing very nicely!

  • Thank you NocturnalBear and great work to you too. X

  • Morning Prin and everyone :-) I reckon an aim of maintaining is probably a good plan for this month Prin, especially if your diabetes if playing up a bit. Make time to enjoy your Christmas parties guilt free and just get back to it in the new year. You've worked hard enough for it !

    Regarding the photos- sorry Prin - I got as far as sorting out a before and tried to take an after photo - got them uploaded onto my PC, and then chickened out :-( !! (This is someone who doesn't even have a facebook page, so posting a photo 'online' is a big deal for me !) Perhaps I'll work up some courage for another time !!

    Well, considering I've had a few ups and downs this week in terms of the odd lunch out and some pizza on Saturday lunch, I've managed to lose 2 lbs, so I'm quite pleased - a loss of 31.8lbs since starting this in August - and I'm pleased to say I've started (finally) getting quite a few compliments and remarks that I've lost weight !

    Anyway, good luck everyone for this week - remember to enjoy your festivities and don't beat yourself up too much if you got out and have a good time :-)

  • 2lbs is a great loss Lucca and 31.8lbs total is brill! :)

    It's fab that people are noticing and commenting on your changes, cos I know it feels great. I had to wait til yesterday before my OH finally said he could see a difference! :)

    I'm too chicken to post a photo too, but I'll look forward to you braving it, it'll be great to put a face to a pseudonym :D

  • Never mind the photo Luca my lovely, you are doing great, and lap up those well deserved compliments and don't forget to buy something new if need be! Pizza and weighloss well done😜

  • Thanks Prin - who would have thought pizza and weight loss could be used in the same sentence !!

  • Go Lucca,

    You are doing greatπŸ˜ƒ enjoy all the compliments, well deserved.

    Have a lovely week


  • Thanks flossie - you too :-)

  • Well done lucca10

    Losing 2 lb despite lunch out and pizza is a brilliant result and your total loss to date is fab too.

    I'm with you regarding enjoying the festivities, as long as we don't go too mad then back to plan in January. I go on holiday on 30th Dec so my festivties are going to last until 22nd January but I am determined no to undo what I've achieved so far.

    Have a good week.

  • Thanks mrsg :-) I think that's right - sometimes you just have to plan to maintain, because otherwise you are just going to get despondent. This is a long term change !

  • Good morning Prin and well done on maintaining with the additional carbs you have had to consume this week to get those blood sugars up. This happened not long ago to my OH and he went into a full hypo never seen or want to see anything like this again. Glad to hear you have everything under control and that you cracked on with a 10 mile run plus classes. You're just fabulous :-)

    I have lost 2 lbs this week and broke my six stone goal by a pound now weighing 11.1 and have to work just as hard this week to reach my next goal of breaking into the 10's by Christmas. I have 4 weeks now till I reach week 52 on my journey and it's going to be even more challenging this time of yr so I plan to plan eat lot's more veg than potatoes and continue with the exercise.

    Have a lovely week and have fun modelling the party wear :-)

  • You're just fabulous too Trafford and I have absolutely no doubt that you'll smash all your targets :)

  • Great and really well done. That is a fantastic achievement. And you are not yet done...good for you. Lots of veg a good plan :-)

  • Well prin - I could have posted photos - but the only ones I had were the wrong way round- Five years ago I was a lithe 2.5 stone lighter......

    We too wished my step son birthday wishes in NZ - he is 30 - indeed how times fly!!!!! I am feeling very middle aged -eldest (step)son- also announced we are going to be grandparents...we are of course thrilled - but I felt the ground shift as I was pushed into another age bracket.

    This is all distraction - had a dry November and lost 5 pounds - had one week of 'normal' living and put on two pounds....

    I had aimed to be 12 stone by xmas - I am now 4 pounds off this.......we have hung up our wine glasses for the week - and see if i can restore some order:-)

    Like you Prin - damage limitation.

    Have a good week everyone:-)

  • Nil desperandum Suzy, there's still time to lose those 4lbs, if you can steer clear of the demon drink :)

    Congrats on the forthcoming step grandchild - you're gonna love being a granny :)

  • Congrats grannybenj I am hoping not to be one of those any time soon! I know what you mean 12 years ago when I started in registration I felt I had something in common with the brides now it's the brides mothers! Bloody wine it should be banned good luck with your endeavours

  • Hello everyone,

    Weighed in at 10st 4 1/2lbs, happy to be maintaining ........., my weight seems to vary ( anything between 10st 4 and 6 seems ok to me).

    A tricky one to call, part of me wants to lose, the rest of me, just screams caution.

    Company meal yesterday, fine, two pineapple juices, not the stuff I normally drink, tap water, herbal tea and coffee.

    Just glad to have got here

  • You're doing a great job Diana, but I suspect you're in a bit of a time lapse. Your head is struggling to accept that you've reached your destination (even if it is a few pounds more than you originally planned) and that now you just have to maintain.

    As time goes on, I'm sure you'll find everything much easier :)

  • Thank you moreless, actually it's a couple of pounds less than planned,mi know enough is enough, I feel very happy with it and liberated.

    Wishing the same for you in time

  • I'm so glad you feel comfortable with your body and can hardly wait to be at your stage of the game, so thanks for the good wishes :)

  • Congrats for keeping up the maintaining Diana - I know that feeling too - part of me thinks how about going for a below 10st weight, how would 9st something feel/would it sound better, etc. But I know between 10st0-10st7 is healthy and slim for my build, so I'm doing my best to ignore those annoying thoughts. I agree with your cautious approach. The most important thing is to make sure the weight we worked so hard to lose doesn't go back on! Pineapple juice and herbal tea at the company meal sounds very sensible :)

  • Hi Prin, Good morning everyone!

    These Christmas socials are not very helpful are they? You sound as if you have a plan though – and a bit of reality about what's possible over the next few weeks will help you keep motivated. The running sounds amazing – well done.

    Not such a great week for me. There have been β€œthings on” but I felt I had chosen the healthy options, avoided snacking, not had pudding, etc etc – and it's still not good news...

    For me it's week 11

    11st 7lb last week. 11st 9 lb this week.

    Up 2lb.

    Total lost so far: 13.5 lbs.

    Irritatingly I even managed to add a pound on yesterday - when I was very good indeed and on my feet walking in London all day!

    Oh well – a bit dispiriting, but I know these things happen when you are trying to have a social life alongside a weight-loss campaign. Will just try to have as many properly calorie counted and β€œgood” days as possible this week.

    Best of luck to everyone for a healthy week.

  • Don't be downhearted Runningsoon, yesterday's gain could be due to your weary legs hanging onto some excess fluid - it happens to me all the time. My saving grace was to start using an exercise bike - it may help you too.

    What's the betting that next week you'll have a big loss to make up for today. I'll keep everything crossed for you :)

  • I even ran for several trains....! Perhaps body is in shock?! Anyway you are right, I need to step up the exercise to counteract Christmas stuff!


  • Don't worry too much, I lost more weight on a lazy week than on a week where I exercised like a demon. Your body's gonna do what your body's gonna do :)

  • We all know our bodies vary and can seemingly add pounds, the real story is bodies are complex things that confuse us at times.

    We retain water too

  • You are right of course Diana - it's still darned irritating though! My V&A soup must have been more naughty than I thought - 'cause I can't blame the Sainsbury's salad meal deal on the way home! Never mind - new week now.

  • Don't be dispirited runningsoon :-) It's a difficult time of year - just keep at it and by January you'll have a better chance !

  • Good Morning! Not bad for the first week - I've lost 2lb! Down to 11st (69.85kg). Off to New York on Thursday with one of my besties for the weekend, so hoping all the walking will counter-balance all the food & cocktails!!

  • That's a great start Sharon, well done you :)

    Watch out for the super-sized portions too, but have a smashing time :)

  • So after a medium week- no exercise and not particularly good eating- I've managed to lose 700g (0.7kg) very happy with this and it puts me at a weight loss of 7kg! Chuffed

    This week sees a change to my food plan and a reduced amount of rice bread pasta and potatoes :) I'll see how it goes- my partner is already fighting back! Haha

    Speaking of my partner he's managed to lose 1.2kg so proud of him as I know he's struggled with this whole thing!!

    Also wanted to say thank you to everyone again for their support- I don't think I could have done it without you all

  • We are here to encourage, it's a long tough journey for most

  • It sounds as if your body has reacted favourably to a lower carb diet, lets see what the following weeks show :)

    Well done to both you and your partner for smashing those kilos - should we be including him in the stats? ;)

    The support on this forum is second to none and keeps us all on the straight and narrow :)

  • This is pre low carb- that starts today! Gulp! So we'll see what next week is like :)

    And totally! He's really struggling with it but I'm so proud of him- he's doing amazing

  • You don't have to cut carbs completely, just choose wisely and reduce the amounts.

    You have both embarked upon a journey to be proud of :)

  • I'm with moreless on this - you don't have to cut them out all the way. I found just changing when I ate them helped :-)

  • Hi Prin - well done with what you achieve with the added difficulty of managing diabetes πŸ™‚I don't have this concern yet still managed to put on a 1 lb despite walking almost 13 k yesterday 😧. So might weight is 12 13 πŸ˜”

  • Hi Berylbee - I feel your pain - similar story for me over the weekend! Keep up the good work and we'll get back to some good results again soon.

  • Absolutely and this forum certainly helps!

  • That's a bit sickening Beryl :(

    Was your eating under control?

    Sometimes our bodies treat us cruelly and don't reward us for our hard work, but not to worry, you'll probably have a big loss next week by way of compensation :)

  • Fingers crossed and must add that one noticeable benefit of the amount I have lost is that I get a lot less stomach acid - this was a real problem for me so that's a real bonus 😊

  • That's fantastic and you've highlighted one of my own positives that I'd managed to overlook - I haven't had acid reflux for ages! Thanks for that nudge :)

  • Good ! It really can be so painful and the medication is not pleasant and some have weird side effects! So if I feel the benefit after a fairly small weight loss it is certainly encouraging for my general health and yours 😊

  • Yaay us! :)

  • This has been a big benefit for me too. I put it down to the meals being smaller and more evenly sized/spread out during the day.

  • Glad to hear of your benefit - I also think it may be reduced fat means less pressure on stomach. A def bonus anyway 😊

  • I think that's probably right too. I've also increased my core strength through exercising which may have helped...

  • Morning prin and everyone,

    firstly thank you prin for looking after us all since lowcal has been away πŸ˜€

    This week im not surprised that i again i have stayed the same but looking at it as a positive especially at this time of the year so have decided to continue the way im going and if i lose anything i will be extremely pleased but hoping to maintain till the end of year. Come the new year im going to get into looking at my carb and sugar intake and cut them back and get really serious taking the rest of the family with me 😈

    good luck all for the coming week x

  • You're sounding as if you've got your head well screwed on Kars :)

    How fantastic that you're keeping calm at a totally manic time of the year, we could all use a leaf out of your book :)

    Good luck with your new year diet overhaul, are the family aware they're being taken along for the ride? ;)

  • Thanks and no the family have no idea at the moment. I cant control what the eat at school/work but at home im in charge and have discovered some fantastic low calorie meals so they will be eating what i will be eating whether they like it or not πŸ˜‚

  • They may surprise you, my OH loves my new recipes and wouldn't want to go back to the old ways :)

  • Hi Prin, yes having a son of that age (mine is 28!) makes you realise there is no time to lose! Ironically I have just come back from visiting him 300 miles away (he is autistic and ADHD so has lots of problems- loves meals out- lives with his dad from whom I am long separated) and I had to watch my son and my partner tucking in to lots of delicious fattening food for two meals out- one at a Thai restaurant and one at a Japanese one in Manchester. I chose things like steamed sea bass and boiled rice at the Thai place- really lovely with vegetables and very tasty/low cal; and at the Japanese I had steamed tofu and the salmon salad both of which were really spicy and tasty. No rice!! I kept counting calories as best I could and have lost weight- Hurrah!

    I am 11 stone 13 pounds this morning down from 12 stone 1.8 last week. I feel great to have got under 11 stone.

    Thanks to the forum for so much encouragement and well done to everyone for keeping at it. Maintaining IS really important too- just think what I might have put on this weekend! I do feel lucky to have lost.

  • Yay Tubbycat, into the 11's!! Woohoo, WTG you! :)

    Everybody's making me feel really old today, my son's 37! :)

  • Morning, I was 12st 4lb last week I think? Today 12st 3.2lb. Loss of 0.8lb i'll take. I'd managed to get down to 12st 2lb yesterday but had a bad day :(

  • Not to worry Steve, just think, if you hadn't got down to 12st 2lb, you'd be 12st 5.2lb and be recording a gain of 1.2lbs, so a loss of 0.8lbs is a great result :)

  • You always find a great positive! This weeks loss leaves me with the last 2 stone to lose which I hope to do by my 20th birthday at the end of March :)

  • Oh, I'd just love to see you achieve that! :)

    You'll have to change your handle to SkinnySteve then :)

  • Changing a name sounds like a pain, maybe I'll just quit losing weight haha

  • You'd have to do both, or you'd end up having to change again and becoming ScrawnySteve :)

  • ugh why didn't I just call myself fbsdrjifmweob8!??!

  • Because you'd probably get banned from the site for swearing! :D

  • Well done everyone who lost or maintained and commiserations to those who gained.

    I worked my backside off this week and have been rewarded with a 3lb loss for my efforts, yay!

    I really want to be in the lower 16st range next week and shall work really hard towards that goal.

    Good luck everyone for another fantastic week!

  • Yay LtL! Hard work does pay off and a 3lb loss is fantastic! :)

    Here's to having another great week and reaching your target :)

  • Thank you!

  • great going notsomuchtolose! Have a great week

  • LOL, thanks Prin!

  • Good morning Prin and the Fab5

    Hope everyone is well. Sorry about your diabetes playing havoc, hope this week will be better.

    I weighed 196 lb last week, and after a very focused week which included week 3 of couch to 5km I have lost 2 lb and am now 194 lb!

    Can't believe that I have nearly lost 20 lb and I still have the motivation ( well at least most of the time).

    Anyway, have a great day everyone,


  • Woohoo Elissy! Fantastic loss! :)

    Keep logging on here and that 20lbs could grow even more :)

  • Thank you, not even looking at the 20 that still have to go at least, just focusing on the little goals ;-)

  • Baby steps are what get us to our destination :)

  • I have gone down by 1lb this week to 10st3, which is still within the maintaining range I set for myself of 10st0-10st7 - I'm pretty much happy anywhere within that although I've been fluctuating a fair bit lately, so I'm glad to only see 1lb difference today. I'm being careful what I eat but not keeping as desperately close an eye as I was before - trusting my instincts more and more.

    I think trusting your instincts works both ways - that you can have a little of certain things and that you shouldn't have too much of others. I hope everyone manages to enjoy various festive temptations without feeling pressured to have more or less than what their instincts tell them is okay. I have a work xmas party to go to tomorrow and a family event this weekend, also seeing an old friend on Wednesday and another event on Friday too. So there will be lots of chances to end up going overboard or appear scrooge-like turning everything down - neither of which I want to happen. So I'm going to follow my newly honed instincts as best as I can and will report back on how it goes :)

  • I'm sure you'll manage to strike a healthy balance Ruth, but my goodness, you're certainly going to be tested. If you can get through this week relatively unscathed, you'll be able to get through any situation :)

    All the best to you and make sure you enjoy all those social occasions as that's the most important thing :)

  • I think you should be fine to trust yourself Ruth, and in some ways it can keep you on track even more.

    I've realised that I haven't actually logged into MFP to record my calories for 2 or 3 weeks now - so no calorie counting, but I'm still managing to lose weight at the moment. In a way, not knowing that you've had can actually make you more careful !! I had pizza, coleslaw, and some white baguette with some soup for tea on Saturday (oh, and a custard tart !!). I had no way of knowing what that came to (probably for the best), so I really cut back what I ate yesterday and it seemed to work out ok - I reckon if I knew what the calories were, I would have just given up and settled for a maintain/gain this week :-)

  • I was just the same when I stopped logging on mfp too - over/undercompensating and prob coming in under calories without realising it as well as over (except the difference is I always realise when I overindulge!) When I reached my 10st7 goal I kept losing for a few weeks for that reason. Striking the right balance is really the thing we all want to achieve, and I'm really hoping it becomes instinctive somehow...

  • Hi Ruth

    Well done on your 1 lb loss this week. You're doing really well maintaining with all of the additional functions at this time of year. With your determination I have no doubt that you will start the new year well inside your maintaining range.

  • Thanks mrsg3! I feel like I've got the tools to do it wth, just need to put theory into practice. Good to have a few lbs leeway :)

  • It's thanks to your efforts and determination that you have those few lbs leeway. Enjoy them and the festive period you certainly deserve to.

  • Oh you sound like me! Difficult striking a balance now I'm maintaining too


  • Hi everyone

    Prin I am sorry to hear about your diabetes, but I'm glad to see you keep up your good spirit, as always. And wow on the easy 10k run and the classes. Damage limitation at this time of the year seems to be a reasonable aim!

    As for me this morning I was weighing 78.3kg compared to last week's 79.2. I have lost exactly 2 pounds and I am very happy with that. Especially as I had a bad day on Monday and yesterday I also went over by 400 kcal! SO I was dreading this morning's weigh in even though I know gains and losses are not happening overnight but still!! I started at 196.2 pounds 13 weeks ago and now I am at 172.6 so that's a 23.6 lbs loss. I have also lost more than 10% of my weight.

    I am in two minds with the Low Carbs High Fat diet. I followed it strictly for four weeks but I got severe constipation. I am someone who has very little time in the morning so constipation was becoming a real issue for me. I then reintroduced carbs in my diet whereby my weight loss stalled a little but I was feeling better. And now I think I might have found a balance but I am never sure. I still stick to my 1200 kcal per day (well, most days!!) , my three runs per week and also abs workout and some weight lifting at th egym when I have the time (only once or twice a week max).

    This week I had to go to my watch maker in town for them to adjust the strap of my watch because it was constantly falling on my wrist and that was becoming irritating! They had to remove one slot. I said to myself "wow this weight loss is VERY real". And yesterday I met some friends who also commented on how I look like I have lost a lot of weight and asking me for my secret lol. I was like " I told you my secret!" (I had sent the links to the NHS 12 week plan and this forum) but somehow no one believes something so simple could lead to such a change but it does!! I don't know how else to convince them lol!

    I hope things go well for the rest of you!

  • Wow, Nussaybah, I remain hugely impressed with your progress :)

    However,I do wonder why you stick to 1200 cals though, when the recommended lowest is 1400 cals. I suspect it does you good to go "over" on occasion and actually stimulates your body into weight loss. Your playing around with the diet probably also helps to keep your body on its toes and away from any plateaux :)

    Your "secret" is definitely working and if your friends are slow on the uptake, more fool them :)

  • Thanks moreless you know actually I was asking myself the same question: my fitness pal has scheduled it to 1200 and I have been following that all along but I'm unsure why?? I did see nhs recommends 1400 but I didn't find how to change the settings on my fitness pal so I went along with that but now I'm convinced I'd feel better with an extra 200 per day I'm sure!!! Help needed!

  • Oh crumbs, I'm a techno numpty and have no clue how to change the settings, but I'm sure someone else will step in to help you.

    Hang on in there and someone will come to your aid :)

  • just to clarify I did see where to change the settings, but whenever I used to input 1400 it used to go back automatically to 1200.

    After seeing your message I went in and I typed 1400 and it stayed! Yayy!!

    However now my question is : shouldn't I just stick to 1200 as that's what I have been using since the beginning, or should I adjust to 1400 as lately I have felt that I was a bit hungry at the end of the day and was actually eating to reach 1400 and sometimes 1600!?

  • Back to basics. Have you entered your details into the NHS BMI calculator? If not, do so but say that you do no exercise. You'll be given your healthy weight range and the number of calories you should be consuming daily. My advice would be to eat as many as you can while still losing weight. If the amount is much higher than you've been having, increase gradually until you get to a point where you're losing steadily and healthily.

    I hope this makes sense :)

  • It makes perfect sense indeed. My BMI is now of 27.7. It says I should eat between 1443 and 1855kcal. Is that what I can eat WHILE losing weight, or is that what I should eat full stop even when not trying to lose weight?

    As I used to think this was the calorie intake when NOT trying to lose weight, I thought 1200 made sense as it is lower than the lowest figure of the 2. But now somehow did I get that wrong and did it mean I should NOT eat less than 1443 kcal a day? LOL it makes me laugh at how confused I have been actually!

    I use the BMI calculator regularly (2 or 3 times a week!!) but somehow I have just stuck to what My Fitness Pal was saying in spite of being familiar with the tool. How could I miss that?

  • The figures the calculator has given you are aimed at a weight loss of 1 - 2lbs per week. No wonder you were hungry!! :)

    I think if you aim for an average of about 1700 and don't worry too much if that peaks sometimes at 1800 or 1900, you should lose weight.

    Don't forget, that as your BMI reduces, so will your calorie allowance, that's why it's important to eat as many as you can now :)

    A classic example of too much gadgetry :)

    Let's see how this week goes for you :)

  • Mwahaha I love your phrase "a perfect example of too much gadgetry"!! I 'm laughing at myself right now.

    Even fitbit (yet MORE gadgetry) suggests to me much more per day, and records me as "under budget" almost every day, but I thought "My Fitness Pal knows best". LOOOOL.

    If I could eat 1400 or 1700 per day and lose weight I'd be the happiest lady of this forum!!!

    I will rearrange my planning for this week that's for sure!!! Thank you so much Moreless for forcing me to rethink how I was going about things!!

    I have even checked now the BMI calculator and you can actually click on the "Recommended calorie intake" and it says on there that this the recommended intake to LOSE weight!! DEar me!!! Three months to understand the BMI calculator!!

    I'm now off to re read week 1 of the NHS 12 week plan lol. {{{{hugs}}}}}

  • I'm so glad we got there in the end. You've been working so hard, you really deserve a break :)

    Lots of luck! :)

  • You two! How to turn something simple into something difficult! Nussaybah - yes the BMI calculator suggests calorie ranges for weight loss if you come out as being overweight. Once you're at a healthy BMI it doesn't suggest calories for maintaining a healthy weight. For me, the BMI calculator suggested 1500cals at the lower end. So I aimed for the 1400 suggested in the NHS plan but didn't punish myself if it slipped up to 1500. BUT when I had weeks of being consistently over 1500cals a day I didn't lose weight, so I think 1500 is a good maximum amount once you're within a couple of stone of a healthy weight :)

  • Good morning Prin, and well done for keeping up the running at this busy time of year. Like a lot of others this weeks been a very much a hit and miss week for me.

    Last week ........ 190.75lbs

    This week......... 190.00lbs

    Total loss ......... 0.75lbs.

    I'm growing out of my clothes quite fast now and need to buy a few pairs of 36" trousers to get me through the Christmas period. I'm quite annoyed that the more reasonable trousers from Next, M&S and the like cater for "odd people" only! I'm a 32" inside leg and all the reasonably priced shops only sell odd sizes such as 29", 31", 33"..... whilst the even sizes such as 30", 32", 34" ...... are only sold at upmarket shops such as Ted Baker, Austin Reed, YSL, with the difference being as much as Β£100+ in price.

    This slimming business can be quite expensive, me thinks :)

    Have a good day Prin, I'm off out shopping.

    Have a good week one and all :)

    Onwards and downwards.

  • Hi Tewson,

    A loss of 0.75lbs keeps you firmly in the right place in the run up to Christmas :)

    At the rate you're going, you won't be in those 36" trousers for long, so how about trying some of the even cheaper outlets like Tesco, Asda etc and save your money for the New Year when you'll be in the 34"'s :)

  • Haw a look on eBay Tewson, I've had some bargins but do think about the postage!!

    It's all good, why not wait for the salesπŸ˜ƒ


  • I've ordered some off Ebay last night. After I'd paid, I read a warning that there are a few scammers selling nearly new as new. They simply buy labels and tie them to secondhand items. Hey ho.

    I guess it's "buyer beware" :)

  • Try Uniqlo - they have good deals online, the sizing is pretty accurate and all even sizing :)

  • Thanks Ruth :)

    I'm still looking and following an email request for information from Reiss I got a reply that says:

    All of our trousers are finished and all of our trousers are 33" inside leg!!

    I'm beginning to feel very frustrated. Reiss charge Β£115 for trousers and the only choice is 33" inside leg. Well, if they want my custom, they will have to give more choice than that >:(

    Thanks again, I shall try Uniqlo :)

    Sorry for the grumpy old man post :D


    I had a look a the site and all men's trousers are finished to 34". At their prices, this a lot more acceptable and worth paying for them to be turned up at the cleaners :)

  • I forgot to mention that Uniqlo do free alterations on length... well at least I know they do this for jeans - so worth enquiring :)

  • Now that's interesting. Thank you Ruth, I shall be looking on their site this afternoon.

    I got my Pierre Cardin Polo trousers off Ebay. They were delivered Friday. They were not pre owned, but they were most certainly very poor fakes LOL.

    Still, they will be good for doing the housework, DIY and romping about the floor with the grandchildren :D

    Thanks for getting back to me. Have a good day :)

  • I was 23, 10 last Monday, 8lb lighter than the week before. Today I'm 23,6.

  • Wow FFUDON! You're going great guns! You've almost lost a stone already!! :)

    Keep on doing whatever it is you're doing, because, my goodness, it's definitely doing the trick! :)

  • thankyou for the encouragement

  • Morning Prin, morning all

    I did it!! I lost 1 lb this week putting my total weight loss since I joined the forum at

    1 stone, hooray. As I'm sure that you can tell I am delighted at reaching this goal, I am now just 3 lb away from a healthy BMI. However, I'm realistic enough to accept that losing another 3 lb before Christmas will be very difficult with all the pre-Christmas activities but to maintain the 1 stone would be brilliant.

    I started on the NHS 12 week plan initially to lose weight before my holiday on

    30th Dec, I have tried to lose weight numerous times and the support from you all has certainly helped to keep me motivated.

    It's our works dinner dance on Saturday, so with this in mind my goal this week is going to be to maintain my weight. My plan is to stick with the exercise and to spend more time on the dance floor than drinking alcohol on Saturday.

    Have a good week everyone.

  • Oh mrsg, I'm thrilled for you! What a fantastic achievement and so well deserved! :)

    I shall definitely be keeping everything crossed for you to reach your healthy BMI by Christmas :)

    Boogie on down :)

  • Thank you moreless

    It's been a slow process for me more weeks on the plan than total lbs lost but at least I feel that it's sustainable. Since I started here I have had some bad weeks but on the whole don't really feel like I have changed my eating to a level that I can't continue.

    I'm planning a fair bit of dancing but just not thought of a way that I can count the steps yet.

  • Slow and steady wins the race and as you say, is sustainable.

    Maybe you should get a pedometer :D :D :D

  • I think I'll leave the pedometer experience to you and Scoobasteve! My phone actually logs my activity when walking etc but I think that I would look like a realy geek prancing around on the dancefloor whilst waving my phone around. Not to worry I think we'll make it to see Santa without my dance steps.

  • Shove your phone down your drawers and hope that no-one video calls you :D

  • Oh moreless you have just made me laugh out loud in the office, resulting in some strange looks from colleagues. Thanks for the suggestion but I think I'll give this one a miss!

  • No sense of adventure ;)

  • It's all good mrsg3πŸ˜ƒ

    Have a lovely time at your do and dance yourself dizzy!!πŸ’ƒπŸ»( well not quite but you know what I mean lol)


  • Thank you flossie358

    The combination of dancing and alcohol is sure to make me slightly dizzy but hopefully the twirling on the dance floor will counteract the liquid calories consumed. I plan to have a good time and revert to plan on Sunday. Have a good week.

  • That's fantastic mrsg - a whole stone gone :-) What a lovely early Christmas present :-)

  • Thank you Lucca10

    I can actually see a difference and feel better for it. A healthy BMI would be a superb Christmas present but I think 3 lb to lose during the next 2-3 weeks is a tough ask.

  • I have lost 2lb this week! i'm super happy after not losing anything last week.

    total weight loss is 8lb since starting this diet.

    I'm now 12st 2lb (I started out at 12st 13lb) 3lb to get to under my 12st target by Christmas. I can do this!!

    Hope everyone else is pleased with their weigh in today too xx

  • Oh yes you can do this Dani, you have done it and you are doing it! :)

    A 2lb weight loss this week is super and an 8lb total loss is super duper :)

  • morning

    isn't it funny how your mood, can effective your eating

    and also the cold weather doesn't help

    nine stone nine 1ib off

    That's a fluke, had a couple of bad days eating

    must have pulled it back maintaing

    2 1bs needed to come off for Xmas challenge

  • Cold, wet, miserable weather makes hot chocolate and biccies in front of the telly a far more attractive picture than muesli and pavement pounding, but there again a baggy tracksuit covering extra flesh doesn't look as good as a sparkly, slinky number :) It's all down to mind over matter :)

    Well done for pulling off a 1lb loss and good luck for the 2lb Christmas wish :)

  • I wouldn't mind I don't even have to leave the house,

    treadmill in the garage

    a bit ofor bad news re. close friends

    theire story not mine to share

    just everybody ,

    count your blessings

    let's get results for xmas

  • I'm so sorry you've had bad news, I'm not surprised you don't want to use the treadmill. I hope things feel a little less bleak very soon.

  • Hello, well I am coming into week 7 and so far I have lost 1.5 kg. My weight is 74.9 - no change in the last two weeks. (Didn't sign in last week, after a monster house party at our place, didnt dare to step on the scales :))

    I am sometimes really scared to step on those scales, as I fear the depression that sets in after realising I gained weight instead of losing. So I don't weigh myself that week. Does anyone else feels like this?

    On the positive note, my exercise is up to 4 or 5 times a week (up to 3 times running, + zumba and dancing). This week I will log EVERYTHING I eat to see exactly where am I going wrong. Is it the snacks, grazing, too much fruit or that whole milk in my tea...?

    Anyway, I was inspired by another post on training for half-marathon so maybe I should give it a go. Exercise inspires me much more than calorie restriction, but I am aware I need both.

    Good luck everyone - well done on staying in the game xx

  • Hi Merendina,

    I think scalephobia is something a lot of us suffer from. I swing wildly between obsessively weighing myself every 5 mins, to avoiding the scales for years! Neither is a healthy way to go :)

    I think logging everything is an excellent way to go and will probably be quite an eye opener :)

    Let's hope that next week you can record a loss and tell us you've signed up for a half marathon :)

  • Hello all, what amazing weeks you've all been having. Prin sorry to hear about your diabetes, it must be tough to manage; moreless and candy - just wow! Well, apart from becoming a great aunt this week and celebrating my birthday yesterday (where I managed to make healthy food choices but did have a glass of wine ...or two ...or three) I have gone from 16.13.00 (very careful to put that 1 in moreless ;0)), to 16.10.2, so I guess I can call that a 3 lb loss?

    I'm stunned because I was sure I would at best have maintained, as exercise has been non-existent, unless stress qualifies and I haven't been doing anything extra dietwise. Saw my GP at the start of the week for a routine BP check and he was v. pleased with my weight loss, although alarmingly BP was up (should be going down with weight loss and exercise), so he tweaked my meds. I'm edging closer to that 2 stone loss and with two weeks to go before my hols would be ecstatic if I could do it before I go. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys. Hope everyone has a great week.

  • Happy birthday to you for yesterday, the same day as my grandson :)

    Congrats on your new nephew/niece, how lovely :)

    Now I'm going to be the killjoy on your weight loss again and say your actual loss is 2.8lbs - sorry ;) However, 2.8lbs is a fabulous loss! Especially after a birthday celebration :)

    I will definitely have everything crossed for the 2st loss before your hols :)

  • Thank you. Grand nephew, it's my niece's son. I'll take 2.8 lb, I didn't know if you rounded up (or down). Still a very happy Jiggly!

  • A baby boy, how wonderful. I love babies :)

    If I was doing the maths, I'd probably round up for losses and down for gains, but Ruth is very good and keeps a check on every ounce of difference :)

  • I am now 12.11 I lost 3 lbs this week. It is worth while eating so healthy plus I did my usual walks. I am now over the moon. I am hoping to loose another 2lbs in the next week even though it will be a challenging week as am baking lots of goods but all thanks to my thrush and endo I will not eat yeast sugar and dairy.

    hope you all will have a great week ahead!

  • Wow, 3lbs bakersdozen! We're having some terrific weight losses today! :)

    Thrush had to be good for something and if it's keeping you off your yummy baked goods, that's the best! :)

    Good luck with achieving that 2lb loss next week :)

  • Thank you! I feel so much better now eating healthier and fitter!

  • My First Weigh in!!

    Im proud of myself this week for getting out there! For the first time ever i completed a whole week of couch to 5k runs and didn't go over my calories!

    I even managed to sneak in a couple of spoonfulls of peanut butter and some garlic bread! - must try harder this week with the PB!

    So last week 16st 9.2lbs and this week 16st 3.2lbs - That is a massive 6lbs for my first week. I know it will slow down from here but a great incentive to continue.

    Stressfull week this week awaiting a phonecall to tell us if we can continue with our adoption journey - normally i eat through the stress but will need to find soemthing else to help me.

    Have a good week,

    Sarah x

  • Yaaaaay Sarah! Fandabbidozy first week. WTG you! :)

    You cracked the food and the couch 2 5K! I'm so jealous :)

    Don't crack under all that stress and uncertainty, get out there and run it off :)

    Here's to an equally amazing 2nd week :)

  • Nothing wrong with some sneaky spoonfuls of peanut butter - yum :-)

  • Hi everyone

    Finally plucked up the courage to join the Monday weigh in.

    Managed a reasonable week with lots of walking on the school run and even an Italian meal with my book club friends.

    Started: 15th June: Weight: 12st 6.5lbs

    30th November : Weight: 10st 11.5lbs

    07th December : Weight: 10st 10.25lbs

    That's a loss this week of 1.25lbs.

    Got just over 8lbs to go to reach healthy BMI and 17lbs to my goal weight of 9st 7lbs by 28th March 2016.

    I'll put my photos on here if some kind person lets me know how 😘

    Have a great week everyone. πŸ˜€

  • WTG doctorwho! I'm so glad you plucked up the courage to join us, you are so welcome :)

    Your stats are fantastic and to have your pictures too would be the icing on the cake.

    I'm sorry, I have absolutely no idea how to put piccies on here, but I'm sure Prin will be able to tell you :)

    You have a great week too :)

  • congratulations to all for great losses.

    I've had a few lazy weeks. had a cold for ages that just wouldn't let go. then the kids had the same cold. then a lot of stress at work. All bad excuses I know. basically not been eating great and also less excersise done.

    I missed the last 2 weigh ins,but what i lost the first week just came back on last week. this week I've managed to lose 0.7 kg bringing my weight down to 83.6kg and a total loss of 12.4kg since the start back in August.

  • Glad to see you back Carpo :)

    I'll let Ruth sort out your weekly stats, but well done for your 12.4kg total :)

    I hope your colds have all cleared up now, that your work stress has lessened and that you're all fired up for the push towards Christmas :)

  • Thanks for the link to MoreLess's post. I've been too busy lately to check in much with the forum so it was great to have an inspirational post to read on a Monday.

    As you say, in December it's mainly about damage limitation as the chocolate, parties and cake season sets in.

    That said, in maintaining mode, and even after getting lots of choccies for my birthday recently and celebrating a work colleague's birthday, I'm still on a gentle downward trend at 52.3kg today.

    My new GP also invited me to a health check where I discovered that I not only have a healthy bmi, but low enough blood sugar and cholesterol to not need to worry abut nasties like diabetes or heart disease. This really gave me a boost.

    Hope you have a better week with the diabetes Prin, and wishing everyone a successful week with their weight loss :-)

  • Thanks for the kind comments about my post Carolee :)

    You are making maintenance look easy and I know full well that it isn't.

    Fantastic that you've been given a new bill of health, that definitely makes the whole journey worth while :)

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the run up to Christmas :)

  • Aw, thanks :-) You too.

  • I've stayed the same weight

    Week 5 weigh in

    And I'm the same as what I was

    This week I'm doing things different

    No alcohol for a week

  • A maintain is better than a gain Bonnie and a dry week should help to get the weight shifting :)

  • Morning all :) Prin, i'm glad you've got your carbs under control - at least you've maintained your exercise so hopefully minimum impact on your goals.. Its scary how quickly the kids grow up - my oldest son is 18 next year and hopefully off to uni in York - we live in Yorkshire and it still seems too far! :-O

    I have managed a 1/2lb drop this week - optimistic that it would have been more if mother nature hadn't come a knocking this morning.. :/ so today I'm 17st8&1/2. Can't put pics up cost they'd be before and before pics!! Haha - maybe in 3 months.. ;)

    Thanks for keeping the weigh in going in Lowcals absence.

    Have a good week all :)

    Kate x

  • Hi Kate, A half pound loss is great, especially when Mother Nature's come calling :) The good thing about that though, is that next week you'll get a good loss and she won't be an unwelcome guest for Christmas :)

  • Hi prin ive gone from 16st 3lb 2oz to 16st 1lb 8oz not too bad i would like to be just under 16st for xmas I hope you're enjoying the festive season 😁

  • Well done Rosie, you're doing well and completely in line for being under 16st by Christmas :)

  • Thanks moreless as you say slow and easy wins the race i hope you are enjoying the festive season 😁

  • I am indeed Rosie, thank you, it's my favourite time of the year :)

  • im sure your son will love being in NZ right now!

    you have the right attitude or the realistic attitude of no really weight loss over xmas but maintaining is good!

    I have lost 1lb this week, I think it will be my last weight loss till jan, hopefully wont put on too much tho!

    so that's 20lbs in 10 weeks making me 13:8st, I will do my last weigh in on Thursday morning and then im off on holiday so have a great festive period everyone! c u all in Jan! x

  • Great results hydrogirl, an average of 2lbs/week is really good going :)

    Let's hope you lose another 1lb by Thursday and then you'll have lost a stone and a half :)

    I hope you have a smashing holiday, Christmas and new year :)

  • thanks moreless! my hubby just appeared at work today to take me for lunch - a healthy lunch as he knows ive been stuck stressed in a little corner recently at work and not been getting the chance to get much fruit or veg in my diet so very hap

    I really hope im down that extra 1lb by Thursday !

  • Aww bless! What a little darling'!! :) I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it :)

    I'm keeping everything crossed for that 1lb :)

  • Well done to everyone who's had a success this week. Keep up the good work!

    First week of staying the same weight for me, but it was to be expected. However I have lost another inch off my waist (how does that work?) so all is good in the world.

  • Now you know why it's so important to take your measurements Jane. I hope you've taken many more than your waist, because it's surprising where weight can be lost from :)

    Here's to a great weight loss next week :)

  • Hello Prin, I'm afraid I have slipped, I surrendered to Christmas chocolates and eating out and having the wrong foods, I have one more dinner with our walking group before Christmas then the family, so lots of naughties. My mindset is to enjoy Christmas but with a good try at resisting! My weight today is 13.3 so up 2!! I'm upset with myself, let myself down! May I wish everyone a good coming week.

  • Don't feel too badly Marianne, it's been a funny old week this week and several of us have tripped up.

    It's not too late to climb back aboard the band wagon and try to get rid of those extra pounds whilst still enjoying some Christmas treats.

    Best of luck! :)

  • Aww thank you I'll definitely be doing my best.

  • Good for you :)

  • Hi everyone, hope you have all had a fair weigh in with not too many of you having upsets!

    It seems the calorie counting worked, I am minus 1 pound this week. So I am lucky, but I need to eat healthier this week rather than just taking into account the calories. The pain is under control a bit for now so I won't be shy of those tablets if I need them again this week. Got to take back control over the cooking instead of hubby doing take away runs to "help" me (which of course it doesn't in the long term lol).

    Here's to a good week ahead for all of us xx

  • I'm pleased for you all round WW. The weight loss is fantastic, but I'm thrilled you're on top of the pain and determined to keep it that way :)

    All the very best for this week :)

  • Hi everyone, well done to all those who have lost this week ,its incredibly hard at this time of the year so takes a lot to shift those pounds! I think a lot of people found this week difficult and so wish you all a really healthy and fabulous week ahead. :-)

    I had an awful week but somehow by some miracle and I really have no idea how seem to have lost quite a bit, I normally weigh at the gym but will do that tomorrow and my home scales said 17. 4 which at the gym last week I was 17.8, so after getting on and off several times in disbelief and it staying at 17.4 have probably lost 3 or 4 pounds which is amazing as I have been hopeless!!

    Ready for the new week though with a big burst of motivation!! :-)

  • I too have been shown the lenient stick this week MM, I guess we just take our losses and run :)

    We can only improve this week :)

  • Definitely lets cherish the loss and make this week much more positive and not be too hard on ourselves ! :-)

  • Well said! :)

  • First week done - had a very bad weekend so only lost 2lb. Still 2lb is better than nothing so here's for a better week 2. I know what I did wrong so I know what to do right.

    Well done to everyone else who has had losses this week or just happy with their results this week.

  • Hey suzeeb, you've had a great first week! :) A 2lb loss is excellent and even more so as you've admitted to a bad weekend. It's great that you know where you slipped up, cos it means that next week will probably be fantastic! :)

  • Hi Suzeeb!

    Welcome. Your message reminds of my first messages when I joined the Monday weigh in and was comparing my losses to people who seemed to be losing 6 to 8 lbs per week!! So I kept saying I have "only" lost a pound. Or I have "only" lost two pounds.

    Then Lowcal with her stats and with more reading, I realised that actually, one or two pounds IS EXACTLY what you are aiming for, if you intend to lose weight that you NEVER want to see again! You are doing well, you are definitely on track, and do not let yourself be disheartened due to a misconception. This week I have lost two pounds and I have posted with a cheer lol. 12 weeks ago ( I am at week 13 and I have lost 23.5 pounds in that time) I was writing things like yours.

    Wtg suzeeb, cheer up and enjoy the new you!

  • What a great reply Nussaybah :)

  • I have lost 2 lbs this week, bringing my total loss to 1st 5lb or 19lbs in 9 weeks. I still have a long way to go but am feeling so optimistic this time around. I can and I will do it!!

  • Yaay Doralin,

    Those are fantastic stats and as I said to someone earlier, you will do it, because you have done it and are doing it :)

    Oh my gosh! I've just realised this sounds like a grammar lesson - sorry! :)

  • 1lb lost!

  • Yaay, good for you ab! :)

  • Hello and thank you for your post and all the replies and other weigh in participants! I'm new to posting but have been reading everyone else's for a month or two now. I have a lot to lose and am on a lot of medication for other medical conditions that have exacerbated weight gain over the last couple of years but this week my weight loss over the last few weeks has slowed down to only 0.5 kg in the last week so this morning I weighed 96.0 kgs. I'm hoping that posting here will motivate me to to continue losing 1 kg per week until goal weight!

    With thanks to everyone for inspiring me so far!

  • Hi and welcome JT :)

    It's great to have you join us and I'm sure you'll inspire us as much as we've inspired you :)

    Being an active member of this thread and this forum is what spurs us all on to greater things than we ever thought possible.

    May I suggest that you join Lizzie's kicking the K's threadπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ…πŸ»how-many-kms-did-you-walk-run-dance-swim-last-week-7-december

    and Sueper's Christmas challenge

    All the best to you for your 1kg/wk goal :)

  • End of 4th Week, started at 11st 13lb now 11st 8lb.

    Lost just 1lb this week

    Hope to be 11st 5lb by Xmas. If not less.

  • Well done Lyn that's a good steady loss and you should be right in line for your Christmas goal :)

  • Hello there,

    Thank you for directing me here. This is my first weigh in on line and I am hoping it is going to help. I weighed 12 stone 10.4 today and am finding it a really difficult time of year to diet. But then when is a good time. Anything less than this weight to go into the new year would be fantastic!!! Hopefully I can submit a lower figure next week.

    Good luck to everyone, reading everyones different stories is very inspiring and makes me feel like you are not on your own.

  • Hi and welcome to the weight loss forum Irthygray, it's lovely that you've joined us :)

    Well done for disclosing your weight, I know that can sometimes be a bit challenging.

    Don't we all know that this can be a difficult time of the year, but every pound lost before Christmas will be a pound less after :)

    All the best for your first week, I'm sure you'll see a lower figure next week :)

  • I lost another kilo last week. That is 16 now in just under 4 months. I feel so much better. Wishing everyone lots of will power over the Xmas period. :)

  • the reason you feel much better is cos you haven't to lug that extra 16 kilo round that would wear you out!

  • I keep looking at kilo bags of flour. When you see how much it is, it makes you realise just what a good thing we are all doing. proud of the lot of us!

  • Wow Dutchgirl,

    That's an amazing amount of weight to have lost in just 4 months. You must feel like a million dollars :)

    Thanks for the good wishes and right back at you :)

  • Phew just sliding in here :)

    138.6 kg - nothing much to say - starting again!

  • Welcome back Dave, we've missed you so much :)

    A lot of that will be muscle weight after all that gardening.

    So proud of you for having the guts to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

    You rock! (no pun intended :) )

    You've done this before, you can do it again. Have a great week :)

  • Welcome back Dave... get walking and tell Bert to shut up!. I've missed your wit and encouragement.


  • yayy!! welcome back Dave!! Really happy to see you back in here!!

  • welcome back - we are the boss of the weight!!! not the other way round :)

  • A good week, lost 3lbs so now 12st 6. Really pleased as I'm under my 12 half stone target for Christmas. With 2 Christmas parties this week, one the week after and then Christmas week itself. My aim is to try to maintain between now and the New Year. I hope everyone else has had a good week and wish you all a lovely week ahead.

  • Wow Tinkle, you snuck in quietly and you should be SHOUTING!!! :)

    A 3lb loss and smashing your Christmas target early is fantastic! :)

    WTG you! :)

    You'll have to come up with a new target now and then maintain between Christmas and new year.

    All the best :)

  • Just completed week 1, lost 3.5 lbs now weighing 16st exactly...doing a happy dance! 😊

  • Woohoo! I'm doing a happy dance with you! :)

    Fantastic result! WTG you! :)

    One more pound and you're into the 15's! :)

  • Thanks moreless :) looking forward to being in the 15's week! :)

  • I'll bet! I can't wait to be in the 15's too :)

  • that happy dance will be burning a few more calories too! good work and roll on 15's

  • Wow this post has gotten so popular! Well I'm a re-joiner who has posted on and off earlier in the year but haven't been as active recently so not sure which category that'll count as for the stats! Keep trying to get into the swing of things with watching what I eat....but I start every Monday and usually give up by Wednesday lunchtime and then go all out and eat/drink what I want at the weekend, so its one step forward and two steps back! Weight wise, I'm trying to get back to my "usual" weight of 9 and a half stone (after moving to London a year and a half ago and piling on the weight steadily ever since).

    Alright time to get to point, I was 10st 8lb last Monday and was 10stone 6 this morning. Now this sounds good but unfortunately I suspect this was more to do with extreme dehydration (after about 7 glasses of prosecco and 2 mulled wines yesterday at a christmas party) rather than a true weight loss! We'll see what the scales say tomorrow when I'm not hungover :o

    Realistically, like others have said above, maintaining my current weight over the next month would be an ok result - damage limitation so that I don't build up the task ahead of me in the new year! Have office christmas party this Thursday and team night out the following week, I'll then go to Ireland for Christmas and New Year and will need to resist all my mothers lovely home cooking and the limitless chocolates and snacks that float around at this time of year.

    A lot of the regular posters on here have been setting a great example and I'm hoping to get into a healthy routine with regular exercise and more meal planning as a result of all of your inspiring posts :)

    Enjoy all the christmas parties this week!

  • I've recorded a 2lb loss for you for this week even if you think this may not be a true loss re all the mulled wine - but in my books a loss is a loss! Sounds like you're determined not to let all the choccies and festive temptations derail you :)

  • Welcome back Food Lover,

    This thread is indeed extremely popular. Lowcal's done a great job, but she's away and not due to return til next week. Prin will probably be around later, but I'm afraid you won't recognise me, as I'm a comparative newbie :)

    I'm guessing that after such a long break since you recorded your weight, you'll be logged on as a new start, but I'll leave that up to Ruth :)

    We have some amazing trail blazers, whom I'm sure you are well acquainted with and they are all inspirational.

    Hopefully with their example, you'll be able to get back into the swing of things again and lose a couple of pounds before Christmas. Then maintain over the Christmas/new year period :)

    Wishing you lots of luck :)

  • I have been in court, to evening spin and now at a pub quiz πŸ‘Ώ Will be back later

  • Well bit of a late post but had a busy day and only just managed to hop on the scales now, 215.6lbs so down 0.4lbs since last week. Pretty chuffed as I'm definitely feeling the stress of finals week. Had a few treats I shouldn't of but haven't been bingeing so I'm going to still take the positive from that :)

  • Hi RR,

    With everything that's going on in your life at the mo, I think a loss of 0.4lbs is great! Also, if you don't normally weigh yourself in the evening, you're probably going to find it slightly raised anyway :)

    Let's hope you get a nice surprise next week.

    Well done for not cracking under the strain and diving headlong into a binge and lots of luck with your finals :)

  • End of Week 4 had 2lb loss this week so that's 12lb in total hoping for a stone by 1/1/16. Had a few comments about it being hard to do as 'it is nearly Christmas' but that is just making me more determined to prove them wrong ;)

  • That's the spirit thealley, you show 'em how it's done! :)

    You're already doing a grand job and that 2lb loss giving you a 12lb total loss, virtually guarantees your first stone by 2016 :)

    Keep up the good work! :)

  • I'm 24 hours late on parade this week. Christmas seems to have arrived very early in our house, it's only 8th December and I've already had two events, I've drunk more red wine in the last week than I have in the last 6 months!

    I've clearly relaxed a little too much as I gained 1/2lb this week, I know that doesn't sound much but I was supposed to be trying to lose 7lbs before Christmas to give myself a bit of a buffer so I can enjoy the usual goodies over the festive season...must try harder.

    Have a good week everyone.

  • Oh dear Jenever, I think Christmas is trying to foil all of us :)

    Not to worry, I'm sure you'll be able to knuckle down this week and see off that pesky 1/2lb and maybe a couple more :)

    Be strong! :)

  • Jenever its okay to cost for a bit just make sure you don't stop weighing in !

  • jenever - - half a pound tis nothing - to my 2.5 gain after one modest xmas do over weekend...

    Got a grip on the reins this week:-)

  • Week two & I have lost 4lb in total. Very pleased, its not the first time ive followed the 12wk plan just never made it to wk12! Taking it one week at a time and small goals to aim for.

  • Great work Micky! :)

    This 12 week plan won't beat you this time. The weeks will fly and so will the pounds :)

    Keep logging on with us and together we'll see you through to the end :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I hope I can add my weight to this week's thread, as I am a late weigher I know - but I know that this morning (Tuesday 8th December) I weighed 13 stone 1.6 pounds. When I last weighed in (before my trip away) I was 13 stone 4.0 pounds (16th November), so I have lost 2.4 pounds since then - hence dividing by 3 weeks, that makes a loss of 0.8 pounds for this week's stats (hope that's ok Ruth).

    I have read through the thread, and I am so impressed by everyone's results. Really good!

    Thank you Fab 5'er team (Prin for such great posts and keeping the thread going, and Suzybenj, Ruth_Canal_Runner and Moreless for your excellent support - you are all amazing.)

    It's good to be back, and I'll look forward to posting next Monday's thread - and I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone.

    Wishing everyone an excellent week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    It's lovely to have you back with us :)

    What a fantastic achievement to have lost 2.4lbs whilst you've been away. That shows real commitment to your healthy lifestyle and willpower of steel. WTG you! :)

    Excitingly, you are now only 1.7lbs away from the 12's!! Wooooohoooo!!! :)

    Fingers crossed this will happen by next Monday's weigh-in :)

  • Thanks so much Moreless - it's great to be back. :-)

    I just can't believe that I'll ever get into those elusive 12's - but maybe one day...! :-)

  • Keep the faith Lowcal, those 12's are yours for the taking :)

  • Go you LC - the 12s are beckoning :-)

  • So fab a loss

  • I didn't post yesterday sorry. I have put on a pound. I decided I wanted to maintain until after Christmas so that's a shame. But going over your calories every day does that!! I think I'm setting myself up for a fall to try to lose weight before the new year now, so if I can get to 10 something I'll be happy again. Was 11 0 4 yesterday so want to lose that naughty pound!! Then new year, I shall start week 1 again ! Recording all my calories and exercise so I don't go mad but hope to lose my naughty pound this week! Good luck to everyone during this hard period :-)

  • good luck Maxine5555. December is a trying time - but I am going to try and lose a few more before xmas :-)

    good luck on being a loser :-). Hope I can join you !!

  • down 3lbs this week

  • Hi shogg - I've just read through this whole thread and seen your 3lb loss right at the end - but I think in a more recent post you mentioned putting the 3lbs back on again? I hope you're not too dispirited. The weight loss journey isn't all that smooth, there can be all sorts of ups and downs, and there's a lot to learn along the way. Wishing you an excellent weigh in when you next brave those scales :)

  • thanks ruth but i think i need to find somethink else todo in my life this is harder than being fat i,ve been that way most of my life so it wont be that hard to stay like this for the rest of it but i wish you well in yrs

  • Maybe give it a little longer? Everyone finds it difficult at the beginning. The numbers you see on the scales aren't the be all and end all. Hope you'll keep going and not give up because of one bad result - who knows what you might achieve if you just stick at it a bit longer?

  • I am weighing in at 12stone 6.25 lb which is 3 lb less than last mon it is week 6 for me so I am really pleased to have lost that much this week have set a goal of 12 stone for new years day probably a bit too ambitious but I will try. Am so far avoiding all xmas stuff but enjoying wearing clothes with labels still on that I bought and never managed to get into. Merry xmas everyone x

  • Hi skinnylizzie, I don't know how you've managed it again, but you've found the old thread :)

    I'm going to copy and paste you onto the new one :)

  • Not good on computer sorry

  • 24,04 / 23,10 / 23,06 / 23,03

    This last week I doubled my exercise and cut out all carbs, I was expecting a big loss, but today I'm 23,01.

    At least I'm still going in the right direction ;-)

  • Sorry FFUDON, you've followed Lizzie onto an old thread. I'll copy and paste your reply and transfer it :)

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