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Back to day 1...again

So yet again I fell off the wagon.

This seems to be a recurring problem that I am facing. So here we go again. I'm feeling incredibly low at the moment because I feel like such a failure when it comes to my weight loss. 2 years ago I lost quite a bit of weight and I felt amazing. But then I seriously injured my knee and it all piled back on again. I've never been able to shift it again.

So here I go again. I must admit I don't feel 100% determined but I know I need to do it.

Weight today 17st5

Aiming to be 12st in the long run, but as my first goal I'm aiming for 16st.

So far food wise today:

Breakfast - 45g cereal + 75ml skimmed milk

Snack - apple

Lunch - salmon salad + 15ml balsamic dressing

Snack - petit filous

For tea I'm going to be having beef stew + veg (a small portion).

I'm going to attempt to write on here daily to keep on track.

I need to achieve a lower BMI before some minor surgery that I have. So any advice/support would be greatly appreciated x

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Hi, so sorry you are finding things tough. An injury is really difficult to overcome and it's so easy to get low and use food as a buffer. I have been yo-yoing for years. My best advice is to write everything down that you eat with the calories. It will help you stay on track. The other thing is to take one day at a time and be kind to yourself. My first goal is also 16 stone. We can do this!

Good luck with the coming week.

Elsie xxx


hi be0193,

I completely agree with elsie take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself , put things behind you and leave all the guilt there and make this your fresh journey!

I think many on here are or have been yo-yo dieters and I could have written your post as broke my knee two years ago and its hard to get back into exercise etc.

Theres lots of support on here and you are doing the right thing writing it all down and re focusing ,

I am currently 17stone 8 pounds so know how you feel weight wise but we can definitely do this! (only 5 years ago i was 11.2 so feel a bit annoyed that i gained so much ,so fast but thats yo-yoing I suppose!!)

Have a great first week and dont forget to join the monday weigh in if you feel like it that gets posted by one of the fab five!

Hugs :-) x

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Make sure there is enough nice healthy food in the house so you don't get hungry. Hungry is dangerous.

Good luck


Excellant advice xx


Welcome to you, just to let you know this is a fantastic site with so many people who are experiencing problems with food, we are all in the same boat and we are all here to help each other x the advice already given here is exactly what l would say!!!!

Writing stuff down and being totally honest with your thoughts and feelings is the only piece of support l will offer, l am and l feel doors closing and others opening for me x

l have 6 plus stones to lose and its a scary prospect but here l don't feel alone all l feel is kindness warmth and support x


I wish I could offer some advice but I am same. Having a terrible day. Only thing is it is a new day tomorrow. Going to take advice above and write everything down. We will get there good luck.


Hi and welcome be :)

I really feel for you, because I've had more day 1's than I care to remember. There are a few things I would advise:

1. Don't think of this as another diet, this is the start of your new healthy lifestyle.

2. Look at the NHS 12 week plan and see if it's for you.


3. Join the Monday weigh-in for accountability and support, the new thread will be similar to this


4. Log onto this forum and read as many posts as you can, for all the support, inspiration and motivation that you could ever need.

All the very best to you :)


Hello and welcome to the site. I am new here too and enjoying communicating with people who understand where we are coming from!! I gained weight again due my knee being so worn I needed a replacement (aged 50) last year. Now I am fully recovered and trying to lose the weight so I don't wear it out to quickly. I have found my key is going to the gym, something I really hated in the past. This time I am really getting a buzz. It has lifted my depression and suppresses my appetite. I also received a fitbit for my birthday & record everything I eat which has kept me on track. I have lost 1st 2lb in the last 8 weeks - nice and steady. Feel loads better already. I am sure you will find what works for you & receive all the support you need here. Linda :-)

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I wonder whether you could take up a new hobby, like drawing or ancestry or something equally absorbing? I found this helpful so that I was not thinking about food all the time.

My husband and I are taking the dogs from the dogs home for walks, this has also helped us to get more exercise. Good luck, do keep going, you can do it! Every little helps.

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