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Hi all feel at an all time low, last year started to lose weight I put on through medication an did tai chi. It all came to a standstill when I lost my son. Now have put weight on an don't have motivation to do things. I have 2 dogs which could walk, i have exercise bike an treadmill suffer with chronic back pain so things need to be done gradually. But need kick uup backside an encouragement any help support gratefully appreciated

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Hi Shazey48, sorry to hear of your loss. I joined today and just reading through peoples posts has helped give me some encouragement. There seem to be a lot of people on here ready to support us. The 12 week plan looks like it has some great ideas too. I've decided to plan my meals and try to get some kind of routine but generally just take it a day at a time.

Good luck and best wishes


Hi Shazey and welcome to the forum,

Really sorry to hear of your tragic loss, I hope you're managing to come to terms with things.

Suzeeb has mentioned the NHS 12 week plan and here's a link to it


We also have a monday group weigh in, where we gather to get our losses or gains recorded and also to be motivated by each other's successes. This is the link to last week's and if you click on follow on Prin's profile, you'll be notified when she posts next Monday's thread.


Then as if this wasn't enough, Lizzie runs a kicking the kilometres to dust thread, also on a Monday and there's a Christmas drive to get enough K's to reach the North Pole and see Santa. These are the links



All the very best with your weight loss journey :)

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