Hello, I am really struggling to lose weight :( I stopped smoking in January and feel great for it but just can't seem to shift the weight. I started running in July and have joined a gym where I do approximately 3-4 classes a week. I have just started to cut out caffeine and am trying to cut out sugar does anyone have any suggestions please as it is making me feel really down.


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  • Don't panic Sandra, it is possible :)

    11 weeks ago I gave up smoking and joined this forum at the same time. To date, I haven't had a cigarette and I've lost nearly 2st! :)

    Your exercising is great, but it isn't going to shift those pounds single handedly, you need to embark on a healthy eating plan and count your calories. I'm leaving you with a few links to sites and threads that may help you on your way. Good luck :)

  • Thank you very much x

  • That's a huge achievement.

    Respect :)

  • Oh how I feel for you. I'm reducing weight so that in February I can give up smoking and I will be in the same boat as you. When I gave up before, I went swimming, but that made me hungrier!

    What I plan to do is to go back to calorie counting and meticulous menu planning at least a couple of days in advance. Keeping track of calories is so, so important. At the moment I'm back to using my judgement with calories but, the least sign of a slip and I shall start counting again, until it is inbuilt into my way of life.

    Well done on giving up smoking. You have my complete admiration. You will find getting your weight under control a synch compared. You just need a well thought out plan and stick to it.

    I salute you :)

  • Good luck for stopping smoking! I guess it is the well thought out plan I am struggling with, I need to give myself a kick up the ass and get my act together.

  • Sandra I bet all that running and exercise has made your muscles better, and that means you won't notice much difference on the scales unless you are reducing your calorie intake too (I can't remember the official scientific explanation but you know what I mean). BUT muscle apparently uses more calories just being, so you are doing the right thing.

    Try using myfitnesspal to record and reduce your calorie intake (bad time of year for this I know, but it really makes you notice what you are eating and makes you think twice about having that extra biscuit etc).

    If you aren't already, try and cook from scratch (bulk cooking and freezing is great if you are a busy person) as ready meals and cook-in sauces etc are jammed full of sugar and salt.

    Above all, do not despair! With all the exercise, your visceral fat will be melting away and your lifespan is increasing with every workout!

  • First of all a big well done on quitting smoking its not easy, i myself have struggled repeatedly over the years! Sometimes we hit a plateau when weve stuck to a routine, maybe try shaking things up a bit do different classes on different days, change your eating habits if eating the same things. Its disheartening when you hit a plateau but so worth the effort to keep going. I myself have hit several plateaus long as you keep making good choices you will start losing again. All the best x

  • Get rid of sugar and processed foods which contain it. Limit your carbs. Plenty of chicken, fish and veg. Home made soups are always good and cook everything from fresh. Use portion control. Simples.

    That was the daft answer But it really is as simple as that. Count calories if that's what you want to do. I didn't but cut out all the obvious bad foods and substituted with the obviously healthy. I still have a bit of a sweet tooth but have substituted sugar with artificial powdered sweetener which I use in porridge, plain 0% fat yoghurt with added berries! stewed rhubarb etc. I know there are arguments against artificial sweetener but it works for me. I use Splenda and the cheaper supermarket own brands.

    I cut out virtually all bread and potatoes apart from occasional treats and have occasional brown rice, bulgar wheat and whole meal pasta.

    Now winter is coming I will be having a lot of homemade soups and stews which can be very healthy and low in calories I think (never count).

    Porridge made with water but creamed up,with 0 fat plain yoghurt and berries for flavour is good for breakfast. Usually just have some fruit for lunch and main meal for dinner.

    Well done packing in the fags. I can't believe the willpower I have had to lose 8'stones but yet have failed every time I try to stop smoking.

  • Wow what an amazing weight loss, well done :)

  • Thank you all for the comments and advice it is really appreciated :)

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