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Fed up :(

Just logged on for my weekly weigh-in and I'm right back at the exact same weight as I started at 7 weeks ago. So, quite obviously I'm starting from scratch. The only thing that could prevent me from losing weight this week is I'm going to see the new Hunger Games at the cinema on Sunday but that shouldn't be much of an issue as my friends also follow the Slimming World Lifestyle plan. Posts and photos will be shared throughout the week...so I'm less likely to fall off the wagon.

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Hi Sorenlorensen,

What I'm about to say to you may seem a little harsh, but I'm not sure that sympathy is what you're needing.

You REjoined this site the day after I did my first weigh in - you are the same weight now as you were then and I'm 24lbs lighter! I don't say that to be mean, or to gloat, I say it to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes I have in the past.

The more times you yoyo diet, the more you mess up your body and the more difficult it becomes to lose weight.

You have a short term goal of Christmas, which is only 5 weeks away. If you get your determined head on, you could lose 10lbs by then and think how much happier you'd feel if that was the case. It's only 5 weeks out of a whole lifetime and I'm sure you're strong enough to stick with the plan for that long.

Go for it girl, do yourself proud :)



Can't fault your reply !!! 🎉⛄️💋

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I have been in your position many times and decided to bite the bullet and start a proper diet 4 weeks ago and it's not been easy but the progress has been amazing losing nearly 20lbs. Before I took it seriously I never counted calories and just ate small portions on foods that I thought was healthy.. Plus I always liked a small snacking session.. Now I count calories have one little ball of Lindt chocolate on a Saturday night and have given up on bread. The journey is long but the achievement at the end will make you realise it was worth the fight.


Your head is obviously not in the right place yet. You need determination and self discipline to succeed. It is not easy but you have to cut out the bad foods and snacking. Make small targets and work hard to get there. Good luck to you, you can do it with the right attitude.


Yep...all about focus and being in the zone...I do know how you're feeling...been there and have been for a few weeks...but for some reason, the right attitude has kicked in again ...so good luck to you this week.....


I agree with all......

If you're heads not in it.....then sorry folks, you'll eat !!! End off.

the mind plays games, So Refocus and 5 weeks to Christmas will fly bye....

Good luck,head down, stop moaning (that's to me) and DO IT 😜


I think that taking a good long look at yourself in the mirror might be just what you need to tell yourself that you can do this and believe in yourself. The key to your success will be self discipline along with some good planning and preparation. Maybe try creating a menu for the whole week and making some healthy packed lunches for work. Plan a snack and have some set meal times, these all help when trying to stay focused and on track. You will soon get used to the routine, but you must stick to it and then it will just become part of your everyday life.

The saying goes fail to plan, plan to fail now you don't want that for yourself so put an action plan together and be patient. There comes a time when it just feels right and you know in yourself that this time I know I can commit to this so let that time be now.

Take full control of your mind and think positive thoughts and stay focused on the end goal the finish line is waiting for you to cross it :-)

Best of luck with your journey I wish you well


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