Please Join Us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (16th November 2015)

Hi everyone,

Last Monday I weighed 13 stone 3.8 pounds, and today I weigh 13 stone 4.0 pounds, so I've gained 0.2 pound this week. I had a couple of meals out in the week, and also ended up eating a bit more on Sunday (yesterday) - so I'm relieved that I didn't gain more.

I will be away for the next 3 Mondays, so please look out for Prin's name, (Prin) as she will be posting the Monday weigh-ins on 23rd & 30th November, and also on 7th December). If you click 'follow' and Prin's name then you would be notified of when she posts the thread, but otherwise she will be posting it before 7am as usual, so it should be easy to find - it will have the same title as above with the current date in brackets.

My trip away will involve quite a bit of travelling and is a mixture of business and pleasure - so I think it will be challenging for my weight loss goals. I will therefore try my best to maintain my weight, and I'll be back for the Monday weigh-in on 14th December, and hope to work hard when I get back to be in the 12's by Christmas. That is my plan, and I'm sticking to it! :-)

Reminder of how this thread works: If you weigh-in with us in this weigh-in thread, then one or more of the Fab 5 will respond to you. Some Mondays there may only be a couple of us around, as we do have other commitments, but we will do our very best to ensure that everyone is responded to at some point in the day and/or evening.

The Fab 5 are:

Prin (who will lead the thread on 23rd & 30th November and 7th December)



Ruth_Canal_Runner (who does our stats too)


Lowcal (Me) (I'll be back to lead the thread on 14th December) (I'm here today also)

To everyone out there, if you're new, and fancy joining us, you are very welcome! Just pop in and introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you want to), plus any goals you are hoping to achieve on your weight loss journey.

We also encourage discussion and supportive posts between contributors, so feel free to interact and enjoy participating within the thread.

The Group stats for last week's thread are inspiring, and are as follows (thanks to Ruth_Canal_Runner for compiling these - you are a great stats woman!):

Total people posting on last Monday's thread: 78

Total overall weight lost: 54.3 pounds (24.7 kilos)

Total people who lost weight: 33 (73.8 pounds lost) (33.5 kilos)

Total people who gained weight: 16 (19.5 pounds gained) (8.8 kilos)

Total people who maintained their weight: 14

Total people starting out on their weight loss journey/plan: 8

Total people who didn't disclose their weight gain/loss: 7

Fantastic results - a record number of contributors!

Wishing everyone another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

p.s. I will send a reminder thread mid week to remind people to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday weigh-ins. I'm here today, and I'll be back to lead the weigh-in on 14th December. Thanks to Prin and the other Fab 5'ers (Suzybenj, Moreless and Ruth_Canal_Runner) for everything you do. :-)


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274 Replies

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  • Sorry you've gained, a pain! I had a very bad week, too many meals out, and the return of bloating , so gained 2 1/2lbs, I'm fine with it, I know why and how.

    Good luck being away soon, happy Monday x

  • Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Lots of meals out is a common theme at this time of year - I think it will be a challenging time for all of us with various pre-Christmas get togethers etc, and sorry to hear you've had more bloating - that is tough too.

    At least you know where your 2.5 pound gain comes from, and more importantly you feel ok about it as you know why and how. Wishing you a good week ahead, and I'll look forward to catching up with you when I get back. In the meantime, look out for Prin, who is posting the next 3 Monday weigh-ins.

    Happy Monday!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning Fab 5 and everyone.

    Lowcal I think your gain is amazing having eaten out a couple of times. You must be very pleased indeed as a couple of ounces is nothing. Great job. Hope the following weeks are equally good for you and just know you are going to make the 12's by Christmas.

    As for me well, I only have to look at food to gain weight! I did so well during the week and had lost over four pounds but then Saturday night I had a Chinese with my Dad and Sunday devoured a handful of Aero Bubbles grrrrrrrr! So for the stats last week I weighed in at 12st 6.4 this week 12st 5lbs so a loss of 1.4lbs only. However, it's 0.5lbs off the 6 stone mark again so hopefully can make that despite having to go to a coffee morning this morning with lots of lovely cakes!

    Have a good week everyone X

  • Oh dear Candystripe, it's just so unfair! How come other people seem to be able to eat what they like, without suffering any consequences, whereas the likes of you and I seem to put on their share of the weight too.

    Not to worry, you still managed a healthy loss this week and excitingly you're only half a pound away from the six stone mark. You'll achieve that by next week easily, but remember, stay away from the cakes! :)

  • you and i are running neck and neck. Good luck for next week:-)

  • I'll get there first!!!!! X

  • on wards and downwards :-)

  • Wow...just, wow! 6 stone...have you heard how much that is? Say it out loud! You are amazing for having done so well, good on you, just keep going. :-)

  • Thank you so very much WeightWarrior for your very kind words. Yes I started out at 18st 4.5 lbs and now 5 lbs off being in the 11's so very determined not to undo the work I have done perhaps to the point of being totally neurotic about gaining weight. BUT I am human so occasionally I need to look in the mirror and think where I was to remind myself what I need to do to get down to 10.5 stone my goal weight!

    A difficult time of the year but no excuses for gluttony lol!!!!

    Have a good week and thank you again. X

  • amazing..... nearly six stones!!! that really is fantastic.... i probably want to lose something close to 5 stone, (am just over the 2 stone mark now) so its very motivating to see it can be done..

    any tips on the continued motivations for you?

  • Sorry having problems replying. Bear with me!

  • I will try again tomorrow as lost my reply twice now due to internet problems. Am not avoiding you! X

  • A loss is a loss tho

  • If all I had to report was a handful of aero bubbles I would be on to a winner!😜

  • Ha ha. I just have to look at if. I do so well during the week then Dad comes over Fri-Sun and I'm a demon!!! X

  • Sorry you have gained this week, but it's only a very small amount. Hope the next three weeks are not to difficult for you.

    I have lost half a pound this week. Last week I weighed 12st 4.25 this week I weigh 13st 3.75 so a loss of .50. Not as much as I hoped but still in the right direction. Having a meal out this week so we will see how week 14 goes.

  • Hi Summer,

    A loss of half a pound may seem small, but when you look at a pack of butter and imagine it spread on your hips, it seems much more :)

    Well done you and good luck for next week :)

  • Morning LowCal and everyone!

    That is a tiny gain LowCal so nothing to worry about it. and you enjoyed yourself too!

    I have gained again this week too, weighing in at 9stone 11.2lbs, so a gain of 0.6lbs. I met up with all the extended family yesterday and had to contend with a buffet so I think that's where that has come from.

    Hope you have a good three weeks away, I know you will have strategies in place to help you with eating out :)


  • Hi NoMoreJunk,

    Thanks for your kind words. I did enjoy my meals out - and I did try to make good choices.

    You've had a very small gain - just 0.6 pounds, and that's pretty good going considering you attended your extended family gathering and contended with a buffet! Well done for such a minimal gain in those circumstances. Buffets are notorious for encouraging us to overeat, so you must have exhibited some self-control - well done!

    Yes, I'll use my strategies to help me try to cope with being away, and eating out etc. I think it will be challenging to maintain, but I'll do my best.

    Good luck for a good week ahead for all of us. I'll look forward to catching up with you and everyone when I get back - and in the meantime, please look out for Prin's name, as she will be posting the next 3 Monday group weigh-in threads.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning NoMoreJunk,

    A gain of 0.6lbs seems a very small price to pay for a lovely buffet with your extended family. A week of keeping tabs on your eating will soon put paid to that :)

    Have a great week :)

  • Hi fab five!

    Low cal....sounds like you've got a really good plan there....tricky time of the year to navigate.

    I've bitten the bullet and decided to go for the new scales starting point. Therefor 7 lb....I know...I can hardly believe it.

    New day weigh in....14 St 6lbs....

    That's a maintain.

    But I'm back in the zone and am feeling good about this. Have a good week.

  • Oh well done PP, that's a really brave choice :)

    Don't you worry, you'll soon be back to those 13's and feeling better than ever. Those clothes in your wardrobe will soon be fitting beautifully and you'll be looking gorgeous.

    Have a smashing week :)

  • Thank you looking at the sparkly dresses already! I will celebrate my achievements with a sparkly whether I burn off another half stone or not....we're worth it! Good luck to you too!πŸ˜ƒ

  • 15st 7...don't worry about it...oh how I wish I were that weight right now!! (enough said.)

    You have still lost over a stone...that's fabulous, so you know you can do it, those few pounds extra that the new scales generously gave you (grrrr) will be gone in no time. :-)

  • Hi WW, thank you. I am getting my head round it all again...which is often the key thing to do. Good luck with your journey. ...πŸ˜ƒ

  • 13.1 lost a pound from Monday but gained 1 over weekend x

  • Hi Emma,

    I'm assuming you're reporting a maintain this week then, but not to worry, it could so easily have been a gain if you hadn't worked hard through the week.

    Hopefully you'll remember this weekend what if feels like not to lose and be a little more careful with your intake.

    All the best to you :)

  • Well I weighed myself on Friday and I was 13st dead on but this morning I was 13.1 from Mother Nature but I'm just down at min x

  • Hi Emma-and,

    I just replied to you in your individual post that you posted, but I basically said that our time of the month is notorious for making us gain weight, so try not to let it get you down that you gained 1 pound this week, it will disappear once your time of the month is out of the way, and as long as you keep on track, then hopefully you'll lose weight for next week's weigh-in - so try to keep going and keep as positive as you can, and then you'll be able to enjoy the week and enjoy a future loss on the scales, all being well.

    Wishing you a good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Sorry Emma, I didn't realise that Mother Nature was the culprit! That woman! Someone ought to do something about her! ;)

  • They should it's not like us women don't have enough to do the never ending expectations of what u should be as a wife, mother, daughter etc plus trying to better urself then hay lets put more things in there way to maintain this buy making them gain weight because of Mother Nature Lol x

  • Just shows you how amazing you are when you look at the list of things you are juggling all of it, think how strong you are as a person to still be standing! We women are amazing, even if I do say so myself. ;-) Don't worry I'll give mother nature a slap or two for you a bit later in the week, she'll be knocking on my door soon too!

  • Lmao yer forger Mother's Day we should have a women's day dedicated to what we do I think most women will say the reason they lose weight is the pressure put on them by sociaity. X

  • Morning LC, well done on only gaining .2lb after those great meals out.

    I am pleased to report after a month of gaining, losing the gain and maintaining I am finally on the way down again. Last monday I weighed 12st 12lb and today I weigh 12st 7.8lb. Which is technically a loss of 4.2lb this week, but 1.4lb for Ruth's stats.

    Goal for this week is to be under 12st 7lb.

    All the best to you and everyone else this week :)

  • Wow ScoobaSteve, that's a great loss! :)

    I'm quite sure that you'll have been recorded as a gain last week and that therefore you'll be recorded as having lost 4.2lbs this week, as each week's taken on it's own merit. If I'm wrong, Ruth will correct me :)

    Best of luck with your goal of being under 12st 7lbs next Monday :)

  • Ruth replied to me yesterday, said she was taking a 2.8lb loss for the stats :)

  • Hi ScoobaSteve,

    Yes, I think Ruth will take 1.4 pound as your loss for this week. I know she responded to you yesterday - and the great thing is that you've had 2 great losses (both last week and this week) and you're on your way towards achieving your goal of being under 12 stone 7 pounds - hopefully by next Monday! Good luck!!! :-)

    Remember to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 weigh-ins, and I'll look forward to catching up with you when I get back for the weigh-in on 14th December - imagine what weight you might be by then! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I stand corrected :)

  • Yep - I tend to reply late, hence moreless missing it - you get to see how last minute I do the stats! It just made sense that you should be recorded as having a loss for last week as the numbers were so different! It's what I would have done anyway. Although realised it might put pressure on for you to lose even more the following week... :)

  • Morning Lowcal and Fab5ers :-)

    Sounds like you did very well, Lowcal, with all that eating out ! It just shows that we can still be sensible even with lots of social engagements, and not do too much damage ! Enjoy your three weeks away - sounds like it will be a challenge, but I'm sure you will get into those 12s by Christmas :-)

    So, this week I've lost 1.4lbs, which I'm pleased about :-) Gone from 173.2lbs to 171.8lbs. I've been doing quite a bit more running now, and I've been trying to balance eating a little bit more to make up for this (allowing a few more carbohydrates), without it being too many and stopping weight loss ! I thought I was a bit stuck during the week, but it seems to have balanced out ok.

    So this week I'm going to make sure that I don't go overboard, and I've got a meal out planned on Thursday as it's my birthday :-) Going to treat myself and not worry too much about what I'm having - just have to run longer at the weekend to make up for it !!

    Have a great week everyone :-)

  • Well done Lucca, it seems you really have nailed the balance between food/exercise, with a great result on the scales. A 1.4lb weight loss is fantastic! :)

    Great that you've upped your running, your way of dodging the raindrops :)

    Hoping that this week's just as successful for you :)

    Many Happy Returns for Thursday, I hope you have a lovely meal and a smashing day :)

  • Great work Lucca and happy birthday for Thursday! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Lucca,

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday for Thursday!

    Great that you'll be having a lovely time treating yourself - and you'll soon run off any extras - no problem!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Happy Birthday for Thursday Lucca, enjoy your meal out and try not to punish yourself with too long a run at weekend.

  • Only if I eat ALL the chocolate cake, mrsg ;-)

  • Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

  • Happy Birthday on Thursday Lucca, (a fellow's my birthday today).

    I was very careful what I ate last week as I knew I would be out for a birthday meal last Saturday, the plan seems to have worked as despite a large meal and lots of red wine I managed to lose 2lbs.

    Enjoy your special day.

  • I hope you had a fab day - and just think you have a whole week to lose the cake!

  • Jenever, I'm so sorry, I missed the fact that it was your birthday yesterday! Belated happy returns, I hope you had a really fab day :)

  • Have a good trip, you will be missed here Lowcal. I hope you manage your goal to maintain. It's tough when away from home and out of routine.

    Well much to my shock I lost 1.3kg this week. I am meant to be maintaining between 55 and 57 kg and this morning I weigh 54.6kg. I thought that I was probably going to have gained as I haven't had a good week.

    I am 5 weeks below my top goal of 57 and bounced around in the goal range for 4 weeks then a significant loss this week.

    I haven't exercised for 4weeks. Initially because of an injury but having stopped I haven't found the motivation to restart.

    I read Ruth's excellent post on maintaining that has provided food for thought.

    I am still using mfp and this morning having entered my below goal weight and it says I should eat 2200 calories. That is 1000 per day more than i was having to lose and 700 more than I have been having. It seems a huge scary number.

    The previous week I aimed for 1500 and gained, this week on the same I lost significantly.

    I am confused by the difference in weight on same intake. I guess I will aim for 1700 per day this week and see what happens next week....

  • Hi 2bFabnFit,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Really interesting to hear how your week has gone - you've lost 1.3 kg, and you're below your maintaining range - and you were expecting to gain as you felt you'd not had a good week. It just shows how the maintaining game is a difficult balancing act.

    Yes, I also enjoyed Ruth's great post on 'Maintaining' and she mentioned your strategy of the maintaining range - which I also think is an excellent way to approach it.

    I know you've adjusted your MFP level so you'll be aiming to eat more calories, and I know that you've decided to try 1700 calories, so at least you can try it and then re-assess at the end of the week - hopefully with time and experimenting you'll be able to find a level that helps you maintain within your maintenance window comfortably. Good luck!

    I'll look forward to coming back and reading everyone's progress over the next few weeks. In the meantime, look out for Prin's name - as she'll be posting the next 3 weigh-ins.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi 2BFabnFit - don't panic! You're only 0.4kg below an arbitrary range which you created to make sure you didn't regain the weight. You won't necessarily keep losing and disappear to nothing, you're just still getting your perspective straight. I also kept losing for a while after I reached goal. I realised I needed to relax about snacking, and also just relax generally. I keep cashews to hand for when I'm hungry for dinner - these are the kinds of calorific things I was very cautious of before, but now will have several and they help me feel satisfied enough to then stick to a sensible dinner portion. You'll slowly realise you can re-introduce stuff like this, rather than sugar-laden things which you know you definitely don't want to re-introduce. Also, although I understand why you're still watching the cals etc, maybe try to relax it all a bit, rather than focusing on upping your cals. Maybe have 1 day off a week where you don't count cals, start to trust your instinct a bit more, start to enjoy being at goal - think how much you wanted this and enjoy it now you're here :)

  • I do have days off eg last week went for a curry down Brick lane last week and had exactly what I wanted without reservation. But I was careful the other days .... I will try and be a bit more relaxed but in the past I have relaxed and I have put the weight straight back on. I am so determined not to do so this time! By the way thanks for the encouragement x

  • It sounds like you've got the right approach then. Just small adjustments as you go along until it all works right. Thanks for the encouragement too. I totally understand the fear of undoing all the hard work :)

  • ....Had a very frustrating week - watching what eating -staying well within my calorie allowance. But Friday not one millimetre budged on the scales - so I was slightly Hysterical......

    However- despite a very good celebratory night on sat - the scales did finally shift and i now weigh a pound lighter than last week. Very pleased with the outcome - that takes me to my lowest weight this year - since June. It also totals a half stone loss.

    So as I say to everyone else - I will be banking that half stone and concentrating on the next 5 pounds which will take me to the the 12 stone marker.

    Enjoy your three weeks away LC - and look fwd to seeing you back up and running on 14 Dec:-)

  • Hi Suzybenj (lovely Fab 5'er),

    Sorry to hear you've had a very frustrating week - but Congratulations on achieving 1 pound loss this week, and to keeping within your calorie allowance and achieving a good week. You're at your lowest weight this year, and that is fantastic! Really well done. :-)

    Thanks for your kind words, and I'll look forward to catching up with everyone's progress when I'm back up and running on 14th December. Thanks for your great support and help - especially whilst I'm away, as I really appreciate that! :-) I know the thread is in safe hands, with such a stellar team of Fab 5'ers and supportive threadsters.

    Wishing you some good weeks ahead - you'll be closer to your goal by the time I get back, you've banked that half stone and you're already working on the next 5 pounds.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yaay! You've had to work hard for that 1lb! Here's to the next 5 and reaching the 12 stone marker. So many people in the same race :)

    Good luck! :)

  • Good morning all.

    That's not a bad result Lowcal. Good luck for your trip, hopefully it won't set you back too much.

    So far I'm doing ok at maintaining and have come out at 53.4 kg. I've stopped counting every single calorie and focussing on keeping up a reasonably healthy

    Lifestyle with the occasional treat such as a glass of wine or a dark chocolate biscuit ( a work colleague has been bringing these in and I realise I don't have to eat loads of them). we did get an Indian takeaway during the week but stuck to chicken tikka and plain boiled rice so not so bad.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  • Sounds like you're doing a grand job at maintaining Carolee, which by all accounts is not an easy thing to do. Being able to enjoy the occasional treat without going overboard seems to be working really well for you.

    Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration for all of us who are yet to reach maintenance level :)

  • Morning lowcal, fab 5 and all x

    Lowcal well done on only gaining a small amount this week and hope you have a good time away if you can!

    well my weight actually changed this week but not in the right direction. 1lb gain which im not too bothered about as i know it should be worse. Gain caused by my birthday on Wednesday which resulted in cake eating then was out for a meal on Saturday which resulted in a few too many cocktails πŸ™ˆ

    Well new week and back to my plan. Good luck all for this week x

  • Good morning Kars,

    First of all, happy birthday for Wednesday! :)

    I think a 1lb weight gain following birthday celebrations which include cake, a meal and cocktails is really well done :)

    With you being back on plan, that 1lb will soon be shifted.

    Have a great week :)

  • Thanks moreless

  • Hi Kars1111,

    Happy belated Birthday for Wednesday, and sounds like you had a nice time celebrating - that 1 pound gain will soon be off again.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning Lowcal and all you fabulous losers :)

    I'm sorry you've had a tiny weight gain Lowcal, but considering the fact that you had three days with extra yummies, I'd say that was a sterling effort :)

    I'm brimming over with excitement today, having resurrected my old exercise bike and pounded away on the pedals, I've managed to lose 4.75lbs! I've flown past the stone and a half mark and just edged into the 17's!! Woohoo!! :)

    I'm pretty sure most of the weight loss is the extra fluid I was carrying around in my legs, which the cycling seems to really have sorted out. I just need to work out how to deal with my extremely painful bottom now :)

    Wishing everyone a very happy Monday and a wonderful week :)

  • Hi Moreless (fabulous Fab 5'er),

    Thanks so much for your kind words - I appreciate them! :-)

    I am so excited to hear your excellent weight-loss result - wow, losing 4.75 pounds, that is amazing! Yes, you've flown past that stone and a half mark, and you've edged comfortably into the 17's - Congratulations!!!!! I can understand that you're brimming with excitement - that is pretty exciting news!!!

    It's good that you've resurrected your old exercise bike and that you've been enjoying pounding away on the pedals - great that the fluid retention in your legs has been helped by that, and I hope your soreness gets better really soon - not good to have a painful bottom, so do take it easy! I hope you're 'sitting comfortably' now.

    Hope you're feeling more settled into your new Fab 5 role, and that you have a really great day and thanks for all your help and support and for keeping the thread going along with the other Fab 5'ers whilst I'll be away. I know it's in very safe hands.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks so much Lowcal,

    Hmm.....I wonder just how long it'll be until I'm sitting comfortably. I can't understand why someone can't come up with a more suitable bike seat, I think Lucca hit the nail on the head when she suggested strapping an armchair to it :)

    I love my new role as one of the Fab 5, but wonder what the next 3 weeks will bring when you're not behind me correcting my mistakes :)

    I hope you have a smashing break :)

  • I have every confidence in you Moreless, you are great! :-)

  • Hi Moreless, you need some cycling shorts! They feel very peculiar - like you're wearing an enormous nappy! But they do protect the bottom and the lower pelvic bones β˜€οΈ

  • Thanks Fran, I was beginning to come to the same conclusion, however, I doubt they come in my size!! :D

  • What about a gel seat? And that will fit you no matter what size and they don't need to be washed as often as shorts

  • Do you mean one that goes on top of the saddle Prin?

  • There are two options - replace the saddle itself, (which usually comes with a post which fits into the bike post), with a larger surface area more padded seat - these are often made with some kind of technical gel (my boyfriend has one of these - it's a favourite among the boys!) - but also yes you can get padded saddle covers that fit over the seat - I haven't got any experience of trying these though. I'm sure some googling will help you out here, reading reviews etc. Also - last tip - your body will adjust. Maybe do more frequent but shorter sessions on the bike, slowly build up, and you will eventually feel less uncomfortable afterwards. I think the discomfort may be partly because you went in so gung ho - long sessions after years of nothing - but great results so there's compensation at least! Good luck :)

  • Thanks for your advice Ruth. I'm doing 5mins every hour, but by the end of the day, my nether regions are screaming! :(

    I'm going to order one of those gel covers and see how I get on with it. If that fails, I'll have to wait until I develop callouses on my butt! :)

  • Go you more or less - well done - I am quietly sitting here -speechless....

  • Ha Ha ! I wouldn't care about the sore bottom with that amazing weight loss ! I'm really excited to see your total km report - I bet its a great total :-) :-) Well done and keep pedalling !!

  • I'm chuffed to bits with the weight loss and the k's I've clocked up, but OMG, I'm really suffering! :)

  • Can you change the saddle on it ? On my normal bike I changed it to one of those 'womens' wider, more padded seats, and it was much better. Not sure if you can change the ones on exercise bikes though ?

  • Tbh, this bike is so ancient, I doubt if anything new would fit it, I'm thinking about those padded shorts :)

  • Fantastic result :)

  • Wow the bike sounds like an making success for you. The poorsore bottom is probably worth the endorphins . Mine lasted about four months !!

    From experience it is worth varying seat height and experimenting with leaning forward , back etc. Go you! 🚴🚴🚴

  • Thanks for the tips Gonti, I really hope it is only temporary :)

  • Afternoon Moreless

    Many congratulations on your loss of 4.75 lb that's an amazing result for 1 week. You have obviously been working really hard. Keep the pedals spinning around even if you need to strap a cushion to the saddle!

  • Thanks so much mrsg.

    I did try the cushion, but was in grave danger of toppling off! :)

  • That's brilliant news, wtg, you must be over the moon!

    I went back and re-read replies on my thread, as I tend to not take things in sometimes...I saw what you said about the bike. I had tried a bike in the past but it aggravated my back, the L4/5 disc area is my main problem and just sitting on the behind with all the weight on it seemed to be the trouble.

    Not to be deterred though, I saw something on ebay from a seller I bought huge Cosyfeet boots from (due to swelling and no footwear fitting)...I think it might be the answer for me. Those things you can sit on the sofa or a dining chair, put it in front of you and pedal your feet and lower legs round. I don't know if they have a fancy name, it was just called pedal exerciser in the title. You can also put it on the dining table and use it for your arms too apparently. I made an offer for a fiver less than asking price and it was accepted so it's now paid for and on the way in the post. I just hope I can motivate myself to use it now! Even if I only use it on good days it's better than nothing eh? Thank you for inspiring me, as you always do a great job of that xxx

  • PS It was only fifteen quid all in, so maybe one of those might help you in the interim, give your behind a break? :-)

  • It sounds like the answer to my prayers, however, I'm after getting a "real" bike and wonder if I need to harden up my backside in readiness :)

    Let me know how you get on with yours though, cos it would be fantastic if it had the same effect on your legs :)

  • No pain no gain, or should that be no pain no loss?

  • First week weigh in I think I need new scales as am struggling to believe I have lost 8lb??

    I do have to own up to the fact that the night before I started the diet I had a takeaway which probably added a couple of lbs so maybe more like a 6lb loss.

    I am wondering whether 1400 calories is enough? I have been hungry more often than not also had one migraine but that could be from the major reduction in caffeine!

  • Hi Thealley,

    What a fantastic result for your first Monday group weigh-in - 8 pounds, that is fantastic, and Congratulations! You wouldn't be the first person to enjoy a takeaway on the eve of starting, but we will take the whole 8 pounds as your loss on the scales - unless Ruth decides differently (as she's the stats woman around here).

    Have you used the NHS BMI calculator to find out how many calories you should be having? It will work it out on the basis of how active you are, and often people do get a recommendation of more calories at the beginning of their healthy eating journey. So double check with that to see if you should be having more calories. Alternatively you could use Myfitnesspal which would also give you a recommendation.

    You mentioned having a migraine, and certainly if you've been reducing caffeine then there would be some withdrawal symptoms - but double check your calorie allowance and make sure you eat to the recommendation would be my suggestion.

    Wishing you another great week ahead. Remember to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday group weigh-ins. She will post the thread before 7am. I'll hope to catch up with you when I am back for the weigh-in on 14th December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi thealley,

    An 8lb loss is an absolutely staggering amount of weight to lose in one week, although first week's do tend to show a higher than normal loss. You are certainly to be congratulated though :)

    About the 1400 calories, have you checked what your allowance should be on the NHS BMI calculator? This should tell you what your healthy weight should be and what your recommended daily calorie allowance should be too. You shouldn't really be hungry and you ideally want a nice steady weight loss.

    Hope this helps you and good luck for your second week :)

  • Good morning the Thealley what a staggering result - surely a record? πŸ‘

    Re migraines - ouch, very very brave and very wise to tackle coffee at the same time as calories. (I still haven't defeated my love of coffee). I wondered if you are having enough snacks? healthy snacks -protein plus complex carbs - would be the best way to avoid getting hungry and getting the kind of low blood sugar that feeds headaches.

    I had regular tiny snacks for about three months until my appetite shrank.

  • Morning, I weigh 13.1.5 with my waist the same which I'm happy with as I have been out and about for my birthday. A slight loss from last week so not too bad. Have a safe trip Lowcal good luck everyone.

  • Hi Marianne,

    Good morning! Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, and glad to hear you've been out and about to celebrate it. Great that you've had a slight loss from last week, as that is brilliant to lose weight at such a time. Birthdays can be challenging times!

    Many thanks for your kind words, and I'll look forward to catching up with everyone when I get back. Remember to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Mondays.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I've been off piste for a couple of,weeks to celebrate my 50th! Wow how did I get that old! Pleased to report I have stayed the same, which is great. I made a few sensible choices, a couple of fish dishes when eating out, but still had chocolates, cake, wine etc.

    So back to it this week. Cereal and semi skimmed milk for breakfast, tuna for lunch, veggie curry for tea,......

    D xx

  • ---joining the '50s ' club - is rubbish - but once in there is no looking back - and you longer have to worry about it :-). Despite all the very necessary celebrations - you have maintained -super well done :-)

    Back on the wagon - I know slightly dull - but worth it for the longer term goal. My current mantra - is healthy new me- and I love my vegetables curried or otherwise:-)

    good Luck for next week Dozzle :-)

  • Happy 50th Birthday Dozzle!!! Well done for maintaining your weight - that is great! Those sensible choices obviously paid off.

    You meals today sound tasty. I really like tuna, and I really like curry. Mmmm.... Yum.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Welcome to the 50's club, some of us have been here longer than others😜The nice thing about weight loss at our age all our peers seem to be getting bigger, and we are getting smaller!

  • 7.50am I am going to have my breakfast, but I'll be back later.

  • Greetings early birds!

    Sorry you haven't got the loss you were hoping for Lowcal - it's frustrating sometimes when you have been focused and don't get the result - hopefully it's just pending for you. Hope you have a great time on the big trip - and that other people's catering doesn't hijack your progress!

    For me it's week 8.

    11st 11lb last week. 11st 10lb this week.

    1lb down.

    Total lost so far: 12 1/2 lbs.

    Favourite bit this week: Fitted nicely in to a shirt that I wore only once before expanding out of it about 2 years ago. And I still like it!

    Aiming to lose about 2st and started at 12st 8 1/2.

    Best of luck to everyone for a healthy week.

  • Runningsoon, you are doing so well, consistent weight loss of approximately 1.5lbs/week and a pound for this week. Well done you! :)

    You're so close to that 1st stone now and then you'll be half way to your goal, keep up the good work :)

    That feeling of fitting back into your old clothes is fantastic isn't it. I did the same with a pair of jeans I hoped I'd be able to wear on a weekend away in January and they already fit now!

    We rock! :)

  • Thank you! I am loving the "opening the wardrobe and thinking - I wonder if that fits now?" bit - as so far the answer has been "yes"! But I may be avoiding the darker corners of said wardrobe...!

    Well done on your jeans!! Such a nice feeling!

  • Don't forget to clear out the big stuff and send to the charity shop!

  • you are in same ball park as me - well done:-)

  • Thanks Suzybenj! It's nice to be half way there!

  • Today I was 11 stone, 13. I have been trying to get through that number barrier for a few weeks now; so that feels really good. Also, I had been away for the weekend and had a few glasses of wine and bigger meals than I've been having (including pudding!); so really really pleased.

    Last Thursday or so, I was 11st 12 pounds, so I feel there is a bit more there.

    I will really say that the sense that I have to 'tell someone' (here) helps me make better choices and say no on occasion. The MyFitnessPal app also has helped me understand how many calories there are in some things I would have eaten without a thought, so it is true, Information is Everything.

    Thanks and good wishes to all.

  • Into the 11's Frankie! WTG you! :)

    I agree, knowledge is key, it's stops us behaving like ostriches and burying our heads in the sand and allows us to make good solid choices for our health and wellbeing.

    If you can lose weight after a lovely weekend away packed with "extras", you can definitely succeed on your weight loss journey :)

  • Hi all - I weighed in at 12 13 today - lost a 1 lb! Feels good to be in the next stone down 😊

  • Into the 12's Berylbee! WTG you!

    I agree, getting down to that next number is a fantastic feeling :)

  • Good morning Lowcal, it looks like we have both been a little indulgent this week :-) well me more than you. Your gain is minuscule compared to mine, however I am sure you can come back from this. It sounds like you have had a nice week with a couple of meals out and Sundays well they are for enjoying especially if you like a Sunday roast.... I have no doubt that this teeny weeny 0.2 pound gain will be gone in now time.

    I'm more sorry to hear that you are going to be away till 14 th Dec. I am going to miss reading your positive and supportive posts, but I hope you have a nice time mixing business with pleasure.

    Look forward to catching up when you return :-)

    Well done to everyone who has lost weight this week BIG CHEER and to those who have either maintained or gained just crack on because were all worth it.

    Have a fab time Lowcal x

    Trafford1 :-)

  • HI Trafford1,

    Thanks for your very kind words - at least you were celebrating your Birthday as an excuse though (Happy Belated Birthday!) - I didn't have anything special to celebrate, and still managed to over-indulge - but like you say it was only a very minimal gain, and hopefully it'll be off very soon.

    I'll admit to the fact that yesterday I was actually wrapping a few Christmas presents (yes, I know it's very early for doing that, but in view of my forthcoming trip I was trying to be extra organised) - but the downside to that was I discovered some little chocolate treats I should have wrapped up, but somehow 2 of them ended up on my plate with a cup of coffee alongside them to wash them down - and that was 300 calories just like that...! I ate one in the afternoon, and another in the evening...! It is notoriously difficult to avoid doing that when they are in the house - at least for me. But thankfully there's nothing more like that around to tempt me!

    Yes, we did have a Sunday roast yesterday - that's an unusual thing too - we don't often have one of those, so like you say, the calories do add up. I'm lucky I didn't gain more in those circumstances... I think I chose well during the meals out earlier in the week.

    I will miss your posts too, and I'll miss everyone in the community forum whilst I'm away. I will really look forward to catching up with everyone when I get back - normally I don't mind travelling too much, but I must admit I wish I wasn't going on a trip currently - and I will look forward to getting back on track when I get back home - I hope my weight loss goals aren't scuppered - I'll have to be extra disciplined with my strategies whilst away, and do my very best to maintain. I'll try! :-)

    Thanks so much for your supportive posts - and I hope your weigh-ins go really well - I will ensure I read them when I get back, to catch up with your progress. I'll look forward to 'speaking to you' again in December!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Morning everyone, I've lost 1.2lbs this week.

  • Well done RoundRobin, that's a great result :)

    Good luck for next week :)

  • Hi, I have managed to lose 2 lbs, now 12st 10 lbs. I have been ill, so pleased with that.

    I am going away Thursday, not back for three weeks. I will pick up this thread when I return.

    Thanks for the support.

  • So sorry to hear you've been ill lizzy, but clever you for still managing to lose 2lbs! :)

    Keep up the good work whilst you're away and we'll look forward to hearing how you got on when you return :)

  • Hey all week 3 of the weightloss went well,

    Starting weight = 123.2kg

    Week 1 = 117.8kg

    Week 2 = 116.0kg

    Week 3 = 114.6kg

    Happy with that, target of 1kg once again this week - still not started exercising yet so until I can get that started not expecting anything more than about 1kg a week

    Target is still 100kg

    "Stop making excuses if you fall down, get up dust yourself off and try again"


  • Wow NB, you're really going some. What terrific stats! 8.6kg in 3 weeks? You must be stoked!! :)

    You're certainly going for those 100kgs in a big way :)

    Good luck to your goal of 1kg a week :)

  • Yea pretty happy just gotta keep sticking to correct portion size and hopefully start exercise at some point too - gonna run the Edinburgh Half Marathon in May so least that's something to aim for

  • So you're going straight from no exercise to running a half marathon? You're brave! WTG you! :)

    All the best with that :)

  • It's not that bad I've always enjoyed running just getting the time to do it now with a 16month old - I'm going to start again in the next week or 2 - does anyone else want to run the Edinburgh Half with me?

  • Good morning Lowcal - I don't know if 0.2lb even counts as a gain, a mere fluctuation! Hopefully it will balance itself out again quickly enough, and I hope you'll continue to manage your eating/exercise while away. I think you're definitely in with a chance to see the 12s before Christmas. Keep believing it's possible :)

    I've had a proper gain this week - 2lb - to 10st4! I'm still within my maintaining range of 10st0-10st7 but of course I'm not going to be complacent. I did lots of exercise last week but also ate out twice, had something to drink nearly every evening - even if small, this all adds up. So this week I will watch things a little more closely to make sure I'm being sensible, and will also aim to keep up the exercise which was a big achievement for me last week :)

  • I think you're doing a fantastic job Ruth and I'm chuffed for you that you managed to keep up the exercise, which I know was a really important thing for you.

    I'm sure you'll manage to keep within your maintenance range this week too :)

  • it looks like your weight is sticking a bit.

    But you have done so well for so long,

    and you have been such an inspiration to so many,

    your comments are always kind and supportive.

    you have helped so many on our weightlose journey.

    please keep up with all your words of wisdom.

    Don't forget to keep some for yourself.

    I've stayed the same weight, so I'm maintaining,

    funny I still feel fat, but every body tell me how slim I'm looking, so i will have to get my

    head around it.

    I would like to get under 9 stone 7.

    but if not I can live with 9 stone 11.

  • Well done for maintaining kitkat, so much better than a gain.

    Please listen to and believe your friends and family, when they tell you how slim you're looking. I've managed to sabotage weight loss in the past, by still having my "fat" head on. If you always think of yourself as fat, you never appreciate the times that you're slim and therefore have nothing that's worth holding on to.

    You are a gorgeous, slim person , whether you're 9st 11lbs, or 9st 7lb :)

    Best of luck for next week :)

  • Hi KitKat34,

    I was touched by your very kind words, many thanks. :-)

    I also want to say that I relate very much to what you said about still perceiving your body image to be larger than you actually are - I feel exactly the same. I hear friend's comments that say 'You're so slim" or 'You're disappearing, there'll be nothing of you left soon" - and I respond in my head with the thought, "But I still feel 'big'" - I think it's going to take a while to adjust to being slimmer in terms of allowing our head to catch up with our actual body size.

    Thankfully I do have other friends who assure me that I'm not getting 'too thin' - which is useful feedback, as otherwise I would be considering whether I might have body dysmorphia - but I know that's not the case. I also think that being taller (as I'm 6 feet 1 inch) makes me feel 'bigger' - and I know that I am bigger than the average size woman generally, so hence I continue to feel larger.

    I hope this is making some sense, as I think I am waffling on now.

    Kitkat, I just wanted to express that I do relate to what you're saying in your post. I wish you success at achieving your goal, but it's good to know that you're feeling 'good' about being your current weight - you've done so well.

    Look forward to catching up with you when I get back. Remember to look out for Prin's posts in the meantime.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Morning Lowcal, morning Fab5ers. I think you should congratulate yourself Lowcal - a 0.2 lb gain shows you obviously stuck to your guns and made good choices when eating out - great willpower. I hope you will have a really good couple of weeks away, might just have chance to catch up with you on 14th Dec. before I'm off for 2 weeks.

    Great losses Lucca, Candy, Moreless, Suzybenj and everyone else.

    Last week I weighed 17.2.0, this morning I'm 17.00.6 - licensed to slim - lol!

    Very happy with a 1.5 lb loss - the tweaks I've made to my diet appear to have worked, because the exercise has been a bit lacking due to the weather and work. Fingers crossed for getting below 17 this week.

    Have a great week all.

  • Yay Jigglypuff! Great result, your tweaking has definitely paid off :)

    I've got everything crossed for you getting into the 16's by next weigh-in :)

  • Thanks moreless. So, so hoping I'll do it!

  • LOL :-) 006 :-)

  • Hi Jigglypuff_62,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, I hope I'll catch you on 14th December before you disappear off on your travels - you're doing excellently - Congratulations on your 1.5 pound loss this week. Licensed to slim - I love it!!! :-)

    I'm sure you'll be celebrating being in the 16's very soon!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well after a rubbish week with food I've still managed to lose 0.4kg! Although not amazing it's something- I'm sure my exercising this week is the only thing which has led to that loss- I will be cracking down again and I have planned all my food for the week :)

    Bring it on!

  • Every loss is to be celebrated Wood, no matter how small it seems to be, because it proves that no matter how badly you think you may have been eating, it definitely isn't as bad as it was in the past :)

    Just think how much you'll lose this week after your crack down :)

  • Hi Lowcal, well done for showing such a minuscule increase, despite eating out during the week :)

    I'm relieved to be able to say that I weighed in at 195.25 first thing this morning, although I know I shall gain a little before the evening. This is a .75 lb loss over the week. At one point during the week, I was up 1.75 lb :)

    My trend continues downwards, although it does seem to be tapering off, and is something I'm going to have to watch over the coming month.

    I've got a heavy week this week, child minding again, and so am in the process of cooking all of my meals for the week, in advance. This will free up time during the week and allow me to take the little angels out :) , it will also help me control my calorie intake for the week, so next Monday should see a far better result.

  • Hi Tewson,

    I'm so impressed with the way that you're managing your weight loss journey. I'm sure you should write a book to help out would be "losers". You have completely nailed the organisation required, the psychological mind set and of course the culinary expertise :)

    I'm completely in awe of you, considering that this is your first and only attempt at losing weight. WTG you!

    Congrats on the .75lb loss this week and don't worry about the fluctuations, my weight fluctuates wildly throughout the day and the week, as long as you see a general downward trend, that's all that matters.

    Good luck with the little angels and the weight loss this week :)

  • TBH I'm more worried about the 200 plus pounds I lost going in a shoe shop with my wife over the weekend :D

    I'm not one of life's born shoppers.

    Still, she's happy, so who cares :D

    Have a great day Lowcal :)

  • Hi Tewson,

    You made me laugh when you mentioned being worried about the 200 plus pounds you lost in the shoe shop! :-)

    You're doing really well, and I agree with Moreless that your pre-planning is inspiring. I read the post where you mentioned your rice portions etc, and that was amazing.

    Wishing you a great week, and look forward to catching up with you when I get back in December - make sure you look out for Prin's posts for the next 3 Mondays.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done everyone. Xx

  • Hi Aqua_Marine (person with the lovely very cool blue name),

    Thanks for your encouragement to us all.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi everyone. I am biting the bullet the bullet today for my starting weigh in! I am a horrific 17 st 1lb but you know what - so what ! This is the first day of a new future. Good luck everyone! Onwards and upwards - or should I say, downwards! 🌞

  • Hi and welcome Pottypud,

    Well done you for biting the bullet and 17st 1lb isn't horrific ( I'm a whisker under 18st after 10 weeks), it's your starting point and a place you'll never be again :)

    I love your positivity and that'll carry you on your weight loss journey.

    Onwards and downwards indeed :)

  • 15,9 today! End of week 7 and finally down to single figures (for my first unwanted stone anyway). Lose of 2lbs this week and 11lbs in total. I've found things a lot easier this week, mostly because I still feel a bit concious of what I eat in front of my housemate so packing in more veggies than normal and avoiding snacking for the most part. Anyway, I'm pleased to be heading back into new territory again. Congrats to those of you who have lost the week and for those who didn't, I've learned that reversing the trend isn't as hard as you might think, so keep going!!

  • Great going Garfield, you're definitely showing us that it's possible to reverse the trend, by losing 2lbs this week for a total of 11lbs :) Only 3lbs to go for that first stone! :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks moreless. It worries me a bit that at week seven I still need to be guilt-tripped into eating properly. I'm not sure that it will ever come naturally to me but perhaps I just need to get used to that...

  • You're chatting to the world's worse secret eater! In my addled brain I'm convinced that people will think I've always lived on healthy salads and the like, even though I stand before them 8st overweight! If I'd surrounded myself with strangers at all times, I would never have become overweight.

    My advice to you is never learn to eat rubbish in front of your housemate. Make your behaviour now your new norm :)

  • You have no idea how much that made me smile! You're so spot on it's scary. One week at a time - that's all anyone can ask.

  • Good morning Lowcal and everyone posting today.

    Lowcal, it is so easy to gain a bit between sat night and Monday morning, I hope that tiny gain is reversed quite soon.

    Week 25!!

    Last week - 91.7 the last of three weeks of gaining small amounts

    This week- 90.5 whew 😏

    I recovered from the asthma/ head cold combo πŸ˜€and I also abandoned my feeble effort to cut carbs, that eating plan is just not right for me. No alcohol November and the low-no salt experiments are however successful, although I am eating lots of (home grown) chillies ! I grew chillies in bulk so I could give people dried chilliest for Christmas presents but that is definitely not going to happen!!!

    Have a good week everyone. πŸ’

  • Hi Gonti,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Congratulations to you for losing 1.2 kilos this week, that is amazing!!! :-)

    I'm so glad you've recovered from the asthma/head cold combo, that must have been really debilitating and horrible. Glad that your Dry November and low-no salt experiments have proved successful, and glad you've found an eating plan that suits you - i.e. that you prefer more carbs as part of your balanced eating plan. Complex carbs are so delicious in my opinion, and I would hate to cut them out or reduce them, as they really make my meals feel complete and give me much needed nutrients.

    Wow, home-grown chillies, that is fantastic! They are so delicious and really make meals taste good, in my opinion. All a matter of personal taste of course, but I really love them. That's why I liked another posters name so much (Jalapenolover) - a great name!

    Wishing you another great week ahead, and look forward to catching up with you when I get back. Remember to look out for Prin's posts in the meantime.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, have a great trip. Will miss your lovely posts but glad to know your getting away. Enjoy!

  • Well done Gonti for stopping the trend of gaining a little each week, by managing to lose 1.2kgs :)

    Glad you're now feeling well and have settled on an eating plan that suits you, although I hope you've got plenty of sugar free breath mints to counteract the effect of all those chillies! ;)

    Good luck for this next week :)

  • I feel so much more capable of doing this now! Sadly, what seemingly takes 5 minutes to put on, takes months to take back off again! If only we had the benefit of hinde sight - we wouldn't need to be here at all. But it HAS happened, so now I deal with it and with the support of these boards, it is do-able!

  • Exactly! We're all in the same boat and together we'll all achieve our goals :)

  • Hi Pottypud,

    I'm so glad you joined us for the Monday weigh-in thread. It's great that you're feeling so positive and capable of doing this - that is a great mind-frame to have.

    You can do it, it is do-able!

    Wishing you success with your goals, and will look forward to catching up with you when I am back in December.

    Please remember to look out for Prin's name at the next 3 Monday weigh-ins, as she will post it before 7am.

    Good luck!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you very much Lowcal , I hope you have a good time whilst away and when you return you will see that tiny bit vanish and hopefullly more on your journey , sometimes a change is as good a rest !! :-)

    Take care and will definitely look out for Prins post

    Thank you again for support yesterday as well x

  • Thanks so much Midnight-Munchie,

    I managed to find your reply - I noticed you said it had popped up higher in the thread, and here it is! :-)

    I would be thrilled if I could lose some weight whilst away - you never know - like you say 'a change is as good as a rest'.

    Thanks for your kind words. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Morning all. Lowcal, that is minimal and probably be gone by the end of the day. I hope your trip goes well.

    i have lost 1lb this week, disappointed not more as had a good week and some days just soup following dental work again! The last half a stone or so to get to a healthy bmi is proving very slow and difficult! Also 2nd week of no alcohol! I had a gym review this week, but still not sure if knees are up to it, I will give it a go and see.

    Any tips people on shifting weight towards end of goal? Very aware xmas is coming when will put on some.

    Hope we all have a healthy week.

  • Hi Vickster5,

    Many thanks for your very kind words. :-)

    Congratulations to you for losing 1 pound this week, that is really great. I know you expressed that you are a bit disappointed that it's not more than that, as you've had a good week, and managed to cope with more dental work (but enjoyed some soups as a result). Well done for coping with the second week of no alcohol too. I hope you're finding that ok so far.

    Good luck with your gym review later in the week, and I hope your knees cope with it. Be careful - your knees are important.

    You've asked for tips on shifting weight towards the end of goal, especially around Christmas and all its challenges. I would say that Ruth's suggestion to keep positive and believe you can achieve it would help - but I won't say it's easy - it's incredibly challenging to shift the last few pounds - I have been trying to shift my remaining pounds for about 2 years now - and I only briefly got into the 12's at one point last year, and I'm trying again now.

    Hence I'd say it's tough! But as long as you keep maintaining the weight within a range, and continue to work at shifting your last pounds, then you won't end up putting the weight back on - i.e. you can avoid 'yo-yo dieting' - I've done that in the past, and it's very easy to do - but eating healthily and sustainably will help you keep off your excess weight, and hopefully achieve your goal with continued persistence. Hopefully some of the current maintainers will give you some pointers - as they have achieved their goal weights.

    I'll look forward to catching up with you in December, and in the meantime, keep weighing-in - Prin will be here for the next 3 threads alongside the other Fab 5'ers - and good luck! You are doing really really well. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Vickster,

    I think a 1lb loss is very respectable, especially considering you are so near your healthy BMI.

    Sorry to hear you've been having more dental work, the thought puts shivers down my spine! :(

    Good luck with your gym review, but please take care of your knees.

    I'm nowhere near the end of my weight loss journey, but I wonder if it's worth trying to give your eating plan a bit of a jiggle. I know some people try reducing their carbs, or eating them at a different time of the day. I'm sure someone who's at the same stage of their journey will be able to give you some great pointers.

    Good luck this week :)

  • Hi vickster- well done on the no alcohol. I am doing a dry November- and have been astounded at how slowly the weight is coming off. However I have had to remind myself- slow loss is better than no loss. Also that little sum- that lose a pound a week you need to drop 3500 calories a week!!!

    Lastly I think it does your body good to mix things up. If I stall- I go back to as little processed food as poss. Chunky veg soup(processedi know!) and veg salad of a handful of quinoa with finely chopped spring onions, peppers a carrot and black olives - supplemented with a bit protein. V healthy. You

    Hang in there u are doing brilliantly:-)

  • Thanks loads, and you! Good luck with no alcohol, sure our livers are benefiting if nothing else!

  • Week 4 Weigh-in: 101.1kgs today. Last week I was 101.2kgs so that is a loss of 100g or 0.2lbs!

    I stepped on the scales this morning with little trepidation knowing whatever the outcome that I had tried my best. I have to say I certainly was not expecting to have lost anything so -100g is just marvellous.

    I had a really lovely weekend with my sister. Enjoyed the High Tea with no guilt or stress at all. As suggested by wise gal LowCal I made it my main meal of the day but then tried to make good choices the rest of the time.

    The best part was getting my sister to start c25k. After we had done day1 week 1 together she admitted to me that since I had told her of my intention to do it with her and for her to download the podcasts from the NHS website before I arrived she had been worrying that she would not be able to keep up and embarrass herself, but now having done the first podcast she could not believe that she had managed to jog for 8 minutes! I was so pleased for her.

    All in all a very good weekend.

    Lowcal, a gain of 0.2lbs (my loss is your gain - hee hee - sorry) is not so very much considering how busy you were. We will miss you while you are away.

    Have a great week everyone

  • Hi SVR,

    Well I'm very glad to hear that all the pre weekend with sister, complete with high tea angst was for nothing and that in fact it turned into a real positive. A 100g loss and a couch 2 5K buddy. WTG you! :)

    This week should be a breeze :)

  • Hi SVR28,

    It's brilliant to hear how well you coped with your weekend away with your sister. You've done so well. Losing 100g is fantastic, as a weekend away can often lead to weight gain - so to have lost is really great! Well done for making good choices and it sounds like you enjoyed your time away, which is the main thing! Like you say, a 'very good weekend'.

    Ha ha @ your joke about 'my loss is your gain' - how true! Glad we're here as a group to help take the strain of the blips and bumps that get in our way sometimes, and I'm so glad you're able to take my gain away for the stats! Thank you!!! :-)

    I'll miss you all too - I really mean that. I've been part of this community for almost 3 years, and I feel like I've got to know you all - and so to be away for 3 weeks feels like I'm going to miss some good friends, so it will be exciting to come back and find out how everyone has been getting on - and of course, you'll help me to keep 'on track' and not over-eat whilst I'm away (so I'm very grateful to everyone for that!).

    What is also very inspiring about your post, is the fact that you and your sister are doing the C25K, and that you succeeded in encouraging her to do it. How great is that?

    Anyway, look out for Prin's posts for the next 3 Mondays, and I'll look forward to catching up with you on 14th December. I'll be back to post the thread that day, and will be excited to see how everyone has got on. (Hopefully I'll be nearer the 12's and not the 14's!!! and you'll be continuing with your great progress! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • well done for having ur high tea and still losing! you done well to get through that weekend of so many temptations!

  • Well done SVR :-) i'm so glad you managed to find a way to cope with your weekend and still enjoy yourself :-)

  • Sisters are ace, I feel her pain about not being able to keep up, my sister nearly killed me on a New Years day five miler - we'll run at your pace she said - yeah right!

  • 0.2lbs isn't too much at least!

    enjoy your trip!

    I have lost 1lb this week (now 13.12!) which isn't great but had the flu over the weekend so its fair enough and also had a business trip this week which involved eating out :(

  • Hi Hydrogirl,

    Thank you! :-)

    Congratulations to you for losing 1 pound this week. I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering with flu over the weekend, and I really hope you feel better soon.

    I think you've done really well to cope with that eating out on your business trip and that you still managed to lose weight - that is really inspiring.

    Well done!

    Wishing you another great week ahead, and hope you feel much better as the week goes on.

    Remember to look out for Prin's posts for the next 3 weeks, and I'll look forward to reading your progress when I get back in December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lowcal - ive just realised ur not back till the 14th of dec and I leave on the 10th of dec - so have a great 3 weeks holiday and a lovely xmas break! ill see u in Jan! (when we all get to start again and work off our xmas gains lol)

  • Hi Hydrogirl,

    Yes, wishing you a Very Happy Christmas, as our paths won't cross again till after that. We'll be able to set New Year Resolutions by then, and no doubt as usual, mine will include a Weight related resolution...! :-) Hope you enjoy your break.

    Let's hope our Christmas gains are miniscule! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hey Lowcal - sorry to hear you gained this week.

    I also gained 1 1/2 lbs. Cannot seem to get back into 15s. I have reluctantly signed up again with MFP. I hate calorie counting - end up obsessing about food and weighing everything. But don't know what else to do to get me moving again?


  • Aww Lizzie, sorry you've had a gain and feel that the only way back is to go back to calorie counting. Would it help you to bulk cook, calculate the calories, write them on the containers, then freeze. At least you'll only have to do the calculations once and not for every single meal, if that makes sense?

    All the very best of luck for this coming week :)

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Sorry to hear you've gained 1.5 pounds this week, and that you're struggling to get back into the 15's at the moment. That is frustrating, and I can 'hear' your frustration about that, and can completely understand it, as you have been working hard.

    I think it's possible that your body might be hanging onto your weight a bit - mainly because you've had a few stressful things to contend with (I'm referring to some of your previous posts - going through the adoption process would have been potentially stressful, even though thankfully you have had a really positive outcome with regard to that; and your recent weekend visiting family etc sounded relatively stressful - hope you don't mind my mentioning those things, but you spoke about them in your posts, and I do think they could contribute) - stress hormones tend to reap a bit of havoc on our attempts to lose weight, and I would recommend sticking with things, and riding it out - hopefully you will see results on the scales if you stick with it. Going back to MFP could help - but I know you are feeling reluctant about that, so only do that if you think you're going over on your portion sizes etc - it might help, so worth experimenting for a week and see how it goes.

    You are also doing lots of walking - in the kicking the Kms challenge, and maybe your muscles are building up and causing a bit of water retention from all that exercise?

    These are just a few contributing factors that might be implicated in your 1.5 pound gain, so hope you're not too disheartened, and hope you'll continue to focus, because you will get there! I feel sure of it! :-)

    I shall pop over to the Km challenge post later today - looking forward to reading that post - it is very inspiring!

    Anyway, hope you have a great week ahead. Prin will be posting the next 3 Mondays, so I'll catch up with you when I'm back on 14th December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. Of course I don't mind you mentioning my other posts. I agree that my stress hormones do play havoc with both my healthy eating habits and weight loss. It's so frustrating though!!!

    Need to make some pledges this week and stick to them. Cannot let stress get the better of me πŸ˜ƒ

  • Ive managed to lost 4lb! this is my first week so it probably a fluke to lose so much but I am so chuffed!!

  • Woohoo!! WTG you Dani!! :)

    I'm thrilled for you :)

    Best of luck for this week too :)

  • Thank you moreless x

  • Hi Dani_Uk61,

    4 pounds lost in your first week is great. People often lose more water weight in the first week of a healthy eating plan, so it is often a larger number on the scales than in later weeks, but it is a fantastic start!!! Really well done. :-)

    Wishing you another great week ahead. Please look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Mondays, as she will be posting the thread for those weeks - and she'll do that before 7am, so it should be easy to find. Alternatively you could click 'follow' after Prin's name, and then you'd be automatically notified when she posts it.

    Good luck, and hope to catch up with you when I get back in December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • 10.15am I'm going out for a bit, but I'll be back later.

  • Week 3 weigh in and I weigh the same as the day I started next week will be different I will have lost

  • As long as you keep that positive mind set Bonni, you'll achieve your goals :)

  • I have learnt loads from this page

    Thank you all

    This week it's my party on Friday so

    I'm being good to then

    Then being as best as I can on Saturday then Sunday being healthy

  • Hi Bonni1,

    Enjoy your party on Friday. Is that a Birthday party? If so, wishing you a Very Happy Birthday for then!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you yes it's my first birthday party out of 3 ha ha my birthday is no to next sat thanks

  • Hello everybody

    My weight loss this week is 2.2 lbs, or 1kg so I am down to 74.2 kgs.

    I feel good about this, as I weighed myself the day before (in the middle of the day, after a big dinner out at my friend's place) and ended up depressed and sad as the scales showed no loss. Obviously, it is very different weighing yourself first thing in the morning.

    I had a great week, with lots of exercise, and I was feeling great eating less and getting more energy and better mood all-around.

    After a good week, I had a turbulent weekend. After the local parkrun, my husband seemed un-supportive, and then later on, he completely dis-regarded something important I was saying about my exercise and weight-loss experience. We rowed. On Saturday evening we went to a friend's place for dinner. This friend is a great cook, and we hadn't seen them for a while, the food was delicious so I found it hard to control calories, due to peer pressure and from the desire to relax with my friends. On Sunday, my husband finally realised (after we both weighed ourselves and him reading the stats) that it was me who was over-weight (and not him as he thought) and he finally put all his support in me. He is wonderfully supportive and kind person, but sometimes he is a bit slow to realise a few things. So the weekend was an emotional roller-coaster, but I am hoping he finally understands where I am at, and I will not be alone in this.

    I also found out that last week I just drunk too much wine in the evening. We have stressful time trying to raise our little son, and coping with work pressures, and few glasses of wine in the evening come as a welcome relief. However, it just doesn't work with my determination to lose weight. So I will cut that down to 2 glasses this week.

    So, ups and downs for me. The weight is down, but mood is up and down. This journey is challenging.

    Thank you for fab 5 and also to Ruthcanalrunner for her really insipiring post on weight maintenance.

    Good luck to everybody xx

  • Hi Merendina,

    Considering the ups and down in your week, your 2.2lb weight loss is remarkable! :)

    You've discovered a lot of things this week:

    1. Weight fluctuates dramatically day to day and even through the day.

    2. Alcohol consumption can severely hinder weight loss.

    3. Never under-estimate peer pressure.

    4. Sometimes our nearest and dearest aren't quite as much on our wavelength as we like to think.

    5. Always be on the lookout for inspiration from others.

    These are lessons well learned and should stand you in good stead for the rest of your journey.

    I take it your profile picture is what you're aiming for, so all the best of luck for that :)

  • haha- yes, you guessed correctly, this image is my fantasy self and what I am aiming to look like. It looks nice, doesnt it?

  • I'm sure you'll get there :)

  • Wow, I was working from the end of the thread upwards, and saw this unexpected figure here - it's you Merendina! - great to see you!!! I see Moreless has already responded to your post, but just to say Congratulations on your 2.2 pound loss (1kg), and looks like you'll be achieving your fantasy self in no time.

    Remember to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday weigh-ins. Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back in mid December.

    Well done!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, Lowcal, and have a lovely time away. You have been very supportive and made a real difference in my efforts. xx

  • After a good start to the week things went a bit downhill from Thursday onwards. Attended a bread making demonstration at the local deli, accompanied by little cheesy bites, pizza slices and wine. Also a couple of loaves to take home with two tea cakes which I had to have with butter (I only had one!) Friday not too bad but went to Leeds on the Saturday morning. Lunch was a ham sandwich from MandS and didn't eat evening meal until about 9pm which was a steak and ale pie with mash at Brown's. However prior to that had 3/4 glasses of champagne. (We had been invited to the afternoon dress rehearsal of the new musical The Girls). I tried to redeem myself on Sunday morning when I ran the Leeds 10k abbey dash. Three mouthfuls of a hot dog, a kitktat on Leeds station as I was so hungry and then home for roast pork dinner. After all that I lost 1lb which I am pleased with. Slow and steady does it.

  • Hi Nellieg,

    Glad to hear you had a good start to the week, although I know you felt it went a bit downhill from Thursday onwards. The bread making demonstration at your local Deli sounded fun - and I can imagine you enjoyed those little cheesy bites, pizza slices and wine.

    Wow, how exciting that you saw the Dress Rehearsal of the new musical 'The Girls" - I bet that was exciting to watch.

    Congratulations for running the Leeds 10K Abbey Dash - that is really great!

    I think it's brilliant that you've lost 1 pound this week, many Congratulations!

    That's a great amount of weight to lose in a week, and I wish you success in the coming weeks at a steady progress - I'll look forward to catching up on your progress when I get back from my trip away, and in the meantime, please look out for Prin's name, as she will be posting the Monday group weigh-in thread for the next 3 Mondays (she's a star!) and the lovely Fab 5 Team will be here to respond to all posts. They are amazing! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hello everyone , congratulations on all the fantastic losses above and I hope any little gains come off quickly this week , it`s a really hard time of the year to keep on track and with all the forthcoming celebrations and meals etc it makes it doubly hard!

    I am amazed that by some unfathomable luck despite my worry I lost a pound, I am so,so pleased with this ,after my scales at home being so unpredictable I use the gym electronic scales and when my little ticket came out saying 17.8 I felt so delighted!! :-)

    Good luck this week everyone ,I really hope everyone has a great week :-)

  • Hi Midnight-Munchie,

    Yes, I agree with you that it's a challenging time of year from the point of view of forthcoming celebrations and meals - but hopefully we'll get through it!

    So glad to hear you lost a pound, as I know you were worrying a bit about it. Congratulations on that 1 pound loss, that is fantastic!!!! Great that you're feeling deservedly delighted.

    Wishing you another great week ahead, and I'll look forward to catching up with you in mid December - and in the meantime, look out for Prin's name as she'll be posting the next 3 Monday's weigh-ins.

    Lowcal :-)

  • OOPS i replied above somewhere thank you Lowcal my computer keeps jumping my posts up and down so replied up higher without realizing until I posted!!! :-) :-) :-)

  • Well done lowcal on your very small gain espescially at this time of the year. Last week my weight was 16st 5lb 6ozs this week my weight is 16st 4lb exactly I'm happy with that and i feel getting just under 16 for xmas is more likely, good luck everyone x

  • Hi Rosie-2015,

    Thank you! :-)

    Congratulations to you for losing 1.6 pounds this week, that is fantastic!!! :-) You're well on track for achieving your goal to be in the 15's for Xmas, and I hope you have another great week ahead.

    Do look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday group weigh-ins, as she will be posting the thread before 7am in my absence, and I'll look forward to catching up with you when I'm back on 14th December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • 12.15pm Off for my lunch, and will be back later. :-)

  • Hi.I seem to be going around in circles.I lost 2 pounds and then put them back on .Have eaten out twice .Have a painful back ,so confess to not doing much in the way of exercise. I put it back on a lot quicker than it takes to lose it !!!!.Hope you have a good holiday .πŸ˜€

  • :-( the dieters lament- so slow to lose so quick to gain. I fully sympathise - I reckon with all my revolving door ups and downs - I have lost probably three stone:-) only latterly have I seen a proper loss - but I can't take my eye off it for a second:-)

    Poor u and your back - not easy- try to maintain as a minimum- eventually you will turn a corner:-)

  • Morning Lowcal, Fab5 and everyone

    I wouldn't worry about your miniscule gain Lowcal, it's not even a 1/4 lb. I know that you had 2 meals out last week and you say that you ate a little more than you planned yesterday, I believe that to maintain your weight is a good result.

    Have a good trip away, you say it's a mixture of business/pleasure enjoy yourself. I think your goal of maintaining your weight during the next 3 weeks sounds realistic and I wish you the best of luck in getting in to the 12's for Christmas with your focus and dedication you very much deserve it.

    I'm back to work today after a very enjoyable spa break and I'm delighted to be reporting a loss of 3 lb. I am now at the lightest weight since I joined the forum and am just 1 lb short of losing my first stone. I realise that it's possibly a tad unrealistic to expect to lose weight this week but I'm setting myself a target of 1.5 lb. Exercise goals this week: 1 pilates class, 1 kettlebell session and 1 cross-trainer session. I'm on a shopping trip for the day on Sunday which will undoubtedly be a full day of walking which will boost my activity for the week.

    Have a good trip Lowcal, and I hope that everyone has a good week.

  • Go mrsg3- all sounds like going in right direction for you- ie - downwards. That first stone loss will be schmazing- go for it:-)

    And all that excersise - I am very envious.

    Everything crossed for next week:-)

  • Thank you so much Suzybenj

    I'm fairly sure that 3 lb is the most that I have lost in a week since I began this journey so I'm really thrilled.

    The exercise didn't quite go to plan last week but pilates on a Monday starts the week off on the right foot. Hubby's away this week for a night so the exercise will keep me entertained.

    You are doing so well with the dry November, I have thought about having a dry month a number of times but thinking about it is as far as I've got! I hope you have a good week and that the scales are kind on Monday.

  • Still losing... 3/4 lb this week - that's just 2 3/4 lb away from my stone marker. Good luck to everyone weighing in today - hope you're all looking and feeling fabulous!

  • Jane-well done- not far now til a stone loss -that feels like a magic number- v satisfactory:-)

  • Hi Lowcal, I think you did really well with that small gain considering you ate out...we know it will be gone again in no time. I hope you manage to enjoy a good chunk of your time away, you will be missed!

    Lost a quarter of a pound this week, not much but I'm pretty pleased as this past week has been all over the place emotionally, and it's not a gain, so it's still going in the right direction overall. The scales just don't want me to have the satisfaction of saying "I lost a stone and a half", or so I reckon...just a quarter pound away from being able to say it and mother nature looming so expecting a gain next Monday. Oh well, that's life...maybe I'll get to say it some time before Christmas!

    Here's to a good week next week for all eh? xx

  • Hang in there WW- you will get there. So tantalisingly close:-) I just try not to gain when life and Mother Nature intervenes.

    Fingers crossed for next week- you have done so well:-)

  • Don't you worry WW, I've paged the oracle and it's a definite that you'll see that stone and a half loss by Christmas :) in fact it's more likely to be 2st :)

  • Sorry you've gained. But if you've only gained a small amount eating out a couple of times, you must have been really good the rest of the time?! Someone did say to me once a week is made up of 21 meals, so a naughty one is fine if the others are careful! This week, I downloaded myfitnesspal and have recorded everything in it. It's database is superb and knows everything and I love the barcode bit. My boss has had to show me what to do to add in exercise and write in my weight weekly, so he's been fab! Anyway I'm 10 13 8, which is 1.4 pounds lost. Am dead happy. Adding my exercise has really made me aware of what I'm eating and I have been exercising to keep me within or near my target. What an app!

  • Excellent progress - nothing like a weight loss to get those positive motivating vibes flowing:-) good luck for next week.

    Ps if you want some other 'toys' to play with- on NFP- I also record bmi and vital statistic measurements. For good luck I also keep an eye on 5 and 10 percent of total weight loss. Not to mention the stone milestones too:-). Looking fwd to reporting 5% loss next week:-)

  • Cor - I've been blinded by science. How do I do things like bmi and vital statistics?

  • :-) On MFP-you can add other measurements other than weight- so waist hips chest. Bmi - go to nhs bmi calculator:-)

    All distraction from thinking about food:-)

  • This week 86kg last week it was 86.1 kg. Only 100 gm lost bcz here celebrating DEEPAWALI in india so time for sweets . thats why not too much weight loss but now returning to LCHF .

  • Hi Gsr1970,

    I hope you are enjoying celebrating Deepawali over there in India, and well done for having such a minimal gain of 100gm in such circumstances.

    Wishing you a great week ahead, and look out for Prin's name for the next 3 weeks as Prin will be posting the Monday weigh-in group post whilst I'm away.

    Look forward to catching up on your progress when I get back, and in the meantime wishing you success with your weight loss goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Thanks for encouraging. I will surely update on next monday to prin. I appreciate your dedicated and Valuable efforts for all of us.


  • i feel quite pressured to behave my self and lose some weight - this is a good thing

  • Hey everyone, well done to everyone who lost and we'll done to all that didn't but still weighed and posted... very easy to skip the week when you are not expecting good news πŸ˜‰

    Week 1 last week and I did so much better than I have in about 4 years, stuck to sensible eating and increased activity and lost 2 pounds πŸ‘ xx

  • Hi Sarah_L17,

    Congratulations on losing 2 pounds, that's really great! You stuck to sensible eating and you increased your activity, and you've seen some great results. That's fantastic!

    Yes, it's definitely better to post even on weeks when there have been some gains, as it helps to keep ourselves accountable and keep us on track to our objectives. I think you're right to say well done to those who still weigh and post in such circumstances - including myself with my slight gain - I would have definitely preferred to report a loss...! :-)

    Glad that you can report such a great loss, and hope you have more good weeks ahead. Remember that Prin will be posting the next 3 weeks of Monday weigh-in posts. Catch up with you in December, when I'm back.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good Afternoon Lowcal,

    Considering you enjoyed a couple of meals out I think your result today is good. When you return from your travels you can concentrate on preparing for the Christmas feast!

    I managed to shed 2lbs this week, I knew I would be going out on Saturday for a big meal with lots of red wine so I was very careful with my food choices last week and that seems to have paid off.

    I would like to lose at least 7lbs before Christmas so hopefully by the time you return to us I will be well on my way to that target.

    Have a good trip, stay safe.

  • Hi Jenever,

    Thanks so much. :-)

    It's great to hear that you've lost 2 pounds this week, many Congratulations! You did really well to cope with your meal out on Saturday and that big meal with lots of red wine, and you must have made some really good food choices last week to achieve that balance. Well done!

    I'm sure you will be well on your way towards your goal of losing 7 pounds before Christmas, and I will look forward to catching up with your progress when I get back.

    Prin will be posting next week, and till I get back.

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I just saw that it's your Birthday today!!! Hope you're enjoying your day! :-)

  • Good result :-)

    I will join you on the 7pound quest - that will take me to a stone loss - wowee.

    Wishing us both good luck for next week

  • Aww I am sorry for your gain today but yes I can see how it is actually a good feat to have taken only that amount with a few meals out!

    I am going to miss you for three weeks although I know Prin and the rest of the team will do a great job :)

    Ok so for me AGAIN I have lost 100 grams only! I was weighing 80.7 last week and this morning I was weighing 80.6kg. I am glad Moreless had told me I might be going through a cycle of big losses and lesser losses otherwise I would have become mad right now as this week was actually a very good week in terms of food intake, balance between carbs and fat (i.e much more fat and very little carbs), sports, everything. So.... here I am hoping for a greater loss this week to end up my 12th week!!! I am so excited about this journey. I really recommended everyone to ALSO measure their waist and hips etc. I did not (even though it is part of the plan, I know!!) as I felt it was useless, but now I can really see my underwear being loose, my clothes feeling big and my legs becoming thinner but I have nothing to go on to measure the changes, boooo!! I can just tell I am much thinner. After all I am only a couple of pounds away from losing 10kg so I am glad it shows!!

    I am due week 9 run 3 today or some time this week. I am sad I did not manage to finish within actual 9 weeks but some days I just cannot fit the runs due to other things :(. That is going to be a great achievement too for me!!!

    Hope everyone else doing ok!! Thank you so much for the thread I feel I have benefitted a lot from it thank you so much !!!

  • i feel a new xmas outfit coming on.......

  • Hi Nussaybah - hope you finished c25k on a high this week! I also took slightly longer than 9 weeks - but getting to the end, and then keeping going long term is what counts. Lots of luck :)

  • I did finish and have my "graduate" badge showing up when I post in the other community!! Well chuffed about that!! I am glad I had been advised by other runners that I did not need to repeat a week if I had left more days in between runs!! And indeed I did notice my body had adjusted to the effort over the 9 weeks! Thanks a lot for your support!

  • Hi Nussaybah,

    Your post is extremely motivating. You are so close to having lost a total of 10kgs, and you've lost 100 grams this week - and noticed that your clothes and underwear are feeling much looser. Maybe you could take your measurements of your hips and waist now, and then be able to track further changes in these - it is evident that those measurements will have changed for the better. Well done!!!

    You have described a week that you feel proud of in terms of your sport and activities and your eating plan, and that is so brilliant to hear. Moreless's advice was great, and it's good that you found it helpful.

    Good luck with your Week 9, run 3, I hope you enjoy it, and I think you've done really well to do that - there is no race to finish something like that, but fitting it in with your life takes some discipline and all credit to you for taking it on. You're obviously enjoying it, and that is inspiring to hear.

    Really glad you're enjoying the Monday group thread - all the Fab 5'ers love it too - and I am so glad they'll be there to keep it going whilst I'm away - it's really evolved and become much richer for the range of people who join us and contribute - we appreciate you all. So thanks for joining us!

    I'll look forward to seeing how you're getting on when I get back, and I feel sure you'll be doing great! Thanks for your very kind words, which I appreciate.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Guys!

    It was inevitable. I gained. What I didn't reckon on was quite how much.... I waddled onto the scales this morning and they are up by 5lbs!!! Yikes!

    My fiance left last night, so I'm back at it today. I know what went wrong - I drank too much and ate too much and did not exercise enough. I didn't think the results would be this dramatic after just a week. I'm kinda shocked.

    I need to seriously work on a way of maintaining this lifestyle when he's around, as he's moving here in January.

    I'm feeling a bit dismayed, but it's lovely to be in love :)

    Wishing everyone a good week :)

  • Hi Meshyt,

    I hope you enjoyed the time your fiance was staying with you - it must have been nice to have that time together. Did you use your yoghurt machine - or was it a frozen yoghurt maker? I know you wanted to make some ice-creams - how did that go?

    I know you're feeling a bit dismayed to have gained 5 pounds, but to be honest that amount can go on in a weekend if the circumstances are right - and sometimes being in love can put caution to the wind...!

    The good thing is that you can get back on track now your fiance has gone back, and hopefully those 5 pounds will come off relatively quickly - so don't despair, just get back into the groove and maybe dance the night away (no, I'm joking - just do whatever helps - including dancing if you like it, and you'll be back on track in no time).

    I'm so happy for you that you're in love and happy - and I hope you have a really good week ahead.

    Remember to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday weigh-ins, and I'll look forward to catching up with you when I'm back on 14th December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • ouch I feel your pain the only thing to do is put it behind you and start thinking of the strategy for Jan. maybe you could find some exercise that you can do together? its great to get a balance so you have to agree a strategy and get him involved and on board - he loves you so wants you to be happy - my husband loves my new smaller me and the confidence it gives me, I am sure he will appreciate your efforts good luck and hope some of that pesky weight has dissolved by next week

  • Good luck Meshyt - a mere 5lbs when you're so close to goal and so happy with life - you know what to do to defeat this! Good to see you back on here even if not for the reasons you want to be. Hope you can find a sustainable way to stay at goal long term, a long term lifestyle change as you say, but in meantime good luck for reversing those unwanted extra lbs asap :)

  • where has my post gone just said how much I was going to miss you lowcal but we will all try and fill your massive shoes I am 1lb heavier than last week 11.3 but I weighed in a bit later today and am hoping that that was partially to blame - lowcal you are being very disciplined, enjoy your jet setting and we wont take our foot of the gas as you are away I would like to lose 3lb by the time you come back that will c onside with me going off for my prexmas Spain visit have fun everyone and have a good week. I will see you all next week at around 6.30 before I go to spin - talking of spin nearly time for my second class of the day.....

  • Hi Prin (lovely Fab 5'er and fantastic woman for posting the next 3 Monday weigh-ins!!!),

    My feet are not that big - truely, but I know you and the other Fab 5'ers will do a stellar job and keep this thread buzzing - and I am sooooo grateful to you for all your help. I couldn't have kept this thread going by myself - it has grown large and amazing, unlike all of us who are hopefully getting slimmer and healthier day by day (overall trend of onwards and downwards being our mantra!).

    I am getting too full of cliches, I do apologise.

    You'll soon get rid of that excess pound that has popped up this week, and I think you'll get it off during that spin class - your second of the day - you go for it! :-)

    Hope you have a lovely time on your pre-Xmas visit to Spain this week - that sounds like fun. :-)

    Hope all goes well with the next 3 Mondays - I know it will - but wanted to wish you the best for it.

    Here's to you being 3 pounds lighter when I'm back on 14th December, and here's to me being either the same weight or lighter - all being well. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi everyone,

    5.20pm I'm off to do some cooking, but I'll pop back now and again this evening - one of us Fab 5'ers will respond to you at some point during the evening, so keep posting, and good luck if you're doing an evening weigh-in with us. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal... in initially replied to a really old post..... seems there was a November 16th weigh in in 2013 too..... :-)

    I totally sympathise with the difficulties of travelling with work and being healthy - the two things aren't natural partners..... and I have also struggled with this.

    I found a few useful tricks... eat at (or as close to meal time) as you can and then simply say no to any extra food /meals / drinks on the train or plane - otherwise you can easily end up eating an extra couple of meals in the day of travel...

    for hotels, then I don usually get time to exercise, so have to just be really strict on diet - no starters or deserts seems to work for me... fruit only for breakfast (maybe with natural yoghurt)- avoid cooked breakfasts at all cost....

    i haven't really found a substitution for the alcohol challenge though, its difficult to be seen to network and socialise when you're the only one drinking water and going to bed early... but drinking bottles of beer is about half the alcohol and calories of pints...

    good luck!

    As for my weigh in, i am at 18 st 10.5 lbs this week - means a loss of 2.5 lbs this week, which I am pretty pleased with, although it because of a bad few weeks before this, it only puts me to back where I was three weeks ago, which feels a bit like a waste of three weeks....

  • Thanks for advise Health Kick - working away and hotel life is very challenging-as you say it is about being disciplined - Good timely advise as we approach the xmas season. I go with the motto - is it really worth the calories?? I also have been known to take /buy pack lunches on trips to minis the calorie damage- (m and s are good for this)) drinking - trying not to moment - but Gin and slimline works.

    And don't think to much about the last few weeks - other than learn form that and move fwd. Big congrats on the 2.5 loss. Aim for a loss of anything next week-all the losses add up:-)

    Good luck

  • Thanks Suzybenj... packed lunch is an even better idea for travel!!

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Hi Health_Kick,

    Those are some great tips - many thanks! Congratulations to you on your 2.5 pound loss - really great! Never think you've wasted any weeks, as you could easily have gained in that period, and as it is you're on the onwards and downwards trend, so well done! Those bad few weeks are well and truely in the past now.

    Remember to look out for Prin's posts, and catch up with you in December.

    Amazing to think there was also a post 2 years ago on the same day! 16th November...! Wow. I might have to take a look at it to compare notes!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Really pleased lost 3lbs and broke under 13 stone! Next target is to get under 12.5 stone for Christmas!

  • What a great loss! You can do it Tinkle72!

  • Tinkle 72 - 3 pounds lost - well done and breaking the stone barrier - fantastic. These milestones really do mean a lot - so congratulations:-)

    good luck for next week:-)

  • Into the 12's, woohoo! WTG you! :)

    Good luck with your Christmas goal :)

  • Now weigh 76.5 kilos. That is a 2 stone loss in total. Feel so much better. Another 10 kilos to go. Hang on in there everyone.

  • Dutch girl that is super amazing - 2 stone - that is a proud claim. And i am hanging in there :-)

    good luck for next week

  • Well done! That's brilliant!

  • Well.... 3lb loss on last week, total of 4lb in three weeks - now down to 11.12.6!

  • Hi Lostconfidence,

    Congratulations on your 3 pounds loss this week, that is fantastic!!! :-) Also, I see you're into the 11's - what a great transition! Hope you're feeling good! Your total loss of 4 pounds in 3 weeks is excellent progress.

    Remember to look out for Prin's name for the Monday weigh-in post for the next 3 weeks, and I hope to catch up with you when I get back in mid December.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • What a fantastic place to be - my holy grail of the moment is to get below 12 stone:-) ...and you have just slipped under the bar---well done:-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Only the very slightest of gains for you - not bad at all if you've eaten out a few times this week though.

    I need to replace battery in my scales so was planning on posting tomorrow if that's ok?


  • Hi Nicole,

    It's so great to see you - we've missed you! Yes, please do weigh-in tomorrow, once you've replaced your battery scales, I will be checking the thread tomorrow morning, so I'll be here for definite!

    Thanks for your kind words, and I'll look forward to hearing from you again tomorrow - good luck for your weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Evening lovely fab5 and all other lovely losers,

    This week I have lost 2lbs ☺

    Start weight 14st 1lb

    Current weight 12st 10lb

    Total loss 19lb (1st 5lb) in 15 weeks

    Really pleased with my loss so far and many people are now commenting on my weight loss and change in shape.

    I swam last week 3 times for a total of 120 minutes ☺ and I plan to repeat this again this week. I also did 3 sessions on the exercise bike in front of the TV at home, 60 minutes in total.

    Well done to everyone this week and good luck for the week ahead

    Nic ☺

  • Hi Nic,

    Wow, that's a great result - Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week, and to achieving a total loss of 19 pounds (1 stone 5 pound) in 15 weeks - that is really great progress. Really great to hear that people are commenting on your weight loss and change in shape.

    It's great that your swimming pool is back open, and that you've enjoyed those 3 swimming sessions - 120 minutes is great going, and hope you enjoy repeating that this week. The exercise bike sounds great too - you're really mixing up the activities, which is great!

    Hope you have another great week ahead, and please look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday group weigh-ins. I'll look forward to catching up with you when I get back in mid December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Full respect Nicky Noo - that is a great achievement :-)

  • Thank you so much. Without the support of this forum there is no way I would be doing so well. I might not post so much at the moment but I always look in and read a few posts most days, it keeps me on the straight and narrow ☺

  • Sorry it's late but lost 4.5 lbs this week, pleased with this after having a couple of treats with friends, feeling great after being more active this week- long walk on Saturday, swim today and Zumba tomorrow- long may it continue!

  • Hi Rj92x,

    You're not late, we're open all night - although I usually go to bed about 11ish - but someone might be around later, but you're here now, so that's great!

    Congratulations on losing 4.5 pounds this week - that is a big loss! You've done incredibly well to lose that when you've been enjoying a couple of treats with friends. Great that you've achieved more activity this week, and hope you enjoy the Zumba tomorrow.

    Long may it continue!

    Remember to look out for Prin's name for the next 3 Monday weigh-ins, and I'll hope to catch up with your progress when I get back on 14th December.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You're not late at all rj :)

    4.5lbs is a fantastic weight loss, well done you! :)

    Your exercise routine looks really impressive, no wonder you're feeling so good :)

    This is your new life now, it'll last for ever :)

  • Hello Fab5 and NHS team!

    I began the weightloss 1 month ago being 11st 11lb, even managed to lose 4lb in 2 weeks, but then some things happened really stressful for me. It resulted in stopping counting calories, then giving up fitness and eating junk.

    So now, when the things seem to settle a little bit, I'm here being 12st 2lb and ready to continue with Week 3))

  • Hi Bubblelemon,

    I like your name! A very warm welcome to you and thanks for joining us for this Monday weigh-in. You did really well to lose 4 pounds in the first couple of weeks on the NHS 12 week plan, so really well done for that. Sorry to hear you've faced some stressful things inbetween, that must have been very difficult.

    I'm glad you're now feeling ready to do Week 3 of the plan, and you've shared your weight today - hope that felt ok to do so. Hopefully you'll be back in the 11's again very soon - and I would like to wish you lots of success with your weight loss journey. Hopefully having the support of our weigh-in group will help you keep on track. You may have read the intro to today's post, that I'll be away till 14th December, but the Fab 5'ers (Prin, Suzybenj, Moreless and Ruth_Canal_Runner) will be here next week - and please look out for Prin's name - as she will be posting the thread at about 6.30am. If you click 'follow' and Prin's name (Prin) then you'll be automatically notified when she posts the thread. But it's easy to find it, as it always has the same title 'Please Join Me for a Monday Group Weigh-in (Current date in brackets)'.

    Anyway, wishing you a great week ahead. I'll look forward to catching up with your progress when I'm back on 14th December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi bubblelemon,

    Welcome back :)

    So sorry to hear you've had such a stressful time and that your healthy eating and exercise went to the wall.

    Really glad to hear that things have settled a bit now and that you felt up to rejoining us for week 3.

    We're here for support should you need us.

    All the best for this week :)

  • Hi everyone and congratulation to everyone who have lost weight this week. the site keep crashing on me so have not been able to read through all the posts.

    I have lost a measly 0.2 kg (0.4 lbs) this week, but I have had 2 nights out with alcohol and bad food so just happy I haven't gained really.

    I started my weight loss journey at 96 kg 13 weeks ago, and today I weigh in at 84.3 kg. A total loss of 11.7 kg ( 25.8 lbs )

    I still have another 20 kg (44 lbs) to go to reach my end target, but my next target is to get under 80 kg to get my BMI out of the obese category.

  • You have done so well - and we are so harsh on ourselves:-) So you have lost just about half a pound - that is great- but what is stupendous is you have lost 25.8 pounds. As LC constantly reminds us - keep in mind what you have a achieved:-) All those smaller losses add up. ( I have to tell myself this every week).

    You are doing great - good luck for next week :-)

  • Thank you suzybenj.

    I'm very happy with my over all loss so far and i know why i didn't lose any more. I'm hoping for a better week this week as I didn't lose any the week before (didn't gain either), but struggling with a cold at the moment and 2 sick children. All fun and games.

  • Hi Carpo82,

    I hope you recover from that cold soon, and also that your children feel better soon as well.

    Congratulations on your really great loss this week. Remember to look out for Prin's post next Monday. I'll be back on 14th December so Prin will post the next 3 Mondays.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi everyone,

    It's 11.45pm and I'm going to sleep now. But I will look in tomorrow morning for any late weighers or late night weighers etc and so please post if you want to catch our weigh-in.

    I'll send a reminder thread on Wednesday just to remind people once again about Prin's posts - that way hopefully everyone will know to look out for her post on Monday.

    Excellent thread as always - very inspiring reading - thanks so much for all your great posts. You're doing great!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and all. I tried to post yesterday morning and couldn't, presumably due to the traffic.. Still can't get the thread to load up fully but hoping this will post..

    Lowcal, sorry you've gained but it is a really small amount and I'm sure you'll whittle it away in no time. I hope you have a good break - think it would be great to get away at this time of the year :)

    I had my last birthday celebration on Friday and will not be drinking alcohol again until the Christmas party season is in full swing.. I weighed in at 17st10lbs yesterday so another 1lb on since last week - not too worried as we have been going out a lot in the last 2 weeks and a 3lb gain isn't as bad as I expected overall!

    Really struggling with the lag as I'm typing so will sign off now.

    Hope everyone has a happy healthy week :)

    Kate x

  • Hi Kate- the lag is annoying - but just read your post. We all have periods when there is to much 'social' going on- the trick is to minimise t he damage- you seem to have weathered this and back on track. Like you I am now just focusing on Xmas now and concentrating on a pound week to week.

    Several of us are doing no is a bit dull and the results are not immediate or lots of shedding of pounds. But I can now see a trend downwards and feel I have turned a corner. I will factor in Xmas when I get to it:-)

    Good luck for next week:-)

  • Well done everyone and good luck for the week ahead!

    I am late to weigh in this week as I have been away for a long weekend with friends. It was very challenging to avoid the crazy amount of snacks and unhealthy food and I was worried I would undo all my good work, but I am pleased to report a 1.5lb loss this week.

  • Hi LotToLose,

    Great to see you, and hope you enjoyed your long weekend away with your friends. It's great to hear you've lost 1.5 pounds, and Congratulations for doing that! Really good.

    The next 3 Monday weigh-ins will be posted by Prin (as I am away) so please look out for her name - she will be posting at about 6.30am or thereabouts next Monday. I'll be back to post the weigh-in on 14th December, and will look forward to catching up with everyone then.

    Wishing you a great week ahead. You're doing really well!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you and good luck to you for the next three weeks!

  • I am just copying and pasting a post from Skinnylizzie, as she has posted in two different places so far, in an attempt to find today's weigh-in, and Moreless spotted that she'd posted in last week's weigh-in (many thanks Moreless for finding her) - anyway as she tried so hard to find the correct weigh-in, I am copying and pasting that Skinnylizzie lost 3.25 pounds and:

    I started on 15/11 at 13st.10lb now 13st.6.75lb.

    Congratulations Skinnylizzie on achieving such a great result, and Ruth_Canal_Runner will be able to include your result in our stats.

    Skinnylizzie, if you're reading this: Remember to look out for Prin's name (Prin) for the next 3 Monday weigh-ins. You could consider clicking 'follow' after her name so that you will be notified automatically of when she posts the weigh-in (much easier to find it that way) - but she'll post it at about 6.30am on Monday.

    I'll be back on 14th December, and hope to catch up with you then.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Safe trip Lowcal, hope it all goes well. Will look out for you on the 14th! Have fun.

  • Hi Juliet,

    Thanks very much.

    Good luck, and let's hope we are both happy with our progress then - mid December will still mean there's time to make a change by Christmas itself. That's what I'm telling myself, incase my trip away does damage to my resolve...

    Wishing you a good few weeks, and look forward to catching up with you when I'm back on 14th December.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    New battery in the digital scales so no more excuses not to be keeping track of my weight! Weighed-in at 10st10 this morning and setting myself an initial weight target of 10stones. I must say it feels good to be back on board with you and all the other threaders on here!

    Hope all goes well for you in the next few weeks Lowcal and look forward to seeing you back on here soon xx

  • Hi Nicole,

    Great to see you! Great to hear you were able to get the new batteries for your scales, and great that you've weighed in. I missed you, and it's good that you're back with us again - hopefully this will be the heaviest you'll be at 10 stone 10 pounds, and from now onwards you'll be losing weight and working towards achieving your goal weight of 10 stones. Good luck! I'm really glad you're back on board with us all, and it's good that you're feeling good about being back.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, and I'll look forward to getting back myself on 14th December - it will be great to catch up with everyone again then.

    In the meantime, don't forget to look out for Prin's name, as she's going to be posting the Monday group weigh-in thread for the next 3 weeks. She's going to post it early on Monday morning (6.30am or thereabouts!). The Fab 5'er team will be around and ready to respond, so someone will be there. Such a great team!

    Wishing you a great few weeks till I catch up with you again.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm a bit late joining this week coz was in Portugal til Monday. I've stayed the same but I'm pleased with that as we had a lot of delicious food and hardly any exercise except walking gently from meal to coffee to drink to meal. The weather was lovely so I'm happy and happy to be home even if it is rainy and very windy

  • Welcome home Florence :)

    How lovely for you to have been in Portugal and absolutely fantastic that you've maintained despite lots of delicious food and little exercise :)

    I think you may be the only person appreciating the wind and rain back in good old Blighty :)

    Hope you have a great week :)

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