Oh dear!

I've been really good this last week and lost 3lbs. I've done 120 minutes of exercise - walking 2 miles each morning at 4 mph (pretty good for an oldie). I was convinced that there was no chocolate in the house, but yesterday found a little pack of chocolate drops, bought ages ago for baking. Yes, you guessed it, they aren't there any more! I didn't even feel that I wants them, but it was the evening and I suppose I was bored. Feel cross today though,


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5 Replies

  • Drink lots of water and start again. All you can do. However a small pack of chocolate drops is probably not going to make any great difference.

  • It's a miniscule hiccup that can be absorbed into the rest of the week's calories, forget all about it and feel proud of what you've achieved. I think you're awesome :)

  • It's no big deal, a small packet of chocolate drops once in a blue moon is not going to have any effect in the overall scheme of things. However good we are we are all going to have a little treat every now and then, it is all part of life.

    Draw a line under it and get right back on plan today.

  • If I were in the position to write such a post, I would feel GREAT. You should too :)

    Now I've just got to kick myself up the butt and crack on with the cleaning :(

    Well done Dee, have a great day :)

  • Thank you all for th encouragement. Normally one small pack of chocolate drops would lead to a bar - or three! But I think that being able to confess my worries to you all helped tremendously and I was able to control it. I'm feeling very self righteous this morning, as we went to a dinner dance last night, and I offered to drive. So, no hangover this morning. I was fairly careful not to eat too much, but haven't weighed this morning. I'm finding that exercise is helping tremendously, just a 2 mile walk every day which doesn't take too long.

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