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Yoga yes or no


I have looked into yoga as a form of exercise but I was wondering if u lose much weight as its not very cardio

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Yoga is a good way of increasing your fitness but may not help you to lose much weight. Most of your weight loss will be down to what you eat, or don't eat. Do some exercise you enjoy, for the sake of your health.

Gonti10 kg

Hi Emma. yoga is a yes for feeling good about yourself and appetite control. Can't hurt to try it.!

I think the real benefit of yoga is that your mind becomes clearer and you feel more centred which in turn encourages you to eat better and exercise more.

Diet is 80% of your weight loss and exercise is 20% of it so don't get to focussed on having to always do high intensity exercise - think of yoga more like meditation than exercise :)

I might try it at night when I feel hungry as that's my time when I give in to temptation x

I started with diet as I had neck problems but then I tried yoga to try and help it and it was the best choice for me. The thing about yoga is there are different styles and types of classes. The class I go to is discribed as fitness yoga and I really sweat and work hard. My strength and stamina has massively improved and I believe it has greatly contributed to my 6st weight loss this year. Check what kind of classes are at you local leisure centre or gym and see what sounds best for you


I swear by yoga. The stretching, and deep breathing really helps to keep you supple, and relaxes you too. After a yoga session I find that I feel so much better, and eating is the last thing on my mind. I find it helps me to be more aware of myself, and helps me to eat sensibly. Try yoga and mix it with an aerobics class if you want something more active. I prefer to walk as much as possible as I have vertigo and can't go to classes anymore. Yoga four times a week with pilates and walking gives me the same buzz that I used to get when I did spinning, or aerobic classes such as boot camp which I really loved. So go on give it a try!!!

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