1lb loss why am I so disappointed

Hi everyone, I don't know why this has upset me so much, after all it's a loss. I started this journey New Year's Day and to date I have lost 27 lbs . I am feeling better and can see the difference but it's 2lb up one week 1lb down the next and so on. I tried really hard this week, sticking to healthy foods and I've been exercising. I started at 12-10 (I'm 5foot that's obese) I now weigh 10.10 and a quarter! That quarter is killing me 😁 I so wanted to be the weight I was 3 weeks ago 10.10. Why is that . 25 of a pound so important? Because I know it's my fault I didn't get there.

Thanks to this forum, I will get there, thankyou everyone xxxx


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10 Replies

  • Hiya!

    How often are you weighing yourself? Things like how much you've drank, when you last went to the loo can affect your weight so make sure you do it at the same time of day if you aren't already.

    Why you're getting down about it? I obviously don't know. But you have come such a long way so don't beat yourself up. It could be muscle weight rather than fat.

    I recommend changing your diet/routine if you find you've been the same weight for a few weeks and you're trying hard to be healthy, as this could be your body plateauing- when it knows what you're going to do so works to counteract that.

    This could involve going for a fasted walk or run one morning and then having breakfast after - it will kick start your metabolism which helps to lose weight. Another idea could be eating at different times if you eat at set times. Just switching things up makes your body work harder as it cannot guess you 'plan' anymore.

    Hope some of this helps, and keep up your good work xx

  • Hi Charlotte, thanks so much for that, I really appreciate it, actually it means a lot!

  • .25lb is all that is, had not such a good week, so my loss 1/4lb, it's no big deal!

    Yes I would like to lose another 2lbs, at 10st 8 1/4lbs and 5'4".

    Be kind to yourself, imagine all those bags of sugar and keep healthy

  • Wow you've done brilliantly well already - maybe a wardrobe/decluttering session so you can see how lose the clothes you used to wear are now for a bit of motivation?? I'm struggling to even get started, but by reading your posts I'm hoping to get inspired. I'm 16 stone & 5.5!!! Not good. Keep up the amazing work you've already done. Xxxx

  • Tackle and celebrate each pound lost, sometimes the nearer we get to goal it's tougher tho!

    Imagine every bag of 2lb sugar will take 10lbs of your knees, just think of that?

    Be inspired get started!

  • Thank you. I've downloaded the first week, and have a day off tomorrow so am sorting my cupboards and shopping with menus in mind ready!!! I didn't know that 2lb would take the pressure off my knees!! A good reason to start.....thank you.

  • You must have very accurate scales!

    I find my weight fluctuates a lot, so I wouldn't worry about anything less than a pound either way. When you are on a long term programme, what matters is the downward trend rather than tiny increments or decreases in weight.

    27 lbs so far is fantastic! You are obviously doing all the right things.

    Bodies are odd, and sometimes when we've been really good the scales show an increase. I know it's disappointing, but try not to dwell on it, and keep up the good work.

  • Oh wow, just checked up on this forum and saw all the replies, I am seriously surprised and oh so grateful for the words of advice and support😀Thanks soooo much for taking the time to read and reply.

    I am feeling more positive today, I have come a long way and need to remind myself of that.

    I know a lot of people struggle too, it's just so frustrating when the scales stop moving. I realise the closer to your ideal weight the harder it gets but according to the bmi thingy I still need to lose another 2 stone 11 pounds!!! That's to get mid way healthy range!!!???? Blooming heck, me in the 7 stones???? Who makes these up???? I'd be more than happy to be in the nines😃

    Anyway thanks again and I hope you are all feeling strong, happy and motivated.

  • Bodies, fab things that carry our bones and house our brains! Glad you are feeling upbeat again, I actually weighed in this morning, 1 1/4lb loss, vert surprised.

    I think also mixing stuff up calorie wise, slightly over sometimes maybe prevents plateau at times, who knows?

  • Hi, thanks and I totally agree. We need to understand and respect what this thing we call a body actually does for us.

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