Been gone a while

Hey guys,

To those who have messaged me during my disappearance, thanks for still wondering about my progress, i'll get back to you shortly :)

It's kinda been hectic since starting back at uni, I would love if this site had an app and was much easier to access via my phone (which I'm always on)

Anyway, I've stopped with the exercise regime, too paranoid in this flat cause I don't want my flat mate thinking wtf nor do i wanna make noises through the floorboards. However, the weight is still shifting, and I'm actually seeing results, lost couple inches off my waist and hips and I feel great.

I just need to up my walking game, walk to uni soon not catch the bus.


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7 Replies

  • I walk in to uni as well, it's the easiest way to exercise almost everyday :)

  • Haha yeah, tbf it's kinda the only exercise whilst at uni unless you count the mindless walking back home after a drunken night :P

    so it makes sense to not rely on bus ><

  • Hi hannahh

    I haven't been on the site for ages either and unlike you I have put on a couple of pounds :( Having a fasting day today to try and help me get back on track.

    Walking is great exercise. I went for a really long walk at the weekend and now can really feel it in my bum! We're off on holiday on Friday so hope to do lots of walking on holiday. Maybe start by walking only one way and allowing yourself to only get the bus if it's raining. Good luck.

    Really well done on keeping up the healthy eating and losing some weight.

  • It does have an app

  • Don't think so

  • Hi, good to hear from you again...and glad you've settled into uni! Well done for keeping on....

  • Good to see you again hannahhh 😊 glad things are going okay and you're still seeing results.

    I haven't found an app but I access the site through my phone okay enough. I just look up the homepage and it keeps me logged in, the mobile version is fairly user friendly. You could save the website as a tile on your phone or just look up 'healthunlocked' on google to access it, as long as you have a google app.

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