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I need to start planning my meals and exercise in advance. Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail. I'm going to download the first week again and start from scratch. New outlook. This is not a diet (for me) its a lifestyle choice. Counting calories seems like its the best way forward...I fear I may get confused as I suffer massively from dyscalculus. I can only but try. I'm sure I'll be posting more often from now on. xx

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"Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail."

Love it!

And yes planning is crucial to this working. I think you will find that most people fail because they fall back into old habits - suddenly left stranded with nothing to eat and the only choices being bad ones.

The Myfitnesspal app can make all of that much simpler and is available for any smartphone for free.

It can import web recipes, find calories for pretty much any food, tell you how many calories a day you should be aiming for and a whole pile of other things - its fantastic and its free!

I plan my meals a week in advance, grocery shop online and its all delivered to my door so I avoid the temptations at the supermarket. Of course there will always be the odd meal out but at least if you have everything there in your home to make healthy work for you it can increase your chances of success dramatically.


Great mindset! You're on your way! Good luck this week and enjoy it.....


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