What's in your green smoothie?

What's in your green smoothie?

I have a green smoothie everyday, there has been a lot of publicity about the nutribullet, I make mine in a Vitamix.

It's a great way to up your green veg intake, and you can add nuts and seeds.

My basic daily smoothie is spinach, banana and orange.

It is important not too add too much fruit though because of the sugar so I recommend at least 50% greens.


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22 Replies

  • Love the picture! Eatwell you've convinced me to have a go...but I'll have to use a liquidiser will that achieve the right results?

  • It's worth a try Portland 😃

  • I have had the original nutribullet for years, long before it became trendy, lol. It is good, but my daughter just uses a kenwood juice/smoothie maker. ( it came with travel bottles) and that was quite cheap, am sure she didn't pay more than £30. She says she can't be bothered with my bullet. You do get the odd lump done in the Kenwood, but we use a wide straw to drink the smoothies anyway so they don't bother us. ( will say, no lumps with the bullet ). Oh and as long as you calorie count what you put in there is no problem with over consumption of calories either. These good blitzers blend the whole fruit and veg too, cores and seeds included so a FAB SOURCE OF ROUGHAGE. Like Eatwell says, try and use a high percentage of veg and seeds to fruit. The taste can take a bit of getting used too sometimes, I have made some seriously AWFUL tasting smoothies. On the other hand I have made some great ones too, it's trial and error really. 😊

  • I get them from another forum I follow") The host makes them practically daily, I copy what she does, ha ha!! Super good, not to much fruit either")

  • In the past I've used a normal hand blender to make a 'pink' smoothie using apple, strawberry, banana and apple juice (which is probably really high in fruit sugars). But anything with leaves or carrots seem to stay too lumpy just using a hand blender. Is the vitamix good for making smoothies really smooth?

  • A Vitamix will blend everything completely, no lumps.

    It's great for other things too, you can make soups, sauces, even non dairy ice cream with bananas.

  • I had a look online, and things like vitamix, nutribullet etc seem quite specialised, £300+, have I got that right? I don't think that would fit into my budget... think I'll just have to eat all the spinach in salads instead :)

  • Vitamix is more expensive, I think a Nutribullet is about £90

  • Think it's still a bit beyond my reach. I think I need to stick with being creative with what I've got. By the way, making your own pesto, e.g. spinach and watercress pesto is another good way of having a lot of greens. And that doesn't need to be so smooth too...

  • Yes, I make that too. I got my Vitamix when I was vegan because it makes great nut milk and hummus. Not vegan any more though.

  • I use my nutribullet, works like a charm. Not sure about a Vitamix , have never used one")

  • Yep nutribullet are great !

  • Always have 50% veg, mainly spinach. Apples are good, coconut water gives a nice taste. Berries, whatever you want really. Avocado adds some healthy fats, flax seed, chia seeds for extra nutrition. Experiment and see what you like or don't like.

  • Nutribullet, very good but there are cheaper, as powerful alternatives from Phillips etc , just look at the power of the motor and compare.

  • Although by making that smoothie every day you are getting the vitamin and minerals you are missing out badly on the fibre content of the fruit and vegetables. The fibre in these foods is what helps to maintain a healthy bowel. I would suggest you skip the smoothies and eat the whole foods. I is also sooo easy to consume a lot of calories in smoothies. Not recommended, I would suggest that you are not eating well. Choose whole foods over liquidised ones every time

  • Sounds like an advertisement for Vitamix to me

  • I use the smoothie 2go.....it fine blends but doesn't separate hard/course or hairy skins(eg kiwi) I don't like the appearance of green smoothies and the thought of lumpy green..... I always have choose fruit for my smoothie but have a daily salad or stir fry with my main meal...if you go for the nutribullet please let me know how you get on good luck

  • Hi Eatwell,

    Mmmmmn spinach with banana and orange ??? Not sure bit does sound really healthy. I've not got a bullet thing but have a hand blender will that work ??

    Thanks for the post never tried a breakfast smoothie but will give it a go, might change my life lol😃


  • First post! Is 5he smoothie a meal replacement ?

  • My daughter and I love smoothies and spinach plays a main part in them. We don't put banana in though, just can't stand the taste. Like you say a high percentage of veg is best. Use lots of seeds too especially chia. Rocket is good, but very strong in taste. I know a lot of folk don't approve of smoothies, but hey, we're all different. 😊

  • Never tried nutri-bullet, I have a breville blend active that I used every morning to make breakfast smoothies (usually with almond milk, peanut butter and a protein shake) until I realized how much sugar the protein shake had!

    I also have a Phillips juicer, and weekends I make orange, carrot and ginger juice as my 'naughty' treat since many articles say juicing is bad and how eating whole fruits is better because the sugar is enclosed in some pod and doesn't affect blood sugar levels (or something like that)

  • Anyone interested in green smoothies check out sergei boutenko

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