Week 3

End of week 3 and lost 12 pounds in total! Very pleased, not yet started calorie counting as I don't have a reference, I am drinking plenty of water and not snacking between meals and have cut my portions and avoiding bread and alcohol in the week. I am doing fine at the moment, but will need a good calorie counting reference when the drop slows down....any suggestions?


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10 Replies

  • Well done, what a great start. Like lots of people on this site I use the myfitnesspal app to keep a check of my calories. I find it suits me and it adds up the calories for me and tells me how many I have left for the day, but there are plenty of other sites available online. Good luck.

  • Hi Debbya, great result in just 3 week losing 12 pounds well done. My fitness pal is a great app for counting calories which you can add at the beginning of the day so you know exactly how many calories you will be eating. I started using this in week 10 on my journey which has helped me no end, it's such a great app

    Good luck on your continued journey

    Trafford1 x

  • I've now done 14 months and 7 1/2 stones without counting a calorie yet. We all know what is calorific and what is not and if I'm in any doubt I check the ingredients and calories for that particular food.

    You have done really well so far, keep it up as you sound as if you are doing the right things.

    Use the app mentioned by others if that's the way you can make things work for you. Everyone is different and we can all find our own solutions.

  • Healthy Weight Loss Forum or Myfitnesspal are both useful

  • Well done, it sounds like you are doing a great job with what you are doing. Often small changes make all the difference. Nearly a stone gone you must be really pleased :)

  • Congrats on losing 12lbs already, That's really great progress in 3 weeks. If you don't need to count calories yet then it sounds like you're doing well through other means. If you do want to start then another vote for myfitnesspal here, or there are resources on the NHS website too. Good luck for week 4! :)

  • Hey you're doing so weel...I see you've got really good replies already...so just wanted to congratulate you😃

  • Wow well done.

  • Thank you all x

  • That's immense, well done you

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