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Feelin' good

Went shopping with a friend today, temptations everywhere! Ice cream, cookies, giant pretzels! Avoided all of it. Then went for dinner, more temptation! However, determined not to ruin a weeks worth of hard work, I went for an under 500 calories option- pasta with lots of lovely veg and chicken so I stayed within my goal. I also did my workout dvd when i got home. I'm so proud of this and feel great, just wanted to share this little victory :-)

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Well done! Isn't it great when you find yourself taking control and beating the temptations!

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Good for you Alida, that wonderful feeling will continue as your body thanks you!


You big show off you! ;)

Thats awesome - I am SO pleased for you - doesn't it feel great when you conquer all that temptation and take control of what is being put in your body?

You are a star :)


Fantastic ! It's no mean feat. There's temptations everywhere but you will reap the rewards !!!! Good on ya ☺️


Well done you have done really well to stick to the plan and you should be very proud of yourself.

Have a good week.


Argh there is temptation everywhere isn't there!

Well done on resisting and sticking to a healthy meal, just shows how your mindset is changing


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