Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame

OK. Walk of Shame here. Ambulant Black Hole. Yesterday's Relapse:

2 x Sausage Rolls (industrial size)

6 x Bags of Pom-Bear Potato Snacks

2 x Sainsbury's Pots of Rice Pudding (highly recommended)

Tube Pringles (yes, the whole lot)

Bottle Rioja

Am I ashamed? No. Annoyed, yes, but not ashamed. Waste of time and money but o-so-enjoyed.

Back on the wagon today.

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31 Replies

  • As much as I'd like to join in with your gleeful bragging about that lovely bottle of rioja etc, I feel compelled to advise you that you will have to walk X miles, drink X cups of bitter green tea and sup lots of insipid broth to make up for it now. Okay, maybe you can keep the rice pudding (one at a time, occasionally). And okay, maybe you can go rollerskating instead of walking, and maybe you can have brightly coloured tasty salads instead of the broth. But stay as far away from the pringles as you can, once you pop...

  • Nothing but fruit and veg today - and in limited quantity. Gymmed it at lunchtime. It's always going to happen but as long it's only once in a while, it's okay. Still losing blubber, which is what counts. Tentatively nosing around that Couch25K malarkey...

  • A day like that would make a run more difficult the following day. That was my ultimate motivation to stop going nuts like that. Once you put the effort into learning to run your motivations change. Did you not get on with rollerskating if you're looking at C25K then?

  • It's funny you say that. After my chocolate blow out yesterday I have had an on again off again stomach ache and I am sure I can feel a sugar/carb hangover, both of which I battled on my power walk this morning.

    I am remembering this for next time believe me :)

    And the silver lining is that because I now know what healthy eating feels like when I DO have that kind of blow out I really feel it the next day.

    2 months ago I would not have even known I was feeling bad.

  • Doing one (sort of!); considering t'other.

  • Gollighosh, that was a boo boo.....back on track!

  • You're right; a big, black boo-boo. Well, at least we match!... ;)

  • Pringles and crisps - I have ate so much of them in the past. I wish they weren't so addictive 😟

  • The Potato, in all its guises, has much to answer for... ;)

  • Many a true word; everything you had raised your insulin levels, narrowing your arteries.

    The food industry did their homework in fuelling your addiction; like a slug falling into the beer trap!

  • We all love you really, Big C... ;)

  • Thank you Gollibooboo. I think I would make a good inverse politician; I'm not too bothered about being popular, and I care about people's health :-D

  • That's good. I rather enjoy your gloomy admonishings. Senna the Soothsayer. The Groke in the Moomins. The Greek Chorus. You keep us grounded...

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants!

  • Celeriac is fab, you cam make chips from it, has a celery/ potato texture, and is far better than cauliflower as a mashed veg!

    Lovely raw too

  • Adore celeriac, Nsky. Have you had celeriac remoulade? To die for. Unfortunately, it oozes mayonnaise...

  • No, better avoid if loaded with mayo tho

  • Hi Gollibooboo,

    Been there,done that, used to have the T-shirt !!.

    Today is another day as is the rest of the week. How about when have the time having a quiet re-think as to what drove it ?.

    I do/did use food as an emotional regulator and do find reflecting on a blip helpful.

    It's done so here's the rest of your fab week.


  • Good idea; I shall :D

  • Yikes!!!!!! I'm trying to find a positive. Think, think, think...... Right, you blew it big time, yep, i'm stating nothing you don't already know, BUT, it was just one day and you are right back on the straight and narrow. You have shown your honest and can 'fess up instead of just pretending it didn't happen. Admirable, when all is said and done we forum posters wouldn't have known if you had kept the blip secret. You are honest with yourself too, knowing that it may not be a one off in the grand scheme of life.

    Rightio Gollibooboo, onwards to victory. Oh, and Ruth is right, keep your paws off those pringles!!!! 😈😇

  • And todays another day!

    And every pound lost is the next pound lost! If its every day there's a problem, but its not! Used to be me fairly frequently. It'll be interesting to watch your weight over the next few days and notice what happens. We're all about learning here.

    Slip up, notice, and move on!

  • Yuk! I have a theory that there is a certain number of Pringles that anyone can eat in a life time - you can eat them slowly or all in one go!

  • So climb back on, accept bingeing won't comfort you. Having said that I dohave days when I crave constant sugar, mind you mild bi polar, and illness is the cause, I just go with it for the day and start afresh the next, I don't comfort eat, a cat cuddle far better!

  • It was just one day - time to leave it behind you as you're doing. I do like your 'ambulant black hole' phrase - I may have to borrow it when I next hit the cooking chocolate!

    take care


  • If you love food this will happen now and again but over time will probably be less often and more controlled. Like you have, you just have to get right back on it and move on.

    Good luck with your weigh in :)

  • Exactly, Sueps. It happens less and less. I would love to be grown-up enough to not do it at all. Something to aim for. I certainly am not going to beat myself up when I have a fabulous foodorgy, as this can start a negative spiral. Well done on your diminsihing assets - and the groovy footpods :D

  • There was seriously something in the air yesterday - I had a big blow out as well but good on you for shrugging it off and getting back on the horse.

    Have you explored why it happened so you can try and mitigate the risks next time?

  • Yeah. Something to be said for pollution? Probably not. Everyone's coming out of the closet with their dirty little food secrets. And why not? Repression is not a good thing. Air that dirty washing - if nothing else, it makes others feel better! Bet you're back on track now! :D

  • There definitely was something in the air...I had my worst day yet on the 12 week plan!

    Well done for fessing up Gollibooboo - like the idea of having a think of what triggered it - learn and move on. Today is a new day!

  • It's OK, NMJ; just don't let it become the norm. It's our daily eating that sabotages us, not the occasional foodorgy :D

  • Love the fat satisfied cat, looks just how I feel after I've indulged!

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