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Time to loose this baby weight once and for all

I've had two young children with in two years and I didn't think id put much weight on .....but when I saw myself in a pic I was so shocked gob smacked to see what I look like, I used to weight 8 n half to 9 stone before I had my two kids and since I've had my lil cheeky boys I've put on 4 stone.

I recently looked at my pic what I used to look like and I miss my old self, so I am on a mission to loose this baby weight once n for all, no more fatty me LOL 😁

So I am gonna start my diet Monday I am gonna buy weight watchers meal and weight myself , ill keep u all posted on my updates, I wanna loose this 4 stone I put on by next summer as I am getting 💑

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Hi Sammy,

What a lovely motivation you've got for next summer :-)

It's so difficult when you first have kids, not only to lose the weight put on during pregnancy, but also because you can't just get out and exercise like you used to, because of looking after them. I'm determined to lose a stone to get me back to where I was pre-pregnancy (8 years ago !!) and then the stone put on when I stopped smoking 2 years before that :-)


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