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Mixed run today

My mind is playing tricks on me 😐 my leg is still poorly and I convinced myself today that I can't run !!!! So for the first 3 miles I have ran, Walked, hobbled and cried then something changed and I took a deep breath and ran at my usual pace for the last 4 miles so 7 miles took me 1 hr 37 mins think my mindset changed with all the other cyclists and runners about today felt I was giving up if that makes sense my emotions are up and down leading up to the race ranging from excited elation to complete fear and dread sigh 😔

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Its very likely the fear of injuring your leg further before your event that made you think your leg was in worse shape than it is.

It really is inspiring to know that despite all that you then got you head together and got running! I am at the very start of losing weight so I can eventually C25K and then REALLY prepare for a half marathon in Aug 2016 so reading this kind of thing actually motivates.

You are doing better than you think - don't underestimate yourself for a second .

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Thanks Dave I know what you mean it's a good job I actually enjoy this running lark haha 😀


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