Pre-weigh in last minute good intentions!

I've been regularly losing weight on the 12 week plan apart from one week where I gained 2lb and another where I maintained. I've overall gone down from 12st1 in week 1 to 11st3 at the start of week 9. I'm nearing the end of week 10 and nervous about tomorrow's weigh in. I didn't weigh in at the end of week 9 as I was away, so it's been a 2 week gap. In that time I had a good week (every day close to or under 1400cal, + 2 runs and lots of cycling/walking), followed by a less good week (a couple of days away including a wedding followed by the fallout from a cold - more like 1500-1700 cals every day, + no running or cycling :( ).

I'd love to get under 11 stone by week 12 - that would be so amazing. So the last thing I need tomorrow is a gain. Today I have very good intentions and strong resolve. I wonder how many others suddenly find that resolve the day before a weigh-in! I know it's just a number, and I am trying to focus on my overall achievement so far, but I'd just be so bucked by something less than (or at least not more than) 11st3 tomorrow!

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  • Hi Ruth,

    I think how you are feeling is now most of us are prior to weigh in, we so much want success but not always feel that we are 'thinner' and the scales can be so fickle despite our best intentions.!!!

    Don't lose sight of all you have achieved.

    Have a good weigh in and I look forward to your post, enjoy your day, I'm off to another birthday afternoon tea, this time at Marco Pierre White's Hotel Indigo hope there is a good choice of healthy.I don't want a repeat of my last tea!!!


  • The scales are certainly fickle! When I stood on them this morning it said 11st2 for a split second then switched to 11st3. I re-weighed (obviously) and it just said 11st3. So I've stayed the same, but feel that at least my good intentions haven't gone to waste. I'm so determined to not put the weight back on - perhaps more determined than I really realise, hence a massive relief to have at least stayed the same :)

    Hope afternoon tea went well - is there ever a healthy option for tea?

  • Hi Ruth,

    So glad you remain feeling very focused, you are so right being determined not to gain it all , whilst changing eating habits are hard I have never managed to keep it going ------- till this time we will win πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ lol

    Afternoon tea was very nice and I am very pleased to say ate sparingly but enough, finger sandwiches where fairly healthy, cucumber and salmon, no dressing of butter that I could tell. I had one small scone, scraped the jam and cream on and had a macaroon, oh and glass of prose coπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ unlike few weeks ago when grazed !!!! So lesson learned.

    Did jump on scales this am and still at same weight Friday so happy

    Plan for rest of week, circuit class x2 and Aquafit X11 and stick to 1250 cals so hope will even out the tea whew!!!!

    Have a lovely week


  • Is that 11 sessions of aquafit?! It's so good you've found something enjoyable. Hope the circuit classes are fun too. I used to do circuit classes and found them challenging but adaptable, so I could see the improvement as I went on. It's not so motivating to do at home on my own - I wonder if I should go back perhaps.

    If you've stayed the same weight since Fri then hopefully the tea didn't have an effect. I'm just going to try to stick to 1400cals again this week. I've looked at where I went over last week and it's all predictable - cider, wine, chocolate, cooking with too much oil. I know how to fix these things, it's just a matter of doing it. Let's get things moving this week :)

  • Oops it should say 1, this pad has a life of its own !! Lol.

    I love the circuit class and had never done any gym work before, had done Zumba and salsa.

    If there is a class near you why not give it a try ? For me I am much better having to go and do than keep it up at home, I think that's why I dither re starting couch to 5k !!

    So I agree lets get it moving,


  • I'm joining a running club tomorrow eve, finally, so there's that. The circuits class was near where I used to live and was free for people doing 'my weigh', an nhs self referral weight loss programme - a previous attempt at losing weight! Not sure if they still do it but I guess I could pop in and ask... Although its not all that near anymore... Excuses excuses!

  • Enjoy the running club, it will all fall into place πŸ˜„


  • Good luck Ruth you've done fantastic so far πŸ˜€can't wait to catch up to you I really hope to be 11 stone something by my HM in sept then will keep going til I reach 10st 7 xx

  • Hey dawncoates34, I can't even imagine managing a HM so you're way ahead of me on that one! I'm only just now managing to get a grip on 5k, slow but satisfying progress. Hope you do reach the 11s by Sept. 10st7 is my final goal too, but I haven't set a date on it. But I do hope to be in the 10s in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully by end of August the end will be in sight.

  • Hope the weigh in gives you the result you want, but if not you know why. We need celebration in our lives. The important thing is to love yourself enough to keep working at getting healthier and to keep going. Well done on your achievements thus far. I am cheering you on!

  • Thanks! We do need celebration. However, as lovely as the prosecco was at Tuesday's wedding, I also had loads of cider on other non-celebratory days this week. The bad habits slip back in so easily! I'm thinking of having a dry week to make up for that and also to draw a line under last week. I didn't go mad but I don't want to start heading back to the old habits that made the weight creep on in the first place. Cheering you on too, have a great week! :)

  • Sounds to me that you are doing just fine, RC. Don't let scales dictate your mood and catapult you into a dreaded trough of Comfort Noshing (which I am sure wont happen - good sense shall prevail!). Fingers crossed for tomorrow's teeter! :D

  • Thanks Gollibooboo! The scales do unfortunately affect my mood, which is why I tend to avoid them. Yesterday I was half thinking of delaying this week's weigh in until I was sure I'd see a loss. Luckily I did weigh and it's stayed the same, and I measured my waist too and it's gone down half an inch which I'm clinging to as a sure sign of progress. Hope everything's on an even keel in your world too :)

  • Good luck!

  • Thanks alex7ra! It was okay, I stayed the same, but was so nervous about having a gain. Maybe yesterday's good intentions made the difference, or at least helped me begin this week more determined. Hope you have a good week too :)

  • Hi Ruth, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the scales tomorrow. You have and are doing absolutely fabby. Go girl 😊

  • Thanks Shellie! You're doing amazingly! I'm motivated by everyone else's achievements on here. I've stayed the same this week but hope to lose again next week hopefully :)

  • Hi Ruth, sorry to hear you have been under the weather, hope you feel better now. Keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow - even if you don't lose as much as you'd like that under 11 stone is in your sights :)

  • Thanks sueper. I stayed the same but you're right under 11 is still within reach. Hopefully I'll get there in the next couple of weeks. Hope all going well with you too :)

  • I think any of us who really care about goals get a little nervous before we weigh in.

    I have to say yesterday I DID make sure I hit my 10,000 steps (I was power walking around the shop I work in whenever there were no customers - I am sure the guys will have a great laugh at the security camera feed if they ever see it LOL) and was very careful about what I ate because I really wanted the best result possible when I stood on the scales this morning.

    Your commitment feels strong and pure - even if you do not lose the 4 pounds you want to? You will nail it next week. In the big scheme of things a week is....not that much.


  • After writing this post I went on a massive bike ride yesterday against my better judgment. I was still feeling under the weather, but my bf could tell I was feeling ground down and it's not like me to become so inactive - it's rare for me to turn down a chance to go out on my bike but just been so knackered this week, hadn't even done a run either. We went from Bow to St Katherine's Dock then over Tower Bridge to Rotherhithe then down to Greenwich and up through the Isle of Dogs back home again. A 27km (16 mile) round trip, which must have helped prevent the scales showing a gain this morning. Also straight after stepping on the scales this morning I was out the door again for a 5k run, and got a good time (I'm no speedy gonzalez, but did it in 2 mins less than my last run which is def progress!). That extra walking to make up your 10,000 steps is along the same lines I think. That feeling of just need to get onto it straight away, make the difference now. I'm going to be running and cycling every moment I have this week to make sure I see a loss next week :)

  • You inspire me - pure and simple :)

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