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Weigh In After Week 1

Just finished the first week of healthy eating and exercise. When I was weighed this morning I had lost 8lbs!!!

I am over the moon with this :D

Im smart enough to realise weight loss like this wont continue and that it will likely be slower from now on. My determination has increased and I am strong enough to do this!!!

On another note, I have done 22 weeks of no chocolate. 30 to go.

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Hey GemmaJMrs - a lot of people do lose a significantly greater amount in the first week, but 8lb is massive - over half a stone. You've definitely made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time! Hold onto that determination and have a great week :)


Well done that's amazing and I don't know how u have not eaten chocolate for all that time keep it up xx


Oh fab, that a tremendous loss, well done you!


Brilliant weight loss and great to keep your motivation going for week 2. Well done. 22 weeks without chocolate - wow!


Well done on losing 8 lbs that is really, really good

Over half stone gone in one go :-) Great work


Hi can you please share your diet plan with me im wanting to loose half a stone


I set Myfitnesspal up with my weight and set the goal to lose 2lbs per week and made sure to stay under my calorie goal and not much junk food. It was a complete fluke losing that much weight in my first week lol.

Good luck


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