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Getting the Hang of It

Getting the Hang of It

feelibg awesome today, I had pizza for lunch and I'm about to eat lasagne for tea :)....

Nobody panic, the pizza was 260 cals and the lasagne recipe is only 354 :) How? Hairy dieters recipe book!! Really really enjoyed the pizza which is made with a tortilla wrap as the base, and the lasagne uses blanched leeks instead of pasta sheets :)

It's little things like being able to have a pizza for lunch that really perk you up while you're losing weight, and I have to say I feel really positive today after a bit of a wobble during the week.

Despite the wobble, I've stayed on track and plan to go back to the gym to start some light exercise on Monday (the shins are feeling pretty good but I still can't run :()

Weigh in is on Monday and I haven't been able to exercise much at all this week. I've walked the dog but that's as far as it goes. I just need 2lbs, then I've lost a stone in 7 weeks which will put me bang on my 2lbs a week target :) I'm not stressing about this though, if it's only 1lb that's still something :)

Tonight I'm going to put a face pack on and eat air popped popcorn and not worry about anything at all, because whatever the weigh in on Monday brings I've done something awesome this week: I resisted :)

6 weeks clean, 12lbs down :)

Bring it on!

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Fab, never could eat wraps tho! Bought myself cook yourself slim, and have a very old weight watchers book ( mid 1990s) and gather a free recipes that suit me.losing weight feels fab doesn't it?!


That is brilliant well done. I think I might have to get the hairy dieters book.


Well done, you are doing it the right way x the slower you lose it, the more likely it will stay off. I lost 85lbs two years ago, by eating 12-1400 calories a day and walking on treadmill 3-5 miles a day - 5 days a week, all the weight stayed off for nearly two years, I have gained half a stone as we went on holiday to Sydney for four weeks to visit daughter for the first time, so I'm trying to lose that weight now, my problem is that my husband would like me to stay at this weight and I want to lose the half stone I put on, so I'm doing it very slowly, so he doesn't notice as much !

Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in x


Hi, The Hairy Dieters books are amazing. Tasty food. I made the tagine which is really delicious. You have a healthy diet and more importantly a healthy attitude to weight loss and health, thank you, I feel inspired.


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