Day 2

This is a great site. I only joined 3 days ago but you just know the people on here are genuinely trying to eat healthy. There is no need to say one thing and do another cos no-one judges you and if you cheat you are only cheating yourself. There is no pressure as we are all on the same and sometimes difficult journey. Just to write a post and say how your feeling can help a lot.

I'm not very good at explaining things but hope some of you understand what I'm trying to say.

And I can honestly say I feel a difference already counting my calories even just after 2 days.

Good luck everyone.


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21 Replies

  • I totally agree this forum has helped me so much over the last few months :-)

    Glad its helping you like it has me. Keep up the good work, can be a real pain in the arse sometimes but so worth the effort :-)

  • Thanks, good luck to you :)

  • That is exactly how I feel. I think this site is one of the reasons I've stuck with this weight loss programme. It seems funny to think that I'll never meet some of the people on here because I feel as if I'm getting to know the regular posters very well!

  • Agree!

  • Yes suppose that's part of the success for us :)

  • Hi Jinty60, welcome to the forum.

    I so agree with you that this is a brilliant site. You expressed so well why it is so great. xx

  • Thanks ros1.... Good luck to you :)

  • Well said! Welcome aboard! I am new too ! I need to learn about calories and how they can help me make healthier choices.


  • Thanks we can learn together... We can do this :)

  • Sure we can!


  • Hi Jinty60,

    It's great to hear that your first three days have been good ones. I agree with you that how you're feeling can certainly help a lot, and it's great that you're feeling good so far! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal, everyone will end up getting fed up with me and my wee stories or how I feel lol but I just really need to lose weight.... I'm sure everyone will be supportive as you can see with posts above. :)

  • Hi Jinty,

    I don't think anyone will get fed up - so you make sure you continue to keep us updated on your wee stories, as it's always great to hear people's updates, and progress.

    Yes, everyone is incredibly supportive, it's a really great forum for support and inspiration.

    Lowcal :-)

  • It works on so many levels - a psychological triumph! Works for me, too :D

  • Yes that's defo me gollibooboo :) defo psychological... Or maybe just a physco lol

  • Anything but beige, Jinty!

  • Great!👏

  • Hi jinty60, welcome to this fab community, I'm sure over the coming weeks you' re going to get great support & encouragement here. I love the way everyone is quick to offer support when I'm struggling & equally as quick to celebrate my triumphs with me.

  • Yes I'm sure everyone will be supportive.... Wish I had found this site years ago :)

  • You're right - we're certainly honest on here. Watch out for some brutal truths on our bad days as well as our good ones! Hope you keep feeling the difference, and feel free to share anything you need to. There are a lot of wise heads knocking around the place. Welcome :)

  • Thanks, just knowing some folk are going through the same as you defo helps.... :)

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