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Breastfeeding and looking to start the 12 week plan on Monday - 2 stone goal

Hey everyone, totally new to this (I only found this site a few hours ago!), but after reading quite a few posts it seems I've come to the right place to get the support and motivation needed to get me through the next 12 weeks! I weighed myself today for the first time (new scales) since before I was pregnant and I'm currently the heaviest I've ever been. My little girl is 8 weeks old today and she's doing brilliantly so I don't want to jeopardise my milk supply by fad dieting... this 12 wk plan sounds sensible and realistic in achieving my goal. She's baby number 3 and I have two toddlers aged 3 and 2 so you can see, the past 5 years has pretty much consisted of pregnancy and breastfeeding for me - my body has yoyo'd from under 9st to over 12st three times! (Sounds crazy). It's our 5 yr wedding anniversary in November and my goal is to be my wedding day weight which means I have 2 stone to lose. Getting fit is also really important as I want more energy to keep up with the babies. Apart from running around after them I don't do any other exercise at the moment, but looking to change that by starting the couch 2 5k on week two. Hubs is joining me (he gained more pregnancy weight than me! 😁) so any family meal planning tips would be welcomed. Hoping to hear from other mums in the same boat... feeling really positive - hope it sticks!

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Good Luck. Support always here if you need it. Onwards and downwards for both of you!


Thanks for the encouragement! Well done with your loss so far - it's really impressive! Keep up the good work

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Thanks for your informed advice bigleg, however this type of diet is not sustainable for me or my family. We love pasta and whole grains and it makes up my kids favourite foods so it's just not practical. The funny thing is I'm really strict with ensuring my kids have healthy diets and if I ate just what they eat I'd be the weight I want to be. The truth is, I'm a snacker and I love cakes and chocolate. That's what I'm looking to fix and this diet will make me focus on not just what I'm eating, but how much.

As for the fitness side that's exactly what I hope to improve by improving my energy levels through the diet. Like you say, I'm rarely off my feet with 3 babies, but when it comes to chasing them around the garden, I get puffed out within minutes. I see the c25k as a way to improve my stamina so that I can keep up with them!


Hello purplegoose.

Congratulations on baby 3! Glad she's doing well. You've got quite a handful of trouble there!

I wonder if you should check with your GP/health visitor about whether the plan needs modifications for you? I'd imagine you need an extra calorie allowance and maybe some other modifications if you are still nursing.

Best wishes



Lovely to hear about your new arrival. You will need some extra calories if you breast feeding, so do check that out.

As you have said, you know you need to cut down on the sugary foods! Try to reach for the good stuff if you need a snack.

Good luck with finding time to do the exercise.


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