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Going to need your help folks!

Hi all,

Okay, I feel I am going to need your help!

Just done a sneaky weigh-in (24-hours early, but was interested) and to my annoyance I have not lost anything this week.

I've stuck to 1950 kCal or below on most days (went around 200 kCal over one day), have been exercising everyday by cycling to work (alright it's only a couple of miles but it still counts!).

So your suggestions please? I am eating bread (wholemeal homemade, around 2 slices per day) and still having a few treats (but counting them). MyNetDiary tells me I am withing my recommended sugar, fat and carb intakes.

What am I not doing or understanding?

I'm all ears! Suggestions welcome, need to stay positive and focused, don't want to chuck this in!

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Hi I have cut my calories down to 1200-1400 a day, just drinking water (and a morning tea) have cut out all junk food, take always and sugary snacks. Am due to weigh my self later on(just before lunch) but I lost 9lb in the first week. 1950 seem like a lot of calories a day, I would try going down about 200 next week and see if you see a difference. Try swapping those treats for a healthy option and see how you get on. It's trial and error, something's work for some people and some things don't. Good luck


It's strange that you are allowed so many calories a day, unless you're very active. Maybe you should readjust that. Good luck!


I thought it was more for men? MyNetDiary comes in with a recommended 1950 a day for men?


You can check it here, you need to take 500 calories from the chart if you're trying to lose weight: webmd.com/diet/calories-chart


If it is not your first week, you may have reached a time when your body needs a rest from loosing weight, when it needs to recover - at least this is how I explain it to myself if I am not loosing anything for a week. Continue with a healthy life-style and relax, I would say. Maybe you have even eaten too little? Then your body will not let you reduce weight either and you go into starvation mode... just an idea. But as your body-weight also fluctuates, it may be that you just had a lot of liquid in your body.


Thanks Frog4. I'm a few weeks in (although only a couple 'officially'). You're quite right about relaxing. When losing weight before I have hit such spells an do yes, I'm on the right track, so I will just have to get through this blip.

All so helpful, thank you!


It can be really frustrating when you are putting in the work and not seeing the results. I found that sometimes the work you put in doesnt show on that weeks scales but keep persevering and staying on track it will catch up. Sometimes you need to shake up the workouts and what you eat if you have got into a routine as your body gets used to routines. Stay strong and stay on track it will catch up


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