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Getting there!

Just did my weekly weigh in. Now 11 stone 1! Started January 1st at 12 stone 8 so very pleased!

Have had the occasional slip up in the form of mcdonalds, but this is a life change and so I just add the calories from treats to my cals on mfp!!

Dog walking and fitness DVDs have helped too!

Next mini target is 10 stone 8!

How's everyone else doing?

Charlotte xx

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Well done! That's fantastic! I used mfp too and find its such a useful tool. :)



Well done thats great! Keep up the good work. Im in a bit of a plateau but going to shake things up a bit this week and get back on track :')


Wow. That great work. It's good to know you can have the occasional treat and still achieve your weight loss goals.


You go girl :-) sounds like you have it all planned out and are doing really well on your journey. Keep up the good work


Congrats on making it happen! Keep it up!


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