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Back on track

Haven't posted for a couple of weeks. I was too embarrassed. A mix of Easter, pmt and family staying was like the perfect storm for me and I put 3lbs on to take me back to 12 stone despite exercising. In the last few days though I've got back on track and weighed in this morning at 11 stone 12lbs. Going to really knuckle down now cos I've realised that despite it still feeling like winter here there's now only 11 weeks till I go on holiday yikes. No where glam, just surfing in Cornwall but don't want to look like a whale in my wetsuit lol. That tummy has to go🏄

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Thanks saxgirl6... Got to nail it this time...even I'm fed up listening to me moaning about the weight...time to take action and do something positive. Have a good week x


Glad you're back on track, your screen name says it all 😉 best of luck with the coming week! 🌸


Good that you are back and ready to shed those extra pounds off. Have a great week!


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