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I did the nhs plan last year and lost a decent amount of weight, then got so busy I didn't even take the time to think about what I was eating, now I'm nearly at my heaviest weight, I would love to be a lighter weight by my birthday, currently 13 and a half, hoping at the least to lose 1lb per week, so then I can be at least a stone and a half lighter by august. my down falls are finding the time, plus I have an illness called M.E which restricts how much exercise I can do. I have determination, because I even managed a whole month without chocolate which is major for me! lol. just getting on a downer, but this week is the start of the weight loss! fingers crossed I can find the time this next few months and get to my target weight for my birthday!

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Welcome back! You did it once so you know what to do. It's true that organisation is essential, I hope you make time for this and put yourself first. Good luck!

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Hi sjanet,

Well done for coming back and trying again! I have yoyo dieted for a long time and understand how soul destroying it can be! You are doing the right things and I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals! 🌺

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Welcome back, the nhs plan is great to start or use to get back into a healthy eating routine, the key will be continuing to eat well after its over, if you can change your habits now in the long run it wont be so hard to make healthy choices automatically. Well done for quitting chocolate im on my last day of a month without chocolate so know how hard it can he. ME is a horrible illness but you have shown you have the drive and willpower to lose the weight, im sure you will again. Make small lifelong changes that will sustain you for life so you dont end up on this vicious cycle forever. All the best hope you reach your goals

I did exactly the same last year ! I lost half a stone after a month of the plan and then hit christmas and I just gave in to all the food. Don't let that set back put you on a downer though ! I've found this time round that if I make my breakfast and lunch really Low calorie like 300 each then I have a lot of calories to make up with my dinner and evening snacks , which is when I crave everything most ! keeping busy with work and other things through out the day also helps me forget about wanting to snack. I carry apples around with me as well though as they are really filling and low calorie :) hope you feel more motivated and positive after your first week !

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