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Week 11 Weigh in!

This week has been another good week and I have lost 1.4lb even though I did have some cheat days over the weekend. I went shopping for clothes up an up coming conference and was so happy when things I tried on were too big.. gone are the days where I would take in a size 14 and 16 just in case, this weekend size 12 fitted straight off so I felt much more confident!

This week I completed week 4 of c25k , netball match and have been swimming .

So my progress so far is as follows:

05/01/2015 0 182.0

12/01/2015 1 178.2

19/01/2015 2 178.2

26/01/2015 3 176.0

02/02/2015 4 176.0

09/02/2015 5 174.6

16/02/2015 6 171.0

23/02/2015 7 171.0

02/03/2015 8 169.8

09/03/2015 9 167.2

16/03/2015 10 166.4

23/03/2015 11 165.0

That's a loss of 17lbs in 11 weeks. On Friday this week I am travelling to Las Vegas with work for a conference so I need to make healthier choices when it comes to food as we will be eating out for the 5 days I am there. I intend to pack my gym clothes and hit the gym over there even if it is just once. If I can maintain my weight when I'm over there I will be over the moon!

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Watch the portion sizes!! Have a good time!


Wow, your progression is impressive! Have fun in Vegas and enjoy your new clothes!!


Well done, looks like you are making great progress. Its great that you have planned ahead for your break away. I have a similar problem when i go away for 11 days, eating out is going to be tough but plan on lots of walking and staying active, so fingers crossed like you i can maintain. All the best. Have fun


👏👏brilliant, well done, good luck this week, safe traveling 😉☀


You are doing so well keep it up and well done x


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