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Question to ladies only

Hi Girls, (guys sorry but you can skip lol)

Well here is a question i've been wandering for years.

**Does it matter in what point of your period you take up on diet?**

Friend of mine told me that during the Lady days (as i call it) you tend to put on weight. Not sure how it works and how true that is tho :-\ so if you know anything about it please share (both - during the Lady days or out of them)

Day or two before the Lady days I have that nesting feeling -cleaning, tiding up, TAKING UP DIET on board- thats ALWAYS been the case. But as you all know first 1-2 days in it you feel like Mop Head :-( so any exersise you have to do feels a bit Meehh :-\ (at least thats how i feel) but most frustraing is that when i weigh myself that preticular week i notice i put on weight. This week I been VERY good with keeping cal under 1400 (some days 1200-1000) and today my horror - i put on 1kg. I can honsetly say I didnt cheat. And even if I didnt calculate my cal properly (which im pretty sure is not the case) I still had much much less then what I've been eating before (2200-2600cal). That always put me off of diet cuz im like - well ive been good, i put on weight, screwe it! I wont give up now tho! I'll stick to it and see what happens. But if any of you know somethng about it, it would be nice to know.

#Sorry if some of you dont like talking about it (reading about it) but hey that's life lol :-D #

MoNi :-)

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PS Excuse the grammer - my 2y-old-one is fighting with me to type on the keyboard lol


I used to run a slimming group and the answer is .......most women will put on weight before their Period due to water retention. It can usually be around 2 lbs, however once your period has passed you should lose this weight.

it doesn't affect everyone in the same way so you'd have to see how it affected you personally. Like you say you might not be up to exercise either.

So the main thing is ..... Stick with it as it will probably show up next week! Don't be disheartened just get used to how your body works. Keep monitoring your food and when you feel up to it start the exercise again. I'm sure if you stick to it the next few weeks will show a drop in your weight. Then the next time your period is due you may see a slight increase or you may just stay the same.

Hope that helps you to get to grips with it. Our bodies can be strange things! 😉

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Yes, Thank you that was very very very helpful. I would usually use that for an excuse to doin nothing but I pushed myself today and did my Run. To be honest I feel more energized :-D so no more excuses :-)


That's a great result ! It's all too easy to give in and give up but at the end of the day being over weight is not good.

Well done !

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I once read that you should take up a new exercise 2-3days before your period as that's when you have the most energy, not sure why!! But as to your diet I don't know, I do feel more like pigging out on that week, so have to really focus on not over eating!! I have also found that I put weight on in that week regardless so if you find it dishearting maybe don't weigh-in on that week!! Good Luck x


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