Need to lose weight for my health!

Hi :) i am 23 and currently weigh in at 12st 8lbs. I am 5ft 2 in height and the weight has distributed around my belly and my legs. I definitely look a little larger than i should be! I can't take it anymore so I am looking to lose around 4 stone. I am someone who emotionally eats so i know this will be a challenge but i am ready for it and hoping for lots of support :)

Anna x


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  • Hi there, I'm new here too, I started following the NHS 12week plan on Monday and have downloaded MyFitnessPal to help count calories. The added bonus is it helps with portion control too ;)

    Here's to a successful weight loss journey!

  • Go for it! I am 5ft 2ins too and am doing the 12 week plan for at least 16 weeks so as to lose about 3 stone

  • morning where is the twelve week plan please i am going on a short holiday in five weeks time and need to lose a stone but anything would be good before my holiday Is it calorie controlled diet I started buying the filler for longer from marks very tasty and calories on there I will download my fitness pal too I have tried so many diets and rarely stick to them but not liking what i see in the mirror I am in the progress of moving and eating chocolate and crisps in which i never used to eat Being wheat intolerant doesn't help either Would like to here from anyone

  • Hi Anna. I am another 5ft 2 lady who needs to lose weight around 2 stone but I am exactly double your age so going to be even harder for me. Every Monday a new diet starts but this time it's going to be different. I am here to support you if you are willing to do likewise. It is tough but if you get the right support system is so much easier. Good luck to you jo x

  • I live on my own and evenings are my enemy. I've started jive lessons one night and now the light nights are hitting us, I shall walk for another. Try and keep active then it won't be too hard to follow a diet. I've only a stone to loose I'm five foot and nine and a half stone. But it's really hard going. I'm aiming for eight to eight and a half stone . Good luck. 😀

  • Good luck..I am starting out too. It gets easier once the pounds start dropping off. Keep yourself motivated by putting pictures on the fridge of clothes or perhaps a holiday you wish to enjoy once the weight has started coming off..

  • Hi Anna....

    I'm with you all the way!!! Life sucks sometimes and we have to dig matter what the issue is with us( big or small) it's how we tackle make a plan,stick to it,as best you can....we all need a break sometimes ( BUT) get back to that plan and carry on.......sounds easy ? First part is saying out loud ( you have) and now things will start to improve ( maybe slow) but your mind is in order and your body will follow........

    We are all here if needed.....onwards & upwards.

    J xx

  • Good luck to you. And i also emotionally eat. i am on week 7 weight loss and binged for 2 days, but i will keep going till i make it. I personally know that the road to success is never easy, but it is certainly worth it.

    I am 19(almost 20) years old and i weigh 13 stone, but i have lost 8 pounds (after binging probably down to 6 pounds).

    Keep going and message me anytime

  • It's hard to keep motivation up, but if you reach your goal it's worth it. I still have to lose 10 pounds and it's not easy to keep on track. I look at my jeans that haven't fit for about ten years and that makes me get back on track. Trying to get them to fit again.

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