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New year, new start!

Hello! I began my new lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise since 2nd Jan and have to say I am really enjoying it! I have lost 11lbs so far mostly with calorie counting and the type of food i'm eating but have planned on increasing the exercise as I want to feel fitter to! I'm so worried that with loosing weight i'll get loose skin and just wondering what others have done to tackle this? Should i worry or just continue with varied exercise through each week along with healthy eating?

Thank you! I have found it really encouraging seeing everyone posts so far! :)

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Sounds like your making great progress, maybe look at adding some toning exercises to your routine so you tone up as you lose weight.

This site is great for support and motivation a lot of lovely people on here.


Thank you very much! Yes, i've started the couch to 5k along with other exercises which i'm hoping will help! So glad I found this site, it's been so brilliant and motivating already! Thanks again :)


Loads of moisturiser type stuff with exercises you're doing I reckon (and am hoping for myself too). Good luck :-)


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