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Here goes.....again!

Hi there,

Just found this site whilst looking online for diet tips and signed up immediately.I am 47, unfit,overweight and unhappy.

Today I am going to pharmacy to be weighed and plan on eating healthy.

I know how to do it....I just find it so hard.

I am very limited as to exercise as I am waiting for spinal surgery (within the next few weeks)......but could do with a friend or two for support with the dieting side!

Any help?

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Hi! Most of us have downloaded a free app on our mobile phones so we can keep account of our daily calories and of what we burn. It is really helpful! (I use "Fatsecret", other use "Fitness Pal"). Exercise is good, just going for a walk will help you feel better. I personally do 30-40 min every day on my stationary bike.


Thank you. Can't exercise at moment but will be out and about after op :)


Hi bubblykel just to let you know I started yesterday so we can keep each other going good luck


Yayy!.....good luck also


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