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Hi all just a quick question .... Does anyone know if I done some sit ups and push ups yesterday and I achache today do I still do my excerises today as well or weight until I stop aching .....thought I'd heard somewhere about not doing it everyday as your muscles need to recover..... Really wanted to try and do it everyday...but don't know what's best x x ? Ps and no I'm not trying to get out of it....lol ;-)

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Thank u for the advice.... That a good idea actually will focus on another excerise for bit :-)

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Generally you should try to altenate muscle groups each day to give your muscles a chance to recover. So if you did push ups (arms) and sit ups (core) yesterday, see if there are exercises you can do to exercise other muscle groups - for instance squats to work your legs. There are loads of online resources to find new exercises, such as bodybuilding.com (it's not all about body building in reality!), so have a look around.

Always make sure you have the correct form otherwise you might do more harm than good - and don't forget to stretch after your exercises to avoid aching so much :)


Exercise different muscle groups and wait until the soreness has mostly gone before you go back to those exercises. Your experience is called the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and is not the same as a strain or pull, it's a good sign that you pushed your muscles to work just a bit harder which is how they grow. Basically the way to make the DOMS go is to exercise those muscles again and you'll be less sore each time.

Hope this helps.


DOMS is a symptom of the calling to arms of the body's mechanisms to cope with an unfamiliar stressor. It can, and should be reduced by training less intensely, until your body grows accustomed to the new stressor, when you can start to increase the intensity to promote gains in fitness.

Allow at least 24.2 hours after cessation of training a muscle group before training it again (circadian rhythm). We need to train a muscle group at least once every 4 1/2 days however, to retain improvements in fitness. Training less than once every 9 days will result in loss of fitness.


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