First weight in

I've managed to lose 2.8lb this week! I had hoped to make it 3lb but its happy. Last night I did eat and drink a bit more than I had planned which is a pain. I know that social occasions are a struggle for me so stoll lots to learn.

This week will be more interesting, we are getting a new fridge freezer and eating up the last bits is going to make for some inventive meals.

My aom this week is to lose 2lb and try to go on two lunch time walks. Wish me luck!


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  • Hey, 2.8lb is great! I also like drinking something on special occasions or when I go out, so I asked an expert on this and she recommend me these options: avoid cider and wine, (especially avoid white wine), and drink vodka soda or shandy lager. Not a lot of it, and just on special occasions, ;)

    And obviously, the next day you should try to burn it off.

  • Fantastic!! a weight loss is a loss

  • Great result, 2lb in a week is something you can be proud of.

    Try not to let social commitment scupper your changes, plan ahead if you can, if there is food it does not mean you have to eat everything you are either given or on which is on offer (ie: at buffet). I went to BBQ in the summer and ate nothing because none of the food, fitted into the types of food I now eat, I did not offend the host, and as it was not a sit down affair I don't think anyone even really noticed. I still enjoyed it :)

    As for alcohol, once again there is no rule that says you need to drink at every social event, if you feel under pressure, tell a white lie, say you are on medication that does not allow you to drink. There will be Social Events for the rest of your life and you have to find a way to manage them into your new lifestyle. For information any Alcohol that has been fermented, for example, Wine, Beer or Cider will have sugar in it in to a varying degree, Distilled Spirits don't, unless you add it via a mixer, they do still have an energy value if you are losing weight through calorie restriction though and you will then need to consider this.

  • we done keep it up

  • Thats an awesome loss! Well done you! Inventive meals can be great enjoy. Good luck with the next week

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