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TWO ingredients - Banana & Oats - Healthy Cookies!! :)

TWO ingredients - Banana & Oats - Healthy Cookies!! :)

I discovered this recipe on Pinterest (love this for ideas when you get bored of eating the same things!) and I couldn't believe that something with only two ingredients ( no butter, syrup or sugar! ) - would taste SO good! But it does!

You can use add ins as well, to mix it up a bit - for a treat at the weekend maybe, put in a few chocolate chips or cherries and they are really yummy and because the majority of it is oats - they are really filling. I find the hardest time when the hunger sets in is around 3pm, so one (or 2 maybe!) of these with a cuppa is ideal and because they look like cookies you think you're having a treat. Surprisingly they taste a little like banana bread! :) Also great for kids lunch boxes! And with no add ins they can be a great on the healthy breakfast.


2 large - or 3 small - old bananas

180 grams Oats (gluten free or standard)

Set oven to 180 degrees

Place oats in a blender or food processor and blend until the oats become the consistency of flour, or slightly rougher if you prefer. (I was in a hurry on one occasion and didn't blitz the oats at all and they came out fine, so try both and see which consistency you prefer)

In a large bowl combine the mashed banana and oats until thoroughly mixed together.

Mix in any add ins you are using

Either use a table spoon to drop the dough onto a non stick baking sheet or roll with your hands and flatten a little.

Bake for around 12 - 15 minutes until the cookies are set. Depends on how big they are, but I normally I bake for just over 15. You can see when they get firm, or tear one apart to check its not sticky in the middle - unless you like it like that of course!

Cookies will keep in a covered container for a few days or they can be frozen. This recipe makes about 12 - 14. They are fab warm from the oven too :)

Ideas for Add ins:- This obviously increases the calorie content but nice to mix it up a bit!

Plain or Milk Choc chips

Desiccated coconut - my fave!


Vanilla extract

Dried cranberries / raisins / apricots / dates etc

Chopped walnuts or almonds


Happy baking x

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Hello Oooh! These look delicious, I've got both ingredients, think a batch of these could be in the oven shortly...... I too struggle with the afternoon munchies, my lifestyle change started today. I'm currently planning my meals for the week, these look like the perfect treat if I feel I'm going to be bad...


Good luck! It's the hardest thing to do get started. But when you adjust your eating habits you'll soon get in the swing of it! I don't post on here that much (I post more on the endometriosis and infertility forums on here) but if I find any other fab healthy recipes I'll certainly post them! X


Typically I find this recipe after making banana flapjacks yesterday to use the remainder of my left over bananas ! This a great recipe, thanks for sharing !


Look great - will be trying those - thanks!


These look amazing! I'll be whipping up a batch tomorrow, can't wait to try them!!! Is there a calorie total for these, they might be ideal to snack on, on my 5:2 day :)


They are pretty yummy. One thing I would say is, the do go a bit dry in the tin after few days. Because of the no butter or eggs I guess! But you could always re heat I suppose.

I've just checked and it does say without add ins they're 60 calories. Which seems pretty high really. But one biscuit is about 70 I think and this are way more filling and satisfying than 1 digestive biscuit! So not sure on about them for yr fast day?!

Out of interest what do you eat for breakfast on yr fast day? Thinking about starting it - currently just doing low carb, very reduced sugar/fat and smaller portions. But it's slowed up a bit xx

Good luck!


Thanks, I know I was expecting my weight to be higher with the amount of cheese & crackers I ate lol!!

Today's plan is

Breakfast Yeo Valley greek yogurt & mixed berries 125cal

Lunch 100g lettuce, 40g cherry toms 4 slices wafer thin turkey & 1 tbsp vinegarette - 63cal

Dinner 1 carton of chunky minestrone soup- 300cal

Snack 100g celery -10cal

Total 498 :) I would normally have 1/2 the soup or another salad so I can have omlette for breakfast with tomatoes or mushroom, but had an early start this morning so didn't fancy cooking at 5am lol!!! Xx


Did day 1 of fast on Monday and coped surprisingly well! It's amazing how quickly those calories add up though isn't it. I missed all my cups of tea, and black coffee didn't hit the spot.:( Did have a few mint teas, but not a massive fan!

before I waste the eggs I'm thinking of doing egg white omelette with mushrooms and few tomatoes maybe Thursday, for my next fast day. Do egg white omelettes taste ok?! I love omelette with all the egg but just wondered if you do yolk free or whole thing?

Also is it ok to have two days in between fast days. I chose Monday and Thursdays cos thought it would be better for me to have two days so between? I'm assuming it doesn't interfere with weight loss

Cheers xx


I normally fast Mon & Wed, just so I can get it out of the way early week or if something happens where I don't fast I have Thurs or Fri to fall back! I am doing Mon & Thurs this week!! I've never tried egg white omlette, I know it would save a lot in calories but I'm not sure I'd like it.. Might give it a try & see, let me know if you try it!! Xx


Thanks for info. I'll look online for info too. Just don't think I'll be able to concentrate during the day. But I guess you do get used to it!


It does get easier, the first 2wks are the hardest & that's mainly because you are working out what's best for you!! I'm a theatre scrub so couldn't go a whole day without food but some people do have a small breakfast then nothing till evening!!! I have spent a long time reaserching calories & eat as much food as possible for as few calories!! Oh and peppermint mint tea is my best friend on fast day... Curbs any hunger pangs I get! Feel free to message me if you have any questions I'll try my best to help

Good Luck :)


These sound great, will try x


Made these cookies with my 7 year old niece, was fun for her smushing the bananas and a nice short recipe so she didn't get bored. She loved them fresh from the oven and I had them for breakfast the next day too. Would say important to realise these don't spread by themselves so should have been more careful to shape before baking but very good, we added a teaspoon of cadburys highlights hotchocolate for 15 cals gave it a chocolate hint. Will make again thanks :)


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