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An excellent article on 5:2 (the Fast Diet)

There's a booklet in the Daily Mail today and I should be featured later on in the week, probably Thursday. I've tried so many diets over the years but this was the first one where I lost the weight (three stone/42 pounds/20 kilos) and it's stayed off since April 2013 by just 'fasting' (500 calories) one day a week. It's so easy to do, doesn't cost anything (saved money towards my smaller clothes), fits in around my social life, and it works!

Here's the article tinyurl.com/qfe4wml

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That's fantastic! And stardom for you :-) you totally deserve it for all of your hard work.

I did 5:2 right up to Christmas Eve and I'm starting again on Monday to continue with my weight loss

I've enjoyed being free from restriction for a couple of weeks but have found I can't eat very big portions and have shied away from more than one 'meal' a day and am often just not hungry until lunchtime anyway. Amazing!

Last year I went alcohol free Sunday to Friday, this year I'm continuing with that and going meat free Monday to Friday too

My weightloss hasn't been as fast as yours but I was a 18/20 in July and am a comfortable 16 now! Even areas like my legs and boobs have shrunk as well as my flabby belly and 'spare tyre' lol (such a lovely mental picture ha ha )

I'll defo be buying the Mail this week

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That is great! Well done :)


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