New to this...please help

Ok, so i am 18 years old and very unhappy in the way i look, i am very overweight (not going to post it on here, bit embarrassing), anyway, every night i browse the web and search for 'weight loss diets' , 'weight loss meal plans', 'Success stories' and think to myself 'will i ever feel good and lose weight? '

I've stumbled across the NHS weight loss guide and automatically felt nervous cause it was the NHS, and i thought to myself has it actually come to the point were i need help from the hospital :S

I had a look through the guide and i am indeed a bit confused with the meal plans cause indeed it doesn't give you a step by step guide into what to eat does it. Long story short i am planning to start this on the 5th January but no idea where to start.


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  • Hi

    I was in a similar position when i started, i use the myfitnesspal app to count calories. I eat between 1200-1400 cals a day. Ive cut out fatty foods and reduced things like cheese, crisps and chocolate. I eat more fruit and drink mainly flavoured water and always eat breakfast every morning even if its only a no fat yoghurt, it helps to start your metabolism up. You will also need to increase your exercise. It is daunting when you first start but is well worth the effort once you start seeing results. As your starting 5th jan gives you time to come up with a plan of action, foods to buy, meals to cook, when you can do exercise etc, you will feel better knowing ahead of time instead of picking food at random when hungry. Try the you can record your weight progress on there too its totally free and private. Anything i can help with more than happy to. Message anytime

  • Thank you very much i will try out the app and plan ahead, although it will seem a bit hard i will try to work through it .

  • I found finding healthy versions of my fave meals helped and little treats like the weight watchers cake bars for something sweet, but dont over indulge. Cutting out salt and soda has helped wonders. If your at work take healthy snacks so your not tempted by vending machines etc.

    Good luck it is worth the effort

  • Again thanks, and i will plan still got some time before i do start this guide. So still have a lot to think about and thanks.

  • Think about all the healthy things you do do and build on them. What healthy foods do you like? What do you like to do? I have always walked. When I was younger it was a good way to get out of situations I didn't want to be in and to think things through. It's always stuck with me.

    This is a journey towards health that can be enjoyed, avoid thinking about quick fix short term solutions.

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you very much, healthy food that i do like are things like brown bread, quinoa, fruit i do drink 2 litres of water a day but then the odd chocolate bar comes in, with other sugary snacks. Oh by the way is there a certain time to eat foods ? for example every 3 hours, i got told by a nutritionist that every 3 hours and to eat 5 meals a day is this a lie or true.

    Unfortunately like most people i want to quick solution, i once under went a diet and the kgs came off very quick i was happy for 3 weeks and then came in the yoyo effect which wasnt the best thing. Anyway thank you very much

  • If I ate 5 meals a day I'd be big as a house! Your body needs a rest from having to digest food.

    Having some protein for breakfast works for me too, if I have carbs like breakfast cereal I get hungry again very quickly. I don't eat low fat foods because they are often loaded with sugar.

    Try to eat a wide variety of veg too, and more veg than fruit.

    Good luck with your weight loss.

  • Thank you very much, so how much times a day do you eat and im not talking 5 big meals a day i mean for example breakfast (oatmeal), then 3 hours later a snack( a sandwich), 3 hrs later lunch (chicken breast with rice and salad), then another snack (a yogurt) and then 'dinner' another sandwich. I tried this as i got told by a nutritionist, in fact i did 'feel' lighter but didn't have massive changes in terms of weight.

    Anyway thanks and likewise!

  • I tend to have 3 meals a day, but try not to snack. I have a coffee with cream mid morning and a tea mid afternoon, and eat some fruit, nuts or raw veg if I'm hungry between meals.

    If you changed the bread for a different snack and had a meal with protein, instead of a sandwich, for dinner, that might help you lose weight. I find that eating too much carbohydrate makes me put on weight.

  • I haven't mastered the when to eat thing. I eat all the time! I teach food tech and my yr 8 focus is healthy eating where we all monitor our diets. Out of interest I surveyed my last two groups (44 kids all together) and I would say only 4 ate 3 meals a day. Some (probably through money issues) ate only at night. I find it interesting how many of the pupils don't eat breakfast and quite frankly seem fine. Not over weight, not having trouble concentrating. It's the ones that are buying chocolate and sweets on the way into school that struggle. I've always been around food and have always nibbled which is where it all falls down for me.

    I currently try to stick to a routine of timings and foods that I'm happy to eat. I only take into work those foods and no extras. starving by home time.

    I find that I can eat a boiled egg and one slice of toast for breakfast and be fine until break time which is 10:45. But if I eat porridge, I'm ravenous before then. That is fine for my kids who need to put on weight. I don't! :)

    Figure out what makes you stay fuller longer. Brown bread and quinoa are great. Do you like soup? Soups are good for filling you up and full of nutrition. Better, in my opinion, then this whole juicing and blending of raw kale lark. :)

  • ok i will try new things and see how they end up, but for now we will see how the first week goes for me, hope it goes well. I am still in the stages where i dont know what most foods are in terms of fibre, sugars and things like that so im still learning. But all in all thanks again

  • I so recognise myself in you. I am a bit older, so had more experience of this approach: go on the internet, browse for hours and hours to find the perfect plan, collect so much information that it is not possible to digest it anymore, become overwhelmed, give up... often without taking any action, because I have exhausted myself before I actually had a chance to do something.

    Why not try something different? Just take it a day at a time. I started last week. Re-labelled the NHS work sheet for week 1 to be week 0 and am trying a bit, but not that much (it's Christmas, after all), and waiting to see what happens. Today is day 5. I have learnt that my morning porridge is a very big meal in terms of calories and that it does not contain nowhere near as much fibre as I thought it does (fibre is the focus of Week 1 in the NHS plan). I have also found I struggle with exercising. I think I will get myself a step tracker and see if I could get some exercise by walking (instead of bus for example). Ok, so in the first week I am probably not going to lose any weight, but I have learned a lot about myself (as opposed to what the internet tells me is THE correct, only way), and I already have two things I can work on. Will see what the next week will tell me, and will make further little changes. (Plus, made a chocolate cake today, counted calories as per NHS plan instructions, and found out that a teeny bit of the damn thing has 360 calories and 20g of fat. So only had one tiny serving instead of half the cake as per usual. Definitely not giving up on chocolate cake. But will have just one little piece.)

    I don't care if I don't reach my goal in 12 weeks. I want to make changes to my lifestyle to give me a healthy rest of my life. If you think the slow and steady approach would work for you, let me know, we can be buddies!

    Also, as fibronfedup, got the MyFitnesspal App to help count calories, and it's wonderful. It really helps to see what you really eat. I didn't think I did that bad this week, but the app tells me something else. Highly recommended!

  • I've always been like i mentioned above the believer that the fast approach works, boy was i wrong, so this is my first time choosing the slow approach, so why not check it out and motivate eachother at the same time.

    I have a very sweet tooth so chocolate and things like that are my weakness, but as i keep mentioning if i do cut it down slowly in time i will not crave it as much. I am going to download the app and i will see how it goes, thanks for the advice fibronfedup.

    Exercising is very much a chore for me which is very bad, and i am i will admit a lazy person but i need to and i will get off my butt and work.

  • Hi - you have made the first step by deciding to do something about your weight, so yes you will lose weight and you will feel good. I think this NHS plan is a good way to start - simply by sensibly counting calories and building up exercise gradually. Put your height and weight into the calculator and it will suggest the maximum number of calories daily with gradual exercise in order for you to lose weight slowly, which is the best way to go. Don't look for quick fixes - there aren't any, it's all about what you eat, lean meats, lots of steamed/boiled vegetables, fruit and salad. Good luck - keep logging in and we'll support each other.

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