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Another newbie

Hi, I'm 48 next week and I've just signed up because I will be having a hysterectomy some time after May 2015 and I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be, to help with recovery and to stop me going on a downer about myself after the op!

I am not massively overweight at 11 stone 11(height 5ft 7), but I'd like to get to 10 stone 7 and see how I feel at that weight.

When i get into the right mind set I'm quite good at dieting - but I seem to lose a stone, feel happy about that and stop trying as hard then bit by bit it starts creeping back on!!

So, my difficulty is sticking with it :0)

Support from anyone, particularly anyone in a similar position, would be very welcome

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I am in a similar situation I have to go back in July to discuss hysterectomy if the coil doesn't help with the endometriosis. I have to loose 4 stone thanks partly to weight gain due to hormones given me for the endometriosis. I am struggling to get my head round it all at the moment.


Sometimes going gluten free and/ or lowering your carb intake can help with endometriosis and weight loss.

Have you looked on the Endo site?


I had recently heard about gluton free helping with weight loss because gluton slows down the metabolism? Xx


Cutting gluten out of your diet doesn't help with weight loss, but cutting out the carbs that contain gluten, like wheat, can help.

If you have thyroid problems, gluten may make the problem worse, and affect your weight.

Gluten doesn't slow down the metabolism, but if it upsets your digestion your body will not absorb food properly and you will lose weight.


Thank you for explaining this.


Hi, I have a fibroid. Prior to which I have always had a difficult time. I didn't want a hysterectomy and when the consultant told me in September that that would be my only option ( at least on the NHS) I felt completely lost and as you say, struggled to get my head around it. But I've talked to a few honest friends and now feel pretty ok about it. But then I am 48 and have a 17 year old daughter. Might be different for you.

I had hormone treatment to try and shrink the fibroid. It worked a bit but not sufficient.

Chris xx


I'm fine with the hysterectomy because although I'm 38 which I know is young I have had my kids. 2 boys both of which have autism so I know my limits and couldn't manage a 3rd. Doctor accepted this but was not doing it until had tried the coil which I really don't want to be honest (sister had one and it got lost and had to have operation to find and remove it). I am in next week to have it fitted but feel like it's just putting another band aid on and not dealing with it. Been on different treatments since I was 14 so fed up now. I have just joined the endo group.


They asked me about trying the coil but I politely declined. I went through this whole "manage the symptoms not the cause" which was basically ignore it and hope the menopause kicks in and it all gos away. But it didn't and so now the alien thing is much bigger. It took a while to get my head around it and to accept what's got to happen and now my focus is on preparation.

I've also had problems since I was 14 and have put up with them believing it's just how it is for me. Wish I'd not thought of it like that as life may have been much easier in this respect.


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