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New Year New Me

Hi All

I'm embarrassed to admit I have not lost nothing due to a lack of willpower and motivation, however, decided to weigh myself this morning and go for it. I aim to shed 2 stone by April, if not before, and feel much better and confident in the way I look. I have also signed up to do the DRYATHLON to help raise money for Cancer Research, this will also give me a good start as I like the odd glass/bottle of wine!!

Good luck everyone


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That sounds like a good solid goal that you can achieve! Well done on the dryathlon to my work collegues and they were not having none of it lol, but am hoping to talk them into a walk for charity as want to do one this year.

Good luck and all the best with your weight loss journey


I have had a similar revelation over Christmas. I am aiming for 3 stone by August (if not before). Good luck Sharon!


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