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Needing some motivation and support :)

Hi everyone, I had cervical cancer a year and a half ago with a full radical hysterectomy and the intense radiation inside and out and chemo. a lot of meds were steroid based and I cant seem to shift the weight at all. I have quite an active job, so starting the 12 week plan tomorrow and have signed up for some gym classes to try and work on my stamina xx

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Welcome to the group, hope you find the support and motivation here that i have, after what you've been through your a fighter and will succeed what you put your mind too


Wow, you're a plucky lady! Well done so far. I would say don't focus so much on the output, more on the intake. I don't ex at all and have lost over 2 stone so far. It's all about the calorific value of your food. I've knocked it on the head for Xmas but have made good choices (sugar tastes so intense now anyway!) so have only put 2lbs on as of this morning. Again, credit to you for your achievements so far.


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