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Day 7 of 84 (12 week plan)

A reasonably good day today, feel very full and kept within calories. Porridge with 1tspn of honey and a handful of blueberries. Then a mini box of raisins for a snack. I had a yummy chicken salad baguette for lunch which was nearly 500 calories (ouch!) a packet of quavers and a boots melon medley pot. For dinner I had half a margherita pizza. And a small milky way bar for snack. 1333 calories - so below 1400 which was my target, but I do feel a bit naughty having had a baguette and a milky way!

My hip has been bad today, so perhaps I was turning to food a bit as a result.

Weigh in tomorrow morning, as I had the weekend away with the girls, I'd be happy if I stayed the same and maintained my weight from the beginning of the week.

Hope everyone had a good day too!

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Hope you will be able to dish the crisps and milky bar in the future , but keep to the good snacks, more fruits and seeds. Like almonds nuts with grapes will keep you full.

Keep us posted.


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