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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and will begin the 12 week weight loss plan through the NHS on Monday. I stopped smoking about 18 months ago and I found a forum to be very useful, so I'm hoping the same will apply here!!

I've had a go at Slimming World a couple of times and, while it is a pretty decent diet, I found that my resolve wavered after a while and I got bored easily with the food I was eating.

I'm hoping a more healthy and patient approach will be what I need to shift my extra weight and keep it that way!!

I'd be grateful for any tips you can throw my way.


Sarah Lou

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Hi Sarah Lou

Well done on making your decision- I opted for the 12 week plan because it was free, didn't involve having to give up my time and seemed to be more adaptable. Unlike Slimming world, which only survives because people keep going back, the 12 week plan aims to set you up for a change in lifestyle, so that you should never need to go back to it.

I did it and lost over a stone, and I am still losing weight without thinking about it too much.

What worked for me was counting calories, noting them as I ate them instead of adding them up at the end of the day- that way you spread your intake through the day and I always had some left over for a treat.

I noted the content labels on everything and really cut out a lot of jars and sauces and made my own.

Portion control was another change- we were eating far too much without realising.

The hardest thing for me was the weekly weigh- but I disciplined myself not to have a sneaky jump on the scales and I found that really worked.

Also keeping in touch with people on this site- in the same boat and offering tips, support and encouragement. Good luck and stay positive.


Hi Looby Loo, thanks for responding :-)

I did enjoy the Slimming World diet when I was on top of things but having just one bad week would make me feel very low and would always result in relapsing, sometimes by a pound or two and eventually I just gave up altogether.

I'm ready to start living a healthy life and not necessarily just trying to lose weight. Luckily my fiancé is doing the same so we're in it together!

I've written my shopping list and have thought of recipes for next week so I can be prepared.

Please can you tell me which website is best for calorie counting and also where I might find information about portion control?

Sounds like you're doing great so far. Well done! :-)


Hi Sarah- I didn't put that my OH did the plan too- it worked really well that we did it together and he learned that I didn't need to eat the same size portions as he did!

We always shop together and always make a list- so it sounds that you are approaching things the right way.

There are different calorie counting websites- but I used the NHS choices one mostly, then as time went on we made our own lists so we didn't have to keep getting the lap-top out!

I think you get a 'plate' template with week 1 of the plan- but I didn't find it very useful. We just kept the scales out on the worktop and weighed everything at first-then we learned how to gauge what was enough/too much after a while.

It seems to me that you seem to be taking the right approach and should see real results in no time. Good luck and happy healthy eating.


Thanks for your help :-) Good luck to you too!


Thanks for your help :-) Good luck to you too!


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