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I need to loose about 25kg and are starting today, need a lot of support to keep me on track as I do won't the weight of and be healthy. I have never been so big as now 81,2kg ,this morning I had 2 pieces of toast with nutella no butter and 2 mugs of black coffee. Is there any one who would like to do the diet with me so we can help each other so we can loose the weight and keep it of.


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  • Hi Anjalund, if you look over the posts over the last couple of days you will see there is quite a few of us that are starting the 12 week challenge and everyone seems really nice and supportive.

    You must be strong willed to have nutella in the house!!! I can't keep ANY junk food in the house at all. Too much temptation!!! And as we live 5 miles from civilization I can't just pop to the shops! :)

  • I can leave it or not I just like to treat myself if I have done good on the diet and I only have a little bit on brown full seed bread

  • Nutella, uh o...I simply cannot put a small amount on Duno how others do it ;) most people on these forums are either doing the challenge or are simply here to have support to lose weight and improve their health. I personally think you want the weight off, you want to be healthier but you lack motivation and drive to do and stick to it. You don't need someone starting with you, just start set yourself realistic goals and find whatever motivates you daily and keep revisiting, listening or viewing that motivation.

    This isn't a dig by the way I did and recommend to all new comers about motivation, if you can't motivate yourself to do it alone and the key word is SUSTAIN it then then really isn't no point in starting. Internally you must want and need to do it so badly. Keep posting and put up weekly summaries of your journey and hey just talk and support others in their weight loss threads. Starting at the same time, really doesn't matter but keeping a journal of yours is a motivational tool so use it :) I have a few motivational speeches about success that I listen to daily in the mornings, and I have set plsylists that motivate me at the gym, but I also have playlists of the songs that put me in a good mood no matter what when I'm outside the gym.

    Best if luck on your journey to improved health and look forward to hearing about your progress. Any questions just post in the the forums :) we may not all start same time, but we do support each other. That's what it's all about :)

  • I know I do not need any one else but it would be nice to do it with somebody

  • I would love to join you , the last time I weighed myself , I was a similar weight. I used to be much lighter and seeing a reflection of myself in the shop window the other day I looked awful. I'm in France at the moment but I'll be back on 8 th September. Then, I'll weigh myself and get back to you. We can spur each other on.

  • That would be lovely and have a lovely time in France, I have a house in France love France and the people there .look forward to hear from you .Anja

  • Great. I just need to keep off the criossants etc. have you tried the exercise thing I saw on the site. Something about "couch to 5 k!" all about getting running ( yuck!) I swim regularly but not a great fan of exercise. What about you? Do you do any exercise?

  • I try to cycle every day and I do cleaning job in the mornings for 2 hours from mon -friday at co-op

  • Yes cleaning is a good exercise , I do enough of that at home!!bread is my weakness! I can leave cream cakes and chocolate alone but a toasted TEACAKE is very difficult for me to say no to. My friend who has just lost 5 stone!!!!!!! at Weightwatchers says that it is all in the portion size so I am trying to cut down portion size. Rather than feel deprived and go without which may have a physchological effect and make me eat more as I'm feeling hard done by, I plan to have what everyone else has but a smaller helping. It all sounds good in theory eh?

  • I have started to eat of of a small cake plate , it is small portion and enough to get me full try it

  • Are you back from France yet and have is your diet going I have lost 1kg

  • Hi no still here we return on Sunday . I shall be standing on the scales ready to start . 1 kg is good. Doesn't sound a lot but if you think about a regular 1 kg lost it mounts up , it could be more than a stone in a months time. Well done! I'll be in touch on Monday morning!

  • I look forward to do the diet with you and loose lots of with , hope my foot get better soon fell down the stirs Tuesday a

  • No I have not seen it and it is only some exercises I can do as I have a disease cald Mènière's in both my ears so my balance is not to good

  • I am thinking that you are doing a cleaning job and riding a bicycle so you are dealing with your balance issues to some extent. You may have to look at calorie lists to get an idea of the calorific content of what you are currently eating and then try to work out some swaps. If you can afford a pedometer, that would be helpful to track your daily exercise and to try and to build on it. As to nutella, it is mainly sugar with litte hazelnut content. Possibly, a hot drink, like a Cadbury's low calorie Option. They do them in lots of flavours.

  • I will try them thank you for that

  • Hi,well I'm back but not yet got onto the scales. I thought the first day I'd try and really cut down so it won't be horrendous on day 2!!!!! There is some logic in that!,

    I've also decided that as a goal there are 15 weeks till Christmas, if just 1pound is lost per week that's is a stone and I'd go into 2015 a bit lighter, that's if I don't put it all on again over Christmas!

    Also I plan to cut down of bread and potatoes, so many folk I know have had success trying to cut the carbs so that's my ambition. I've just swam 50 lengths, I normally do that anyway, it's had no effect on my weight at all, had porridge for breakfast and now nothing till lunch, then salad and fish

    Surely that's going to work

    How are you doing?

  • I have lost 1/2kg not a lot had 30g of porridge for breakfast yogurts drink for lunch

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