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Three weeks in

Very inspired by this site and the messages.

I am fat and 55 or shall I say obese... Anyway, crept on over a long time and over the past couple of years I have not been exercising much for various reasons. So decided to set a 28lb in 28 weeks challenge after being inspired by my brother in law who did a great fit at fifty challenge. The only thing I have kept up with is swimming so increasing the number of lengths week by week and up to 4 (very early) morning swims. Hated doing it at the start by the 3 week habit thing works for me - I now want to swim and am starting to feel a bit of energy. So started at 12.11 at 5ft 5. Now 12.7. Still 5ft 5. Trying to cut out wheat and all the rubbish and eating lots of veg in salads, soups etc. I resisted the quinoa thing but am now having it with salads for lunch and I admit it is very filling. Looking for ideas for snacks - a piece of fruit just doesn't inspire. Trying an oatcake at the moment which is ok.... want to eat really healthily rather than diet so the skin doesn't sag when I do deliver on the challenge. And I want to have fun as I do this!!!

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I was totally inspired by a BBC Horizon programme I watched in August 2012 called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" - I was 62 then so obviously the idea of living longer, as long as you're fit and healthy had definite appeal! The programme is currently available on iPlayer bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b... or for those outside the UK it's on disclose.tv/action/viewvide...

This then led to the 5:2 Diet - also known as the Fast Diet - and I lost three stone in six months. I've kept it off since April last year and, at 64, I've never been as slim, fit and healthy! (And of course it was totally free to do!)

This little video explains it very well

and watching the Horizon programme may well change your life - it did mine!

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Hello there.

I like the new Ryvita crackers with black pepper. Very crunchy, about27cals I think, good alone or with a topping.

Like you I am 5ft 5ins and in April I weighed 12st 12. That was a shock to me as I had not weighed for five years and although I knew Id gained some pounds , I really thought I was still 10st something! I'll be 62 in a couple of weeks and so my BMR is now lower than it used to be , now 1740 and not the 'average 2000 that I thought.

So I cut my calories to an average 1300 a day using 'myfitnesspal' app as my calculator and support. I have not denied myself any particular foods, and I I still have a glass of wine or three, and I walk an hour or so 4 times a week. To date I have lost 15 lbs ...slow and steady... and I want to get to 10st if poss ( although I have a challenging month ahead with family visitors and a two week cruise holiday

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